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16 Sites Like SketchUp

The software known as SketchUp is a 3D modeling tool. SketchUp is used by construction managers, architects, engineers, and interior designers to easily visualize complex projects, clearly document them, and coordinate their efforts.

SketchUp enables professionals to move more quickly from the design phase to the construction phase of projects, including domestic renovations and complicated commercial projects. The software provides capabilities for designing in both two dimensions and three dimensions, enabling users to envision, plan, and communicate planned construction projects.


  • Easy to understand
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to access


  • Less Modern tools

SketchUp Alternatives

    1: is a web-based 3d modeling that provides computer graphic software. It's a company with full features of designs, animation, and rendering software tools run in your web browser. You can make complex 3d models and also create beautiful photos that seem realistic. It gives access to share them without installing any software program. It's the best platform that supports the most powerful modeling tool and sub-object editing to make specific database products. It offers UV editing that optimizes performance…

    2: 3Dmdb


    3dmbd, abbreviates 3D model database, is a search engine for 3d models and designs. You can tender or print from the marketplace and provide computer graphics like CG, VFX, Animation, or CAD. It provides visual graphics and furniture, including a coffee table, mate trolley, four-seater sofa, chairs, comfortable beds, and many more. It's a built-in application that also gives hand-crafted items and products like weapons, toys, creatures, vehicles, and gadgets. It's a place where you can share free 3d assets…

    3: Sketchfab


    Sketchfab is a 3d modeling platform website that allows its designers to publish, share and discover 3d designs. It will enable buying and selling 3d models, VR and AR games, animation, and content. It supports multi-platforms, including Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and many others. It provides a viewer based on WebGL and WebXR technologies that allow users to display their 3D models on the webpage; it also provides a modern interface so anybody can view on their mobile phone browsers and…

    4: Pinshape


    Pinshape is an online 3d painting community and marketplace; its headquarter is in British, Canada, and Columbia. It allows its designers to share and sell designs. Its goal is to make consumer 3d painting models as easy as possible for everyone. It has excellent collections of premium and free STL files and 7 thousand of makers and designers to download and print. It helps to grow your business by selling your products and making money to build your brand. It's…

    5: YouMagine


    Youmagine is the best open-source platform with access to print files and designs available for you to build and download. It's a free and paid 3d model that provides Thousands of products, including weapons, furniture, toys, electronic appliances, and many more. It's the most popular application on the Google index that gives a massive collection of built-in designs and architecture work. It provides access to share, buy, and sell products anywhere with an easy interface through mobile devices and windows,…

    6: 3DOcean


    3d ocean is a massive online collection of royalty-free 3d models and files, including textures, material, plugins, and more. It also provides gaming options and animations, allowing you to purchase or sell digital assets. It's the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative ideas. It offers high-quality 3D Shaders and materials with bestseller prices. It's every product of top quality with a reasonable budget offer, also gives fresh models every week. It provides amazing themes and templates by…

    7: Cubebrush


    Cube brush is the world's best CG tutorial shop that offers the best 3d models for its customers. It's a marketplace and community for digital art resources that give unique models, including brushes, textures, 2d game assets, and VR/AR game models. It is the built-in platform that supports artist developers and designers and gives access to share the best revenue in the industry. It offers incredible tools and applications to make models of hand-crafted products. It provides designs and creatures…

    8: Free 3D

    Free 3D

    Free 3d model is a marketplace where you can instantly share your 3d assets and download which one you like. It is available in MAX, OBJ, C4D, and 3DS file formats and provides VR/AR animations and games. It offers built-in 3d models and a modern interface to run on your mobile and windows. It gives house models subcategories, including building material, interior and exterior designs, medieval, fantasy, city, small rooms, town, and bridges. It offers electronics, cars, and weapons. You…

    9: Cults


    Cults is a 3d painting marketplace that allows designers and makers to share free and paid models of 3d painting. It allows its users to build, discover, sell and buy 3d models on a commercial scale to run your business activities smoothly. It provides multi models, including artwork, fashion, jewelry, home architecture, and gadgets. Its built-in platform gives a collection of fantastic designs, creatures, toys, electric appliances, weapons, car models, and furniture. It provides access to run on multi-platforms, including…

    10: 3DExport


    3D export is a 3D model marketplace where you can buy and sell 3d models, CG textures, and digital objects. It launched in February 2004 and has become the largest built-in company worldwide that provides 3D content makers. It allows you to export models from the workspace environment into formats. It offers high-quality models for free and also paid with no spam, and it also gives rewards every week. It provides models, including cars, furniture, toys, printing models, and more.…

    11: TurboSquid


    Turbo squid is a digital media community allowing its designers and makers to sell 3d graphics and models. It provides multi-platform access to industries, including computer games, architecture, and interactive training. It hosts our products, market them and provide credit card transaction; also, it's free while uploading and listing your work. It's a trusted leading company with an unparalleled collection of royalty-free 3d models and 3d applications and cutting-edge 3d designs, animated models, low poly models, blenders, FBX models, and…

    12: Hum3D


    Hum3D is a modeling company that creates new unique models at the store. It makes and sells 3d models that use in movies and advertising. It has an extensive collection of cars on the internet and provides realistic models, including vehicles, creatures, and gadgets. It's a trusted company that satisfied millions of customers through its outstanding services. It also offers electronic weapons, military items, and other 3d objects with the best design and visualization effect. It also allows download models…

    13: iMeshh


    Imeshh is a built-in company that provides 3d models, including textures, furniture, cars, weapon, and many more. It gives a massive library with multiple models to start your career using a blender. It also gives the latest articles to move the 3d cursor in a blender and find a difference in duplicate objects. It provides architectural visualization images to make your 3d pictures using this excellent art tool. It also tracks everything, gives easy invoice templates, and ensures all information…

    14: Blender Market

    Blender Market

    The blender market creates to empower artists and developers using built-in software. It's a trusted company where blender artists can make their career, providing a stable environment for them. It offers hand-crafted things for you. It is an open-source 3d computer and provides graphic software tools to set up. It created animation films, visual effects, art, and printed models. It also includes motion graphics, 3d applications, virtual reality, and a premium marketplace that gives blender fanatics worldwide. You can sell…

    15: MyMiniFactory


    Myminifactory is a company that provides 3d designers and makers with a way to discover high-quality STL files. It gives its users free and paid models with guaranteed 3d printed files. It's the world's largest factory that provides customized designs with an ecosystem. It also enables Meta reverse for 3d creators, toys, puzzles, and mechanical creations. You cannot sell or share digital files and 3d painted models here. It is also available on the app store; over 70 million people…

    16: CGTrader


    CG Trader is a 3d model marketplace that provides CG projects for its customers. It gives professional 3d designers that help to build community in online business. It found in 2011, and its headquarter is in Vilnius. You can download 3d models and find designers for your need; it also provides art, jewelry, furniture, and sculptures. It allows enterprise customers and retailers to transform 2d products into 3d natural products. It gives customized designs of your need, digital assets to…

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