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24 Sites Like Car And Driver

Car & Driver has a website with original and reprinted articles, a blog, a guide for people who want to buy a car (with a tool that figures out prices called AccuPayment), and a social networking site called Backfires. It motivates people who like cars and gives the consumer more control.

It is still the most well-known automotive media brand in the world because it can turn the technology into something easy to understand and provide clear information centered on the customer in a field that is hard to understand. It takes a comprehensive look at the auto industry’s most recent technological changes, trends, and ideas. It makes a list every year of the ten best cars you can buy in the United States based on the opinions of people who work in the auto industry.


  • Ten best car list
  • Easy to understand
  • Clear information
  • Customer support

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Bring A Trailer is an online market where people can bid on classic cars and buy them. Individual users can buy and sell barn treasures, rally vehicles, and other unique items. In January of 2007, the first Bring A Trailer event was held. It is the best way to buy or sell classic, collector, or specialty cars. It chooses cars for auction based on user-submitted cars and writes descriptions that are as honest as possible, leaving out any inflated adjectives…

Truecar is creating a modern marketplace to make buying and selling cars easier, more convenient, and more open to scrutiny. A more significant part of the transaction is now taking place online. It is the first online marketplace focusing on new, used, and certified pre-owned cars. It gives customers access to the tools they need to research and make purchases, so they can buy or lease a car that fits their needs confidently. It lets customers and dealers talk to…

Egmcartech is a specialized blog that has been around since 2007. Its main goal is to give the site's users the latest news about the auto industry. It talks about everything, from the politics of the car business to the newest and best cars on the market. In-depth reviews of the latest cars on the market and live coverage of car events happening all over the country are also part of the show. It is a reliable source of automotive…

DUB Magazine is an online platform about the culture of cars in cities. It gives you a detailed look at the car business and its exciting parts. It will meet your needs and keep you up to date whether you are a beginner who is just starting to get interested in cars or an expert who has spent years learning everything there is to know about cars. It has everything and more a car fanatic could want. You can find…

The website Jalopnik talks about many different things that affect cars and the auto industry, such as racing, aviation, transportation, technology, motorbikes, and more. It also has opinion pieces and news stories. It talks about these things uniquely and refreshingly that you won't find anywhere else. It does this by being honest, open, and joyfully rude. It includes everything from old-school superbikes to jet fighters with the latest technology. Unlike the more mainstream and cleaned-up print media, it is updated…

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