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24 Sites Like Top Speed went live on the Internet in 2003, intending to become the most trusted and reliable source of information about the auto industry. It covers a wide range of topics, from breaking news in the auto industry to detailed, expert reviews of cars and original content related to cars, pickup trucks, and motorcycles.

This site has become the place to go if you’re interested in driving, tuning your car, or even just finding out about the next big thing in the world of supercars. It gives detailed explanations and goes above and beyond expectations to provide accurate news about cars.


  • Expert reviews of cars
  • Detailed information
  • Original content
  • Wide range of topics

Top Speed Alternatives

    1: Road And Track

    Road And Track

    Road & Track, also known as R & T, used to be a magazine about high-performance cars and sneak peeks at upcoming models. The Road & Track website has a lot of information about the performance vehicle business, its culture, its gear, its shows, and even things about everyday life. They are also known for covering news about significant changes in the industry, especially when it comes to new products. Other comparison tests of similar cars found on the Road…

    2: Car And Driver

    Car And Driver

    Car & Driver has a website with original and reprinted articles, a blog, a guide for people who want to buy a car (with a tool that figures out prices called AccuPayment), and a social networking site called Backfires. It motivates people who like cars and gives the consumer more control. It is still the most well-known automotive media brand in the world because it can turn the technology into something easy to understand and provide clear information centered on…

    3: Motor Trend

    Motor Trend

    MotorTrend was started in 1949 and is now known worldwide as one of the most successful car brands. It has a direct-to-consumer network,  a significant social media presence, a vast automotive internet operation, and a portfolio of live events, all of which are powered by industry-leading brands like MotorTrend, HOT ROD, and Roadkill. It is the world's biggest automotive media company. On top of that, it has a complete Buyer's Guide for buying online, with the MotorTrend Ultimate Car Rankings as…

    4: Motor1

    Motor1, LLC offers digital media services on the web that are geared toward the auto industry. The company gives news, vehicle reviews, buying tips, price lists, and videos about cars to people interested in buying new or used vehicles or just interested in cars in general. It is the most visible platform that Motorsport Network gives to its group of companies that deal with vehicles. has in-house journalists who make more than 100 video-based reviews of cars every month.…

    5: Auto Week

    Auto Week

    Autoweek is a platform about cars and car culture. It came out to the public for the first time in 1958. In 1977, Crain Communications Inc. bought the journal and is now the publication's parent company. It came out once a week and had things like motorsports, reviews of old cars, reviews of new vehicles, events, and how-to projects. Autoweek is owned by Crain Communications Inc., its main office in Detroit, Michigan. Autoweek may get paid if someone buys a…

    6: Auto Blog

    Auto Blog

    The most up-to-date news about cars can be found on the website, which is an online platform. It gives you information about cars and expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. It also has pictures and videos. It also has reviews, podcasts, photos, and commentary on many parts of the automotive business and cars. It is the future leader of the transportation debate because it has original articles, vehicle reviews, and live events. It also has strong buying…

    7: Auto Evolution

    Auto Evolution

    Autoevolution is an online source of information about the newest cars. It has news, spy shots, reviews, videos, and technical specifications. The website also has blogs for specific brands, such as BMW, TOYOTA, MERCEDES, and others. It provides detailed explanations and goes above and beyond what is expected to give accurate news about cars. It gives you information about cars and reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs written by experts in the field. Your search results will also be…

    8: Auto Trader

    Auto Trader

    Auto Trader is a classified ad company in the United Kingdom focusing on the car business. It specializes in selling both new and used cars, and its stock includes cars bought from both private owners and commercial dealers. It is also listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100 Index. It started in 1996 and allowed people to buy or sell cars over the Internet. On this website, people can use their postcodes to look…

    9: Motor Authority

    Motor Authority

    MotorAuthority was started in 2006 as a small website for car enthusiasts. Since then, it has become a significant news source for the performance and luxury vehicle markets. You can meet other people who love the world's most beautiful cars as much as you do there. Its goal is to give readers news and information about the markets for high-end, performance, and luxury cars. Motor Authority is your best source for breaking automotive news, expert reviews, pictures, and videos, especially…

    10: Car Buzz

    Car Buzz

    Car Buzz is an online platform that includes daily features like car culture, history, aftermarket tuners, comparisons of newly released cars, and shopping tips. Also, the site's CarBuzz Buyer's Guide and BuzzScore rating system give you a detailed look at every vehicle for sale in the United States. It gives you the information you need to make an intelligent purchase. You can do a Search and compare it to its immediate rivals and any other model you may be interested…

    11: Electrek


    Electrek is a news and opinion website that follows, analyses, and breaks stories about the change from fossil fuel-powered to electric-powered transportation. It also talks about the move toward electric cars as part of the more significant move toward green energy. It also talks about how green energy and fossil fuels affect the climate. It has information about electric transportation, green bicycles, cars, and energy sources based on ecosystems. It began in the city of Fremont, which is in the…

    12: Car Gurus

    Car Gurus

    Langley Steinert, who helped start TripAdvisor, saw that technology and data analytics could be used to improve the process of buying a car. In 2006, he began CarGurus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its bargain-rating system looks at more than the car's price to figure out how much it's worth. It gives cars grades ranging from "excellent deal" to "overpriced." Because its system is so strict, only 30% of the vehicles it sells are excellent deals. Accidents, how long the vehicle has…

    13: Bring A Trailer

    Bring A Trailer

    Bring A Trailer is an online market where people can bid on classic cars and buy them. Individual users can buy and sell barn treasures, rally vehicles, and other unique items. In January of 2007, the first Bring A Trailer event was held. It is the best way to buy or sell classic, collector, or specialty cars. It chooses cars for auction based on user-submitted cars and writes descriptions that are as honest as possible, leaving out any inflated adjectives…

    14: Insideevs


    Insideevs is an online platform created to report the latest breaking news about electric cars, analyze the information, promote it, and, most importantly, look into the how, what, and why of electric vehicles. InsideEVs is the most comprehensive news source about electric cars on the Internet. It is also the flagship site of the EV Network, a group of websites that work to get more people to use electric vehicles. It shows how much work and dedication have gone into…

    15: Car Scoops

    Car Scoops

    CarScoops is a website for car fans and people who don't know much about cars. It gives its users in-depth coverage of all the latest information, reviews, reports, spy photos, and exclusives from the history of the automotive industry. It is a hub for the latest news, stories, insights, scoops, and exclusives from the automotive industry, both in the past and the present. It's become one of the most authoritative and well-informed automobile voices. It also has a lively online…

    16: Top Gear

    Top Gear brings the most potent car show in the world to digital screens while keeping the show's witty, cutting, and funny tone. The complete news service about cars every day, a searchable database of every new vehicle on the market, industry-leading features, and a video center with exclusive content from behind the scenes. It has funny parts and a lot of information about buying products. It is the UK's most popular car, lifestyle, and culture brand. It is fun, exciting,…

    17: Hotcars

    Hotcars, which just came out in 2018, has quickly become the best place to find out what's happening in the car industry. It talks about everything about cars, including the latest news and reviews on the car, pickup truck, and motorcycle markets. In addition to examinations, previews, and buyer's guides for the newest and most advanced cars, it also shows the craziest changes to the unique vehicles. It has a staff of enthusiastic gearheads who know everything there is to…

    18: The Car Connection

    The Car Connection

    The Car Connection is owned and run by Internet Brands, which also owns and runs sites like CarsDirect, Motor Authority, Green Car Reports, and Auto Credit Express. It makes it easier to learn about cars. It gives detailed advice on how to buy a car from real professionals in the car business. You can count on the experienced staff at The Car Connection to help you find the right vehicle at the right price. It tests and rates the newest…

    19: Teslarati


    Teslarati is a well-known site that publishes news about Tesla, SpaceX, and other companies run by Elon Musk and information about the luxury electric car industry. The company is based in California and works on many different platforms. Its descriptions of the electric car and the new generation of the space industry show how the human desire to explore and build things interacts with the technology that comes from it and lets it happen. It directly affects consumers and offers…

    20: Car Throttle

    Car Throttle

    Car Throttle is a platform for making and sharing content related to the auto industry. The company started in 2009 and works with marketers who want to reach the right people. In 2019, Dennis publishing finished buying Car Throttle, adding it to its stable of high-quality automotive magazines, including Auto Express, Evo, and Carbuyer. Dennis's other auto businesses, including Car Throttle, eventually merged to form Autovia in 2021. It was a new business that gave the auto industry more room…

    21: Truecar


    Truecar is creating a modern marketplace to make buying and selling cars easier, more convenient, and more open to scrutiny. A more significant part of the transaction is now taking place online. It is the first online marketplace focusing on new, used, and certified pre-owned cars. It gives customers access to the tools they need to research and make purchases, so they can buy or lease a car that fits their needs confidently. It lets customers and dealers talk to…

    22: Egmcartech


    Egmcartech is a specialized blog that has been around since 2007. Its main goal is to give the site's users the latest news about the auto industry. It talks about everything, from the politics of the car business to the newest and best cars on the market. In-depth reviews of the latest cars on the market and live coverage of car events happening all over the country are also part of the show. It is a reliable source of automotive…

    23: DUB Magazine

    DUB Magazine

    DUB Magazine is an online platform about the culture of cars in cities. It gives you a detailed look at the car business and its exciting parts. It will meet your needs and keep you up to date whether you are a beginner who is just starting to get interested in cars or an expert who has spent years learning everything there is to know about cars. It has everything and more a car fanatic could want. You can find…

    24: Jalopnik


    The website Jalopnik talks about many different things that affect cars and the auto industry, such as racing, aviation, transportation, technology, motorbikes, and more. It also has opinion pieces and news stories. It talks about these things uniquely and refreshingly that you won't find anywhere else. It does this by being honest, open, and joyfully rude. It includes everything from old-school superbikes to jet fighters with the latest technology. Unlike the more mainstream and cleaned-up print media, it is updated…

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