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10 Sites Like The StoryGraph

Provide a straightforward way to fulfill your reading habit with a wide range of content. The storygraph has the most trustful machine learning AI that helps you to provide the most accurate suggestion by learning from your search and reading material. There you have a heaven of all content types like adventurous, funny, darker, slower, and emotional.

The Storygraph mainly focuses on the ” Live Reaction ” system, where you are totally free to react to specific parts of the books; even comments will be locked until your friend reaches the line where you responded. The StoryGraph gives you a fully featured variant free of cost.


  • Best AI for suggestions
  • Free to react on any part
  • Give Comments locking system
  • It costs you free
  • quickly bug fixing
  • consume less storage
  • live reactions

The StoryGraph Alternative

    1: BookLikes


    A social cataloging website offers a free search of books and reviews. Users must sign up and register books to generate their own digital library to get all the options. On this site, users have a free opportunity to build their own sets of book suggestions and discussions. Booklikes have access to three different languages, including English, German, and Polish, and they also plan to add some other languages in the future. The booklike official grouping system is the main…

    2: LibraryThing


    LibraryThing is the Best social cataloging web application for sharing & storing books, catalogs, and stories. Different individuals can use LibraryThing, including authors, libraries, and publishers. The main focus of LibraryThing is cataloging books, movies, and other media by connecting through many different platforms like Amazon stores. On this site, you can easily create an account and start making your own digital library by adding your favorite books. LibraryThing provides more services like giving your reviews and rating books, and…

    3: BookBrowse


    Bookbrowse is an affordable and reader-friendly online magazine that offers the best services on book reviews, author interviews, book reviews, and reading guides. This platform provides both free and paid services for their users. The primary purpose of BookBrowse is to be economical. Bookbrowse also hires you as a book reviewer; you may get paid for reading and giving reviews. These websites consist of a user-friendly interface. There are millions of books published, so it is challenging to choose what…

    4: BookTrib


    BookTrib is a news source for those who love books and want to learn more. This site updates you and helps you discover what's happening in the world of e-books and learn about new authors you may have yet to hear. creates an intense relationship between authors and readers. This site features reviews, podcasts, author’s discussions, and videos. is a heaven where anybody can search for their own favorite book. This site is also working on adding more…

    5: Anobii


    An independent social network for all book lovers, where you discover new books, read notes, and suggest your reviews. Anobii allows its users to discuss freely with other readers. On this platform, you engage with a vast community of readers passionate about the book. You are free to participate in any reading groups. Here you have a lot of flexibility, like creating your own digital library, and build your own wish list, etc. Anobii is available on both platforms google…

    6: Bookly


    Bookly is the best book tracker for readers; it helps you track your reading sessions in real-time. Bookly keeps you accountable and builds your reading habit by providing their timing graph and chart. Bookly application has plenty of cool features to get you into a reading routine. Time tracking is the highlighting feature of Bookly; start the timer whenever you start reading – this application will take care of your free time. Also, you can track your reading speed to…

    7: Likewise


    An American start-up that gives a social networking service for searching, reading, and saving content for movies, books, podcasts, and TV shows. Likewise is also designed as an application for both Apple and Android operating systems. Likewise is available on both platforms google play store as well as on apple store. For a better experience, it likewise provides stream services. Using its innovative technology likewise gives you very accurate suggestions. Likewise, specially provides the best privacy about the data they…

    8: BookSloth


    BookSloth is the Best Social application for young adult book lovers to enhance their passion for reading. This platform is more suited to fiction readers. This platform gives you thoughtful suggestions of your type by using this filter “not for me." The discussion section is the most highlighted section of this site, where you find quick responses; people are free to ask anything and find the best recommendation. BookSloth has the most user-friendly layout, where you can easily find all…

    9: Libib


    Libib is the best application & website that serve libraries, schools, home, and organizations catalogs. For retrieving information about your items, Libib provides you with an easy way to scan barcodes. You can create your own lists about gaming, literature, movies, music, tags, & categories to find items very quickly when you need them. This platform provides you with an effortless way to organize your collection. Libib Cloud storage gives you easy access from anywhere you want. You feel like…

    10: Goodreads


    Goodreads is an American social website that helps you to find & search your favorite reading material. This site can explore your interest in books, quotes, and reviews. Goodreads consist of a collection of more than 10 million books. You can register to generate your personal books, library, and reading lists. Goodreads provide you access to create your own suggestion lists, blogs, and discussions. After completing your Goodreads profile, you can search and add your friends. Goodreads also provides a…

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