What is Pinterest? Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

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What is Pinterest? Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

Some people love this platform, and some people hate it. Pinterest is the fourth most visited website globally, with ~225 million users worldwide. With that large population, there are bound to be some questions about the site that have been unanswered for years.

Pinterest has become a social media site known for its aesthetic appeal. What was once just a pinboard of home decor and design has evolved into an online community. Pinterest is intended to be used the same way as you would use a bookmarking tool like Delicious or Diigo.

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Answers to the Most Common Questions About Pinterest

What is Pinterest? Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest is a relatively new social media site that allows users to create and share boards of images from around the web. Pinterest can be used for various purposes, including photo album ideas and inspiration boards.

Does Pinterest Count As Social Media?

Pinterest does count as social media because it allows users to share images from around the internet and interact with other people. Users can create or follow pinboards, which are images for a common theme.

Can Pinterest Grow Your Instagram?

Pinterest can help grow your Instagram because users often pin images from their Instagram accounts, which means more potential views for those profile pics! People who have already been pinned may also repin your pins, resulting in even more exposure.

Are Pinterest Ads Worth It?

Pinterest ads are worth it because they make up a large percentage of social media advertising as a whole. In 2014 eMarketer reported that 2/3’s of all social media advertising dollars were going towards Facebook and Pinterest.

Did Pinterest Remove Photo Comments?

Pinterest recently removed photo comments, which resulted in mixed responses from users. Some people believed that the comment feature was too spammy and didn’t value Pinterest or other users. Others saw them as a chance for more social interaction.

Pinterest is not entirely copyright-free; however, you can find many free images to use commercially on the site. For example, most Creative Commons pins (shown through a minor “C” icon) can be shared or repinned without asking permission.

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Are Pinterest Searches Public?

While Pinterest searches may look like regular web-search results when clicking through, they’re just images from other users. It’s difficult to determine whether a particular image will show up or not because it depends on how many people have pinned that specific image.

Can Others See Your Pinterest Searches?

People who have access to your account can see anything you save to your “Favorites,” so they’ll be able to see all of your past searches. To keep these items truly private, make sure that only friends and followers can view your profile.

Does Pinterest Share Your Searches?

Pinterest saves all of the local searches an individual makes under their e-mail address, making finding those saved search results easy. To keep any Pinterest searches truly private, make sure that only friends and followers can view your profile.

Can You Search Pinterest Without An Account?

Pinterest requires an account to use the site because it’s a social media platform. The individual profile acts as a personal journal where you can save and share images from other accounts on the web.

Why Did My Pinterest Search History Disappear?

While you should be able to delete past searches through your account options, this might not permanently remove them from your actual browser history. If you want to clear all local traces, open the browser’s settings and delete your cookies for the Pinterest website.

What Size Should Pinterest Pins Be?

Pinterest pins should be sized at 800 x 600 pixels to show up properly on other pinboards. If you have any larger images that are difficult to display, resize them using Adobe Photoshop or another photo editing program before uploading them to Pinterest.

How Do I Use Pinterest App?

The Pinterest app allows users to search for new ideas while out and about. To use it, go into your phone’s app store (or marketplace) and type “Pinterest” into the search bar. Then download it onto your device of choice!

How Do I Print A Recipe From Pinterest

When trying to print a recipe from Pinterest, Copy and paste the entire description for future reference. Then open up your preferred browser and paste the text into a new document. Finally, add any images that to print out a fully-functional recipe.


Pinterest is a graphic social network that allows people to share and discover new things. It gives the power of curiosity, as it gives you all sorts of ideas for projects and recipes. On Pinterest, users can like posts and follow other users whose content they want. There’s also an option to repin posts to your boards or make those posts private.

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