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10 Sites Like Style Book

Style Book is an invaluable tool that writers, journalists, and editors use to be consistent and precise in their work. It’s a user-friendly online guide that any writer will find helpful for grammar rules, punctuation guidelines, word usage, and more. But if you ever find yourself wanting another outlet to perfect your craft or elevate the quality of your work, there are tons of other tools similar to Style Book.

Grammarly is one alternative site worth mentioning. While it might not hold your hand with every little detail like Style Book does, Grammarly does offer users an automated proofreading service. This can help spot mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. On top of that, there are suggestions for sentence structure and word choice, so writing can be clearer and more engaging.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary is another alternative to explore. It doesn’t only provide quick access to definitions but also has examples of how words are used in sentences. As an added bonus, the site offers a thesaurus feature, which helps broaden vocabulary by finding synonyms or related terms.


  • It’s comprehensive, organized, and provides a consistent way to write and format.
  • Brand consistency is key. It makes sure everyone follows the same style guide.
  • You’ll be able to look up grammar rules, punctuation, and how to capitalize words so you don’t have too keep guessing.
  • Sentences will become clearer and more readable with guidelines on how to structure them, their tone, and word choice.
  • Because it establishes a common language for writers and editors alike, it’ll make collaboration easier.

Style Book Alternatives

1: Shop Look

Shop Look

ShopLook is not only a go-to online fashion marketplace, but it’s also a creative hub. It lets people create unique outfits and collections, whether it's fashion, home decor, or beauty products. The site has an easy-to-use interface, so you can easily mix and match items from different brands. But what sets ShopLook apart from its competitors? It’s the user-generated content! Unlike other platforms where professional stylists curate clothes, everything on ShopLook is created by normal people like you and me.…

2: Fashiers


Fashiers is an online store designed for fashion-savvy consumers. It offers a range of products and services similar to those on larger sites like ASOS and Zara. They offer a curated collection of clothes, accessories, and beauty products from multiple brands in one place. With its simple design and easy-to-use platform, anyone with an internet connection can shop on it. One advantage Fashions has over competitors is its commitment to the planet; its goal is to be sustainable. The platform…

3: Urstyle


Urstyle wants to light the fashion world on fire by giving people an outlet to express themselves. It’s a lot like other sites where you can style clothes, but it's better than those for reasons I'll tell you right now. With this platform, you can build a virtual closet full of only your favorite looks. Get fancy with it and make different mood boards out of all your outfits too. Do what you want; that’s the fun part. One big…

4: Fashmates


Fashmates is an extremely delightful fashion platform that every fashion guru has to love. It's your one-stop shop for finding inspiration, sharing your style, and connecting with people who share the same interests from around the world. What really makes Fashmates special is the ability to bring everyday people, influencers, and designers alike all together on a platform built for creativity. Recently, it’s seen a big increase in new users. This could be due to its newest feature, where users…

5: Smart Closet

Smart Closet

A smart closet is a fresh idea. The goal? Transforming how we manage our clothes. All of our clothes, to be exact. It’s a virtual closet app that allows users to create a digital representation of all their clothing and other accessories. From there, you can build your own inventory with it. One that doesn’t eat up any physical storage space and helps us keep track of what we’ve worn. This isn’t where the features stop, though! One really cool…

6: Bantoa


Websites like Bantoa have completely changed the fashion industry. They act as a hub for people to browse and purchase clothes they love, while also being a source of inspiration for users who are looking to expand their style collection. Bantoa sets itself apart by being community-driven. Users are encouraged to share content such as outfits, which helps build a strong sense of community as others can leave likes and follow accounts based on outfit ideas, not just the name…

7: TrendMe


TrendMe is not like your standard fashion app or social media. It’s a place where people can come together from all over the world to see what styles are popular, show off their own sense of style, and get inspired by other users. The platform has millions of clothing items for every taste, so you’ll never run out of things to wear. While most apps just let you put together outfits on a mannequin or in an image editor, TrendMe…

8: Villoid


Villoid is not your typical fashion app. This virtual wardrobe experience brings the joy of styling and trend-spotting directly to your smartphone. With its sleek interface and massive collection of fashion images, Villoid allows users to create their own personal style looks and find new trends effortlessly. Now you may be wondering, How is this any different compared to other apps? Well, while social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great for many things, Villoid takes it up a…

9: Combyne


Combyne, a unique social fashion app, has finally come to your fingertips. With Combyne you can create and share your own outfits with the world. Not feeling creative? No worries, you can also mix and match clothes with their seamless interface or find something new from popular brands. Although there are plenty of Pinterest lookalikes, Combyne turns fashion inspiration into a full-blown experience. If you’ve ever looked at someone’s outfit and thought “I’d love to wear that” or “that’s so…

10: Polyvore


Polyvore was once a popular fashion-based social networking website. It gave fashion enthusiasts a cutting-edge platform to virtually style various pieces together and express their creativity. Unfortunately, Polyvore was shut down, and many of its users were left looking for alternatives after it was acquired by SSENSE in 2018. Following Polyvore's demise, a number of new platforms have surfaced as respectable substitutes for users looking for a comparable experience. The idea of virtual styling has been modified and expanded upon…

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