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10 Sites Like Quizlet

Quizlet is the Best tool for learning and studying. This site has different modes like flashcards, learn, write, spell, match, gravity, and live. Each mode has its various functions. On that platform, users can learn by playing different quiz games.

This site gives the very best combination of games and studies to engage more students with the study. Users can ask further questions, give answers, solve problems, and make assignments. Quizlet has access to eighteen different languages. That platform lets you provide a live session; everyone can join live sessions by entering a specific code. Users can split into live sessions into two or more groups for better quiz sessions.


  • Build a relationship between game and study
  • flexible to use
  • Best for self-testing
  • Provides free unlimited live sessions
  • Review for students
  • Users can do Teamwork
  • Help in test preparation

Quizlet Alternative

    1: Schoology


    That platform is a learning management site for schools and businesses. This enables their users to share, create and manage assignments, works and resources. Schoology is an online cloud drive for saving and sharing learning material. That cloud-based platform facilitates their users to manage online E-classrooms or group learning. That site gives a very similar environment, just like other social platforms. You can use many services like attendance records, grades, exams, and home works. Schoology allows parents to keep checking…

    2: Kahoot


    Kahoot is a game-based learning platform. It has learning games designed for learning and testing knowledge. Kahoot has user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that users can access via browser or mobile application. That platform also works as a screen-sharing tool, just like Zoom meetings. On that platform, all users can join a game and give answers by using their specific code. Kahoot application is also available on IOS and Android platforms. This platform provides its services in many different languages. This platform…

    3: Kids A-Z

    Kids A-Z

    That platform gives interactive learning content. Users can choose their favorite material from a library of e-books, e- quizzes, and other resources. Users have access to hundreds of developmental-appropriate e-resources. Kids A-Z has many features. Kids have access to many educational materials according to their level of development, take quizzes which helpful in self-testing, and use tools to read and understand more closely, and their teacher will automatically score their work. That platform is a tool that helps students to…

    4: Acadly


    Acadly is a hybrid that offers many works in a single time, and this tool is specially designed for the teachers to interact with their students in the E-class. Teachers can use many features like online attendance, polls, quizzes, and word clouds. Acadly is available on Android,  IOS, and on the website. Users can get easy access from any platform. Teachers can share different activities share, polls, quizzes, videos, files,  and assignments to engage the students during live sessions. With…

    5: Quizizz


    Quizizz is an online tool that helps children with their self-assessments. Students can study independently or engage themselves in groups, quizzes, assignments, and presentations. That platform is helpful for any sector, office, school, university, and college worldwide. Quizizz is designed to help you to participate in group activities and keep checking on your own. Like all other platforms, Quizizz engages students with a study by providing different quiz games; every student can solve a quiz on their device by open…

    6: Baamboozle


    The Baamboozle is a platform that provides quiz games. Teachers make different quizzes on that platform, and websites change them into games. That is the platform where teachers can make fun teaching games to educate their students. That platform provides a straightforward dashboard, so the game-making is very simple; anyone can make quiz games. To engage the students with studies, that platform enhances students’ interest by changing themes according to the current event, just like in Halloween questions and images…

    7: Brightful


    Brightful is a platform that provides question games that every student can play to polish himself. That platform gives a very flexible dashboard; everyone from anywhere can participate. Users can apply filters according to get quizzes according to their choices. On the next day, all quizzes update automatically. Brightful has access to every subject you can easily find your type of material. Brightful provides unlimited online storage to save your tasks for a recheck. Users have the flexibility to rate…

    8: Canvas LMS

    Canvas LMS

    Canvas is the leading management system that runs an education technology company with a mission to facilitate student access. Canvas has a mission to amplify the power of teachers and inspire everyone to learn more and more. That platform creates a significant relationship between students and teachers based on trust, respect, and mutual success. That platform provides equal access to all users, whether the user is a student or not. Canvas is free for teachers. Also, teachers have essential features.…

    9: Mural


    Mural is an intelligence company generating practical creativity, innovation, alignment, and team building. With the help of a digital whiteboard and a combination of many features, users can work together in real time, which helps in better business-driving outcomes. The Mural app is only available on iPhones and iPad to keep you connected with other team members. After creating an account on Mural, users can save sticky notes, shapes, and text boxes with a wide variety of formats at their…

    10: Beekast


    Beekast is an online platform that facilitates you to create, lead, and track your meetings and training sessions. Beekast is a helpful tool that helps to make your meetings and training more organized and productive. It allows you to save data in written form after every session. Users can schedule meetings with Powerpoint, videos, PDFs, and other interactive activities. In Beekast, you can make decisions on top of the task and easily track all your choices. Beekast is a handy…

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