Monster Hunter Rise Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Monster Hunter Rise Guide - Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise is a fantasy action-adventure video game for Android and iOS devices. In Monster Hunter Rise game, players take control of a hunter as they progress on quests to hunt or either kill or trap monsters that roam in one of many environments.

Players must hunt, gather items, craft weapons and armor, and use their wit to kill or trap the monster before they are killed by it. It ‘s time to hunt some monsters!

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This game is a very good adventure mobile game. Only on mobile devices can you feel a real “Monster Hunter” experience with high-definition graphics and easy controls! You can control a hunter to explore the vast environment of the continent.


Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we have coverd the basics and gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise as you are new to this game. This will make your gameplay easier!

First, you can enjoy the adventure by accepting quests. Based on the quest description, you will then be directed to environments filled with monsters that you need to hunt or avoid.

When you kill a monster for the quest, the player gains rewards, plus additional rewards drop from corpses. After completing each quest, the player will be rewarded with XP (experience points) and gold coins.

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Basic Controls

Move around with one finger. Players can touch and hold the left side of the screen to run or the right side of the screen to walk. Tapping either side twice will cause players to character to sprint.

Voice Actions

Players can say certain keywords to let out their voices. For example, say “Help” when being attacked by a monster, you will call your friends for help!

Tips and Tricks

  • Kill monsters as fast as you can. The quicker you kill the monster, the lesser damage you will take!
  • Equip yourself with gear that will increase your chances to win, hunt monsters as a group, and be the most powerful hunter!
  • Upgrade weapons and armors. The stronger the equipment, the easier it is to hunt down monsters!
  • Read quests carefully before accepting them. Some quests may require specific items or hunting behavior!
  • Mining is an easy way to get minerals. You can also sell them for coins!
  • Use all items you have wisely. Minerals, meat, potions – they all can be used to surprise your enemies or escape from them!


This is a guide to help you survive and win the battles in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide will introduce how to control your character, what items you can use, and create your articles with recipes. This will help you a lot to understand the game basics.

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