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11 Sites Like Quora

Quora is a news, books, and knowledge application developed by Quora, Inc. This app provides its users with a vast amount of questions and answers for growing their knowledge. In this app, people can ask personalized questions relevant to any subject. The answers to the questions available on this app come from those people who have firsthand experience.

In addition to providing answers to questions, the app also enables you to browse quality content and follow topics. Moreover, the community of users of this app can edit and organize questions in the form of opinions.




  • The vast amount of questions and answers
  • Grow knowledge
  • Learn from people with first-hand experience
  • Browse quality content
  • Follow topics
  • Edit and organize questions

Quora Alternatives

1: SaidIt.net


SaidIt.net is a website that allows users to do online discussions. It works like Reddit. It creates an alternative to Reddit. SaidIt.net will enable people to speak freely without any restrictions. Users engage in different discussion groups on various topics without any limits. Users can submit links, images, videos, articles, text posts, and more. The mission of SaidIt.net is to provide people with a platform that values free speech and open discussions. Users can subscribe to their favorite communities to…

2: Slide for Reddit

Slide for Reddit

The slide is an open-source mobile application available on both platforms  Andriod and Ios. Used for using Reddit. It offers many modifications; users can change colors, backgrounds, themes, fonts, and more. The slide is free to use and doesn’t show annoying ads. The slide is for everyone; anyone can approach it. That application is very easy to use and has twelve thousand theme combinations.  Slide is offline capable; it loads your next pages automatically so users can operate without the…

3: Hubski


Hubski is a social platform where people can post pictures, videos, text files, and more. It is entirely free to use and also doesn’t show annoying ads. It works most likely similar to Facebook. People create their feeds by posting content. Your feed contains posts by people, tags, and content that you follow and post others share with you. If you want to follow someone, click on the name and click follow. Hubski provides no push notification service, so you have…

4: Hackers News

Hackers News

Hackers News is an online social-based platform where people can post anything without restriction. It is a fully open platform. Hackers News doesn’t show annoying ads like other free platforms. That platform is fully managed, and content is fully organized into communities. It offers users to vote for their favorite content. Your content will get reached according to the count of votes you get. Your content will get a high reach after getting votes and also show on other feeds’…

5: 4chan


4chan is an image-based social platform where users can post only images. People can comment on the pictures and share images. There are many boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animations to cultural videos, images, music, and photography. There is no need to register an account before participating in the community. Users are free to join any board of their interests; jump on the board without creating an account. But you must create an account if you…

6: Steemit


Steemit is a social platform created for cryptocurrency. It is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website. Users can publish content about cryptocurrency and gain knowledge about it. Users can earn upvotes from community members by sharing quality and informative posts. You can make a curation reward if someone upvotes the post before it becomes widespread. Users get paid on different levels; the payment amount depends on the status of your Steem power. Users can purchase upvotes from their Steem…

7: Digg


Digg is a social news and content rating website that lets users share exciting and popular things and discover more content. Digg’s popularity is due to its unique way of approaching news curation. Users can submit articles, blog posts, videos, pictures, and other content. The audience can vote for their favorite content. Your content’s reach will increase depending on how many votes you get on that post. After getting a lot of votes, your content will go Highe, and it…

8: Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit

Infinity is a simple and reliable application that offers a smooth Reddit experience. Reddit create this application to make access to mobile platforms. That application is full of rich features. It has a beautiful interface. Also, it is very simple to use. The unique thing about the Infinity application is that it is free to use and doesn’t show any annoying ads. Users can use Reddit without any interruption or distraction. Many modes are available, such as lazy mode; it…

9: Minds


Mind is an open-source social network dedicated to internet freedom. Here users are free to speak. That platform takes care of your privacy. We are on a mission to provide freedom of speech. Minds reward you daily for making popular and quality content and give you tokens to promote your content (1 token = 1,000 impressions). Minds application is available for both platforms, Android and iOS. But Minds works properly only on the latest Android version. Here you have the…

10: Lemmy


Lemmy is an online discussion platform. It provides free services for its users. It is a fully open platform and not controlled by any company. Lemmy shows no annoying ads due to its open use. There is no type of tracking and secret algorithms. It is a very well-managed platform, and content is organized into communities. So it is very easy for users to subscribe to their favorite channels that they are interested in and ignore others. Here you can…

11: Reddit


Reddit is an American social news platform that allows users to pictures, videos, and much more. Users have to register to enjoy the Reddit platform. Reddit provides its real-time chat software. There are two types of chat rooms in Reddit individual and community chat rooms. Users can also gift coins to their favorite personalities. That platform also offers its premium version, which unlocks many features such as comment highlighting, r/lounge, a personalized Snoo, and more. Users can reward their favorite…

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