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17 Viabill Alternatives

Viabill is a payment service provider that allows customers to pay for purchases in installments. It is a popular payment option for online shopping, particularly for customers who may not have the funds to pay for the total cost of their purchase upfront. Viabill partners with merchants to offer installment plans for their products, which can be paid back over a set period, usually in four equal payments.

Customers can apply for Viabill at checkout and will receive an instant decision on whether they are approved for the service. Viabill does not charge interest or fees, but customers must pay on time to avoid late fees or penalties.


  • Payment solutions
  • Online shop
  • Installments facility
  • No hidden fees

Similar to Viabill

    1: QuadPay


    QuadPay is a payment service provider that allows customers to pay for purchases in installments. Like other buy-now-pay-later services, It will enable customers to split the purchase cost into four interest-free payments delivered over six weeks. Customers can apply for QuadPay at checkout and receive an instant decision on their eligibility for the service. QuadPay charges no interest or hidden fees, but customers who miss a payment may be subject to late fees or penalties. QuadPay is accepted by many…

    2: is an online platform that allows businesses to offer flexible payment plans to their customers. With, companies can create customized payment plans that fit their customers' budgets and preferences. Customers can make payments on their purchases over time rather than paying the total amount upfront. also offers automated payment scheduling, payment reminders, and customer support, making it easy for businesses to manage their payment plans and for customers to stay on track with their payments. is…

    3: MarcusPay


    MarcusPay is a financing option that allows customers to pay for their purchases gradually without any upfront deposit or fees. It can be helpful for customers who may not have the funds to pay for their purchases in full at the point of sale. The fixed-rate aspect of the loan means that the interest rate endures constant throughout the loan term, making it easier for customers to budget their payments. Overall, it seems like MarcusPay could be helpful for those…

    4: Splitit


    Splitit is a payment platform that allows consumers to split the cost of purchases into interest-free monthly payments using their existing credit cards. Splitit enables merchants to offer flexible payment options to their customers without requiring any new credit applications, checks, or extra fees. It works by authorizing the total purchase amount on the customer's credit card and then charging each monthly installment amount. Customers must have sufficient credit available on their credit cards to cover the total purchase amount,…

    5: Uplift


    Uplift is a travel technology company that provides payment and financing solutions for the travel industry. Uplift's platform allows travelers to book their trips and pay for them over time in installments, making travel more accessible to individuals who may not have the funds to pay for their entire trip upfront. Uplift aims to help travel companies increase their conversion rates and revenue by providing flexible payment options while making travel more affordable and accessible for consumers. Uplift offers a…

    6: Bread Payments

    Bread Payments

    Bread Payments is a financial technology company that provides a buy now, pay later platform for e-commerce retailers. The platform allows shoppers to purchase items online and spread out the cost of their purchase over time rather than paying for the entire purchase upfront. Bread Payments offers shoppers a seamless checkout experience and allows retailers to provide flexible payment options to their customers. The platform integrates with various e-commerce platforms and provides retailers with real-time risk assessment and underwriting to…

    7: FuturePay


    FuturePay is a digital payment platform that allows customers to make purchases online and pay for them later. It functions as a "buy now, pay later" service that provides customers with a line of credit that they can use to make purchases at participating online stores. Its platform integrates with online retailers, providing a seamless checkout experience for customers who use the service. Thoroughly this service, customers can purchase without entering their credit card information at checkout. Instead, they select…

    8: LutherSales


    LutherSales is promoting responsible purchasing through easy automated payment options. It can be the best way to help consumers manage their finances and make purchases more affordable and manageable. By offering automated payment options, LutherSale encourages customers to assemble their payments on time and avoid late fees, which can add up quickly and lead to even more debt. In addition to promoting responsible purchasing, LutherSale's payment options can also provide convenience and flexibility for customers. Automated payments can help customers…

    9: Zebit


    Zebit is an online marketplace that offers interest-free credit to individuals who may have difficulty obtaining credit through traditional means due to their credit score or financial history. Zebit allows customers to purchase items and pay for them over time without the burden of high-interest rates or fees. However, it's important to note that Zebit's credit limit is typically lower than what traditional credit providers offer. Failure to pay on time can result in additional fees and penalties. Zebit also…

    10: Zip


    Zip is a file compression and archival format widely used to compress and store multiple files into a single file. The term "zip" is derived from the name of the original program, PKZIP, which Phil Katz created in the 1980s. Zip files are typically used for transferring large amounts of data over the internet, as they can significantly reduce the size of the transmitted data. Zip files can be created and opened using various software programs, including WinZip, 7-Zip, and…

    11: Perpay


    Perpay is a financial technology company offering consumers a platform to purchase goods and services through flexible payment plans. The company partners with retailers to provide customers access to a wide range of products they can pay for in installments over time. Perpay does not charge interest or fees on purchases, and customers can use the platform to build credit by making on-time payments. Perpay's payment plans are designed to be affordable and flexible, with customers able to choose the…

    12: Sezzle


    Sezzle is a payment platform that offers consumers to make purchases and pay for them over time with interest-free installment plans. The platform was founded in 2016 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota Sezzle partners with retailers to offer their payment platform as a customer checkout option. When customers choose Sezzle at checkout, they can split their purchase into four interest-free payments automatically deducted from their debit or credit card every two weeks. Sezzle is available in the United States,…

    13: BillEase


    BillEase is a financial technology company that provides installment plans and other lending services to individuals and businesses in the Philippines. The company aims to make credit more accessible and affordable to Filipinos who need it, whether it's for personal expenses or business needs. BillEase offers various types of loans, including personal, business, and consumer loans. Their installment plans allow borrowers to pay for their purchases over some time, with fixed monthly payments and low-interest rates. BillEase also offers credit…

    14: Laterpay


    Laterpay is a payment platform that enables users to make small payments for digital content or services without needing upfront payment. Later pay allows users to pay for content or services after they have been consumed and aggregates the costs into a single bill, making it easier to track their spending. Laterpay allows users to create an account and link it to their preferred payment methods, such as a credit card or PayPal. Users who want to purchase digital content…

    15: FlexWallet


    FlexWallet is a digital payment solution that allows individuals to pay for goods and services without needing cash or credit. It is a mobile wallet application that enables users to make payments through their smartphones. FlexWallet uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to connect with payment terminals, allowing users to pay for purchases with a simple tap of their phones. The payment is processed instantly, making the checkout process faster and more convenient. FlexWallet also supports peer-to-peer payments, enabling users…

    16: PayPal


    PayPal is a digital payment platform that authorizes individuals and businesses to make and receive online payments. The company was founded in December 1998 as Confinity and later merged with, an online banking company founded by Elon Musk. PayPal was acquired by eBay in 2002 and became a separate publicly traded company in 2015. PayPal offers users to link their bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards to their PayPal accounts, making it uncomplicated to transfer funds between accounts…

    17: Klarna


    Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides various financial services, including payment solutions, banking, and online shopping. The company was founded in 2005 and expanded to over 17 countries, with over 3,000 workers worldwide. One of Klarna's main offerings is its "buy now, pay later" service, which allows customers to make purchases and pay for them over time with interest-free installments. It also offers a mobile app that lets users keep track of their payments and manage their accounts.…

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