24 Best Homebridge Plugins in 2024

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24 Best Homebridge Plugins in 2024

Homebridge is an Apple HomeKit emulator, which is a framework for managing smart devices that are compatible with Apple. The function of this Homebridge is to provide you with a way to connect thousands of devices that are not currently supported on HomeKit.

To do that, it allows independent developers make bridges between the APIs of those third-party devices and Homebridge even when the manufacturer does not have official smart support for HomeKit.

For this reason, you need to install plugins in your Homebridge. Once you have installed them, additional smart appliances can be controlled via Homebridge through these plugins.

There are other plugins, such as those adding other functionalities. For example, you will see plugins such as adding a dashboard to your home bridge server where you can manage other devices already connected using other plugins.

Today we are going to look at some of the best options available for people who want these extra features in their homes through Homwbridge or Homewatch. Although this list does not cover all the available plugins, it is by far the best place to start.

Top 24 Most Essential Plugins for Your Homebridge

24 Best Homebridge Plugins in 2024

1. Homebridge Alexa

Homebridge Alexa is one of the most popular plugins and makes it possible to integrate your Amazon Alexa device with all your connected home bridge items.

Note that it does not allow an Alexa-enabled device to be connected directly to home bridge as a plugin. Nonetheless, what it actually enables users do is control other home bridge gadgets using Alexya after connecting them together, as explained above.

Some of these include: Smart light bulbs; Window covers; and garage doors, amongst Others Of course, there are certain must-have items like audio speakers, an Apple TV, air conditioning systems, etc., but besides that,?

Also, this plug-in cannot be used with security systems, cameras, or Eve devices at present.

2. Google Smart Home

If Google home is your go-to instead of Alexa, then the Google Smart Home plug-in is for you. It will work with any google Home-enabled smart speaker that controls smart devices. This plugin does require that Homebridge be running in insecure mode.

Enabling Accessory Control” on the Homebridge UI Github page has a section about setting it as an insecure mode”.

Ones like: Switches; Outlets; Fans; Light bulbs; Window coverings, doors; garage doors, thermostats, and heater coolers—these are just some examples of different types of devices, though there might be others available too. Temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and television.

In Plugin screen of the Homebridge, type “Google Smart Home.” Install this verified plugin by clicking on install. You will need to enter your Google account during installation. When your account is linked, save it. Lastly, you will have to connect your devices to the action “Homebridge” in the app Google Home.

Open up your google home app and press the + sign at top left corner of your screen, then select set up device> works with Google, then type in the search bar home bridge

3. Meross

Some older Meross gear does not support HomeKit control yet, but this is exactly why you need to get hold of HomeBridge first. One such option is to get one from Meross called the MSG100 Garage Door Opener, which many people use instead of the of the Chamberlain MyQ G-0301 as a popular substitute. This also includes other Merross smart gadgets, like the MSG100.

To make this plugin function correctly, you must provide both the IP address and the meross application of your meross device.

Garage door openers (GDOs), light bulbs (LB), switches (SW), small appliances (SA), humidifiers (HUM), and lighting (LT).

From the plugin page on Bridge’s home screen, choose “Homebridge Meross.”. Click Install on the verified Homebridge Meross plugin.

The setup will be complete once you have some more credentials. In order to get that, one should download the iOS mobile application HTTP Catcher. When you finish installing the plugin, you can delete it completely.

Open HTTP Catcher and follow its instructions to add HTTP Catcher VPN to your iPhone or iPad. Tap the Power Icon located at the bottom of the screen to start capturing requests. After that, open Meross app and enable a device that you want to use with Homebridge.

Return back to HTTP Catcher. Now tap on the Stop Icon in order to stop recording. Enter your Meross device IP address into the search bar. Tap JSON and then tap on first Sequence in list displayed. Tap Response (top of screen) Under Preview copy all the values for messageId, timestamp and sign.

4. Homebridge, Tuya Web

This Homebridge plugin supports smart devices, which are controlled by Smart Life mobile app. Anyone who has used this application knows that Smart Life has an extended list of supported devices. Please go through it on the app itself.

Smart bulbs, sockets, wall switches, dimmers, appliances, health & fitness devices, smart trackers, locks, irrigation controllers, etc.

Type “Tuya” into plugin search bar and click on Install under TuyaWebPlatform verified plugin One must specify their Smart Life account information together with country code There is no additional configuration needed but there are various advanced customization options as outlined in the Homebridge Tuya Web documentation For further details, see the Homebridge website.

5. Homebridge Ring

Ring doorbells, security alarms, smart lighting systems, and more get supported thanks to Homebridge Ring, which is famous for their smart doorbell cameras with motion-sensing units siren cameras and other security products like smoke detectors.

It works with all camera models from Ring, thereby enabling snapshots from your security camera, as well as integration with GitHub, where you can find out more regarding compatible gadgets, including README section.

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6. Homebridge Nest

With Homebridge Nest, you can link any Google-connected Nest device, just like its name suggests. You can sign in using your Google account.

Nest Protect, temperature sensors and thermostat devices are also supported by the plugin. Besides this, there are a lot of other configurations available in the plugin, such as excluding Nest Protect from HomeKit.

It connects with Siri to enable you control your thermostat and other nest devices via voice commands.

7. Homebridge Sonos

Homebridge Sonos is needed for those who have a Sonos speaker and want to integrate it with Homebridge. Therefore, you can use Siri to command anything else regarding your Sonos speakers.

By using this plugin, you can easily switch on/off the music or even access advanced configuration options.

8. Homebridge Display

When I think of my preferred plugins in relation to Home bridge, one of them is called HomeBridge Display. This is why I believe so.

Some more widgets, some of them still in the works, can be added to the dashboard.These include Sonos widget, mirror widget and others.

9. Homebridge UI

In the meantime, you can also use a Homebridge UI dashboard plugin to manage your Homebridge plugins and accessories from a web interface.

It supports over 450 other plugins for Homebridge, with configuration options for each one of them.

The user-friendly dashboard has various widgets that enable you to customize its appearance. The dashboard allows you to see what is happening with your home bridge (e.g., CPU usage) or memory consumption by indicating them as well as different peripheral managements.

Also, on the plug-in screen, you can install, uninstall, and configure your plugins. It’s nice to have a central place where your Homebridge plugins are managed.

Besides this, there is an Accessories section on the home screen in which you can control all your accessories, whether they are fans or garage doors.

You’ll find that the web view can be accessed easily through most browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer (the previous version of Edge) is not supported.

Finally, this hb-service tool comes with the Homebridge UI plugin that enables installing Homebridge as a service in Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.

10. Homebridge Calendar Scheduler

Homebridge Calendar Scheduler is another useful plugin for scheduling triggers using iCal, which is Apple calendar application software. Coming along with progress reports, it’s very useful for calendar scheduling.

One example of this would be setting up an alert after a certain amount of time has passed since an event ended.

On the other hand, if we don’t want to miss any important events, such as virtual meetings, then we can schedule alerts just few minutes before start time of these events.

11. Homebridge Plugin Command

This allows for creation switches that are able to run commands themselves, among others brought about by home bridge plugin command.

Once you have created a switch and turned it on, it executes the custom command that you have set up. This way of doing things enables you to automate.

12. Homebridge Omxplayer

Homebridge Omxplayer, which works exclusively on the Raspberry Pi, is a plugin. It can also control YouTube videos and local file playback of videos.

You can download and play YouTube videos, create playlists, shuffle them and repeat once they are over. Enjoy your favorite music or podcasts by this means. It can also be used to control audio volume, among other things. There is room for much automations.

For instance, if its connected to one’s raspberry pi device through a TV screen, then these will run when we wake up in the morning; otherwise, we may connect it with a projector or speaker so that specific times are assigned for playing certain video clips onto any media display unit such as televisions, projectors, speakers, etc.

13. Homebridge Browsercam

24 Best Homebridge Plugins in 2024

This allows turning any device’s camera into a network-based camera for live streaming, security monitoring, etc., using Homebridge browsercam plug-in without incurring additional hardware installation costs.

All you need is any camera on any device like iPhone, android tablets, computer, etcrunning a game console or other application with compatible browser. Almost all devices work as long as they are not too old or underpowered in terms of their hardware specification.

Once you have finished setting it up, this camera comes with features such as motion sensors, streaming, recording, and more. If supported, you can even turn on the flash light of your camera to make it serve this function.

14. Homebridge Xbox TV

Have you ever thought of using Homebridge to control your Xbox devices? Now there’s a plugin for that called Homebridge Xbox TV.

Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X were also tested. So if you have one of these models, then things should be fine, although it might still work with other models.

To power the Xbox on and off through your iOS device, simply use the home bridge app. This will also enable you to record game DVRs over the network, control media playback and volume or even set up automations. It works well with Siri too for voice commands.

15. Homebridge Kumo Cloud

Kumo Cloud is software by Mitsubishi which enables control over compatible HVAC smart systems via cloud technology. The Homebridge Kumo Cloud plugin helps you enable support for Kumo Cloud on Apple’s HomeKit via Homebridge at present.

The setup process can be quite easy, as all you need is a username and password without any advanced configuration. It will automatically search for compatible Kumo devices when it starts up.

16. Homebridge SmartThings TV

If Samsung TV is what you are dealing with at home, then installing Homebridge SmartThings TV plugin may help. This plugin enables Samsung TVs to be controlled by means of home bridge via the SmartThings API.

With respect to Samsung TVs, some of the things that can be done include adjusting volume levels, among other basic functions available.

17. Homebridge Advanced Timer

An advanced timer built into this product allows homeowners to automate their heating and cooling system. You could set up time ranges, scheduled tasks and loops through the interface provided here on our website by clicking above link.

For instance, if you want the heater to be on for only five minutes every half-hour period,. This will help keep your house warm throughout cold days without wasting too much energy.

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18. Homebridge Bed Control

Homebridge Bed Control is a plugin that allows the user to control their bed with Homebridge using Apple HomeKit. This has nothing to do with any specific smart bed maker or brand.

It is not made specifically for one type of smart bed but rather a general-purpose, unaffiliated plugin that can work with many types of smart beds.

If you have a compatible smart bed, then you can do things like adjust the foot warming and massage settings, move the bed up or down, etc. It also has privacy mode where it cannot detect whether or not someone’s sleeping in this particular one.

19. Homebridge Away Mode

You know what happens most times when nobody’s at home, especially at night? Well, as long as someone leaves a light on somewhere in her/his house when going for vacation, everything should be fine. The idea is to make burglars think there are people in an empty house. However, burglars also understand this concept all too well.

This may scare off some opportunistic thief who comes across your home for the first time at midnight, but it won’t stop anyone who has been watching your place for days now. They’ll realize you’re away if every evening they see the same lights staying on through the morning.

The solution to that problem is called “Homebridge Away Mode.” Depending on your settings, it automatically turns lights on and off randomly, thus giving them an impression of occupancy even when no one is around during holidays or other trips out of town.

20. Homebridge Alexa Player

Homebridge Alexa Player extends the capabilities of Homebridge to Alexa speakers and smart displays, specifically Amazon Echo family of smart speakers.

It is at an early stage and there may be other devices added in future. Using this plugin, you can easily adjust the speaker volume for example.

21. Homebridge Device Alive

Have you ever wondered if a device on your network is on or off? With the Homebridge Device Alive plugin, you can easily check the status of a device on your network.

Use the IP address or MAC address of a device. IP means Internet Protocol, and its address is a virtual (not physical) location that identifies a device, whether over the web (a public IP address) or inside your protected network (a private IP address that should not be available from outside).

MAC is shorthand for Media Access Control. A MAC address is hardware identifier assigned to each unit by its producer. By using this plugin, it will be very easy to find out whether it’s possible to have access to this appliance over LAN or not.

22. Homebridge Brewer

Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning with already-brewed cup of joe ready for you? You can do so with Homebridge Brewer plug-in, that offers coffee scheduling using Nespresso machines via HomeKit integration.

This automatic coffee maker even has a feature that counts how many capsules are left, so if any more need refilling into machine or buying new ones, then one could quickly see before making decision to either put another batch through it again soon due low supplies currently being used by someone else or too much at once without refills happening either way since last time had run half empty Take care about keeping stocks well supplied throughout day, week, month, year, day, or time period until they run out completely when needed next time around, which might come handy, especially during these busy mornings before work starts up again;)

23. Homebridge Magic Occupancy

Homebridge Magic Occupancy lets you set up amazing automations for your home. For instance, you can configure it so that when you pull up in the driveway, the lights around your home and leading up to the front door automatically get turned on As soon as you enter into your house, they turn off at once.

Maybe you want the bathroom fan to come on a few minutes after the bathroom light is switched on. This plugin supports this too.

24. Homebridge Music

Homebridge Music allows one to control iTunes, iTunes-connected speakers, AirPlay speakers, and EyeTV, among others. Volume can be controlled; speakers can be switched on or off, and there is also the option of playing different songs being aired by them.

macOS is necessary for its operations; thus, if you own Windows or Linux OS only, then don’t bother because it won’t work.


HomeBridge has many plugins that are incredible. Based on the devices you own, device-specific plugins may be necessary; needless to say, it is impossible to list all of them here.

Searching in the npm Registry should help you find device-specific plugins. For every plugin, there are code repositories and additional configuration instructions.

Additionally, some plugins can be found on GitHub. However, before getting one, it is important to ensure that it is still supported because out-of-date ones might crash your network or destroy the way the plugin works.


What exactly is Homebridge, and how does it work?

Homebridge is open-source software that allows you to extend the capabilities of your smart home by integrating non-HomeKit devices into the Apple Home app.

How do I install Homebridge on my device?

You can install Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi, Mac, or other compatible devices by following the installation guide provided on the official Homebridge website.

What are plugins in Homebridge?

Plugins in Homebridge are small pieces of software that enable communication between HomeKit and non-HomeKit devices, allowing them to be controlled through the Apple Home app.

How do I find and install plugins for my Homebridge setup?

You can browse and download various plugins from the npm registry or GitHub repositories, then install them using the command-line interface on your device running Homnebridge

Can I use multiple plugins with my Homebridge setup?

Yes, you can utilize numerous plugins as part of your setup to connect various smart devices and services together into an Apple home ecosystem.

How often should I update my installed plugins in Homebrisdge?

It is advisable to periodically check whether your installed plug-ins need updating so that they stay up-to-date with changes in new features or improvements made to Apple’s Home app.

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