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12 Sites Like SitePoint

SitePoint is a Melbourne-based website that refers you to learn programming and coding. It offers video lectures where users can learn and understand basic programming concepts. In addition to more about SitePoint, it often publishes books and articles with different tips to become an expert in coding.

It offers writers and developers to write something about this website and pay for it. It is easy to learn something new and exciting about programming just with a single click with the help of SitePoint. Millions of people worldwide visit this website to learn and understand deep programming knowledge.


  • 600+ books
  • 60+ courses
  • Easy to use
  • Eligible
  • Affordable prices

SitePoint Alternatives

    1: Coderbyte


    Coderbyte is an online educational website that helps you improve your coding. This website is designed for coders that need help improving their coding. In addition, Coderbyte offers some challenges and tasks by which users can be prepared well for company interviews. This site provides more than 300+ libraries for users to learn to code quickly. Furthermore, it offers some jobs by taking interviews so that users can get online jobs rapidly. It often provides some articles with which users…

    2: Nettuts+


    3: Programming Hub

    Programming Hub

    Programming Hub is an education-based website designed to learn coding and programming. This website offers you to learn and understand with an expert programmer. In addition to more about Programming Hub, users can learn with reminders by experts. It often provides some certificate for proof that the user has learned to code. This site offers videos online in which coding is easy to learn and understand. Furthermore, it is an easy way to learn and create a program without any…

    4: Grasshopper


    Grasshopper is a coding application designed for beginners. This site can help users to learn and understand coding and different languages of programming. Users can now quickly develop a program and become experts with the help of this site. In addition to more about Grasshopper, it offers a good and straightforward way to learn, fun with just your mobile phone. Users can graduate more fundamentally with this app. Grasshopper provides a curriculum where people can build their skills and shapes…

    5: Tutorialzine


    Tutorialzine is a learning-based website that allows you to learn about coding. This website offers you some articles and blogs about programming languages so that you can quickly learn something new. In addition to more about Tutorialzine, there is a community of expert developers that know together with you and helps you with different problems with an expert solution. Furthermore, people can enjoy and learn by reading blogs so that they can understand the codes and programming in a better…

    6: is a non-profitable website designed for school students to learn computer science. By using this website, users can understand and learn to program. In addition to more about, it offers you to support diversity and to bring computer science to your school to develop bright futures. Furthermore, people can get online courses and learn something just by sitting on a couch at home with the help of This site often teaches you how to break a code…

    7: W3Schools


    W3Schools is a fermium online learning-based website to learn to code. This website is designed to get essential and deep coding knowledge for programmers and developers. Users can earn certifications in the best courses in programming. W3Schools offers 12 languages and more to learn and understand the codes of developing or creating a program. In addition to more about W3Schools, users can often play coding games to understand coding in a better way. Furthermore, if you doubt that you need…

    8: SoloLearn


    SoloLearn is an online learning-based website that refers to learning the basics of programming. Users can learn and get experts by watching content videos provided by them. Furthermore, it offers different courses in 12 other languages of programming. In addition to more about SoloLearn, people can get help with their problems while developing a program with experts in a few minutes. It often offers certificates as proof that users have learned the entire procedure of becoming a developer. It is…

    9: Codecademy


    Codecademy is an American platform that teaches the basics of programming languages. It offers all teaching videos that help to learn all 12 languages of programming. People can quickly learn HTML, JAVA, and more anywhere and anytime. In addition to more about Codecademy, it helps to set your future goals at affordable prices. Furthermore, people can get their business solutions on this website. The entire thing that a user needs to start is to get registered with Codecademy. It often…

    10: FreeCodeCamp


    FreeCodeCamp is an online learning platform that refers you to all coding lectures to build a website. This site is specially designed for programmers and developers to get the basic knowledge about coding. In addition, FreeCodeCamp offers online chat rooms, reviews, and community forums for better access to deep learning. People can understand the deep basics with the help of lectures. It is easy to get profound knowledge for free sitting at home and become a coder using FreeCodeCamp. Millions…

    11: Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow is an online website that offers you to increase knowledge by reading questions and answers. This website contains millions of questions and different answers by different people worldwide. Furthermore, this website is a good option for students to get help in their studies. In addition to more about Stack Overflow, it offers some companies' questions and answers, so the developers get service in their interviews. It is easy to find answers to different tough questions at home with…

    12: GeeksforGeeks


    GeeksforGeeks is a portal for computer science learners that offer to learn, thrive, and have fun. This website is specially designed for computer science students to learn programming languages and many more. People can get help in their studies by reading articles, famous questions and answers, and many more. In addition to more about GeeksforGeeks, it offers well-written and well-thought-out programming and data structure articles. If you are a computer science student and want to learn for fun, this site…

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