Far Cry 6 Guide – Everything You Should Know

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Far Cry 6 Guide – Everything You Should Know

Ubisoft developed the Far Cry 6 first-person shooter. There are many different things you can craft in Far Cry 6. The most obvious items to create are ammunition, medkits, and explosives. There is a huge variety of crafting materials spread across the map, and you can use them to make more complex weapons and utility items.

The gameplay is a huge factor in the games of First Person Shooters. In FarCry 6, the gameplay is a huge leap from the franchise’s previous games. Now, there are more features, and you can do a lot more in Far Cry 6 than you could before in any other game in the series. You can interact with all sorts of objects in the environment, allowing for a much better depth to your gameplay.

In short, lots of new things have been added, making the game a lot more fun to play. The map of Far Cry 6 is more realistic than it has ever been before. It’s filled with stunning visuals, both on land and in the skies above you. You can explore this vast open world on foot or even on an ATV or truck if that’s your style.

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If you feel like it, you can use a jet pack to fly around. However, this will require fuel, so make sure you pick up some on your way if you intend to use it.

Beginner’s Guide

This article provides a beginner’s guide to Far Cry 6. The tips and tricks will help you get started in the game, along with basic game mechanics for new players.

It’s worth mentioning that the game has lots of depth and encompasses many different kinds of activities to keep you busy. Gameplay is usually fluid, but players may experience frame rate drops when fast traveling or entering a newly discovered area in the open-world map. Usually, this lag lasts for a short while and goes away.

Currently, it’s not possible to mod weapons in the game, but there are plenty of attachments that will increase statistics like damage or accuracy. You can also use mods on vehicles to increase their stats.

One mechanic lacking at launch was gas harvesting, which would have been useful considering how expensive some vehicles can be. It should become available in a later update, though no release date has been announced.

It would be best to hunt wild skin animals to craft bigger pouches, which you’ll need to carry more weapons and ammo.

All Main Missions in Bullets 

Far Cry 6

Here is the list of some Far cry 6 main missions:

  • Clear the Air
  • Second Son
  • Packing Heat
  • Sundown
  • Bury the Hatchet
  • Death Warrant
  • Open Skies
  • Diesel Daisy
  • Fly Ball
  • Justicia Montero

All Side Missions bullets

  • The Rescue.
  • Ain’t No Saint.
  • Counter-Snipe.
  • Painting a Town Green.
  • The Journalist and the Farmer.
  • Help for a Hero.
  • Inside Job.
  • Waited Out.
  • Falling from Grace.

Introduction to Mythical Animals

The map is filled with mythological creatures such as the Sasquatch and Wendigos. The list of all mythical animals in Far Cry 6,

  • Wendigo: These creatures are flesh eaters and will attack you on sight. They’re best killed with fire or explosives.
  • Sasquatch: They can be extremely tough to kill unless your charged attacks are up to the task.
  • Nuke-Shark: It’s a shark infused with nuclear material, hence the name “nuke-shark.”
  • Shark-Birds: They can dive into the water to escape predators or hunt for prey, after which they they reappear on the surface fly away with their catch.

Unique Weapons

Far Cry 6

There are lots of unique weapons in Far Cry 6. Some of them can be obtained only by completing certain missions, while others cannot be found in the game.

You may find some of these guns when you’re exploring caves and bunkers.

  • Bull-Dozer: This is a Bullpup LMG. It’s the only one in the game, which is why you can’t buy it. However, its stats are extremely good, and it inflicts massive damage on enemies.
  • Kukri Machete: A very powerful melee weapon that is great against Mythical Animals. The Kukri Machete does bonus damage against mythological creatures.

Treasure Hunts

There are many places in Far Cry 6 to find valuable items. The map is littered with treasure chests, which contain rare weapons and other equipment that can be sold for a lot of money. Every region has its list of treasures that you need to discover. Here are some clues for finding them:

The initial clue can be bought from Rose’s shop for $1000, but it doesn’t include any follow-up clues. There are three chests in the game you can find without using a clue. The first one is located on an island south of Cat Island. It includes $50,000.


The game is filled with incredible locations to explore, so get ready for an adventure. Overall, Far Cry 6 is a great addition to the franchise, and new players should try it.

Far Cry Guide – Everything You Should Know Information

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