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14 Apps Like OPlayer

Oplayer is the best top-rated application used to run different media. That application supports almost every format like mkv, wmv, avi, divx, xvid, rmvb, rm, flv, mp4, 4k, mov, 3gp, m4v, blu-ray, ts, m2ts, swf, asf, vob, h265 and more, so users can play all type of video without converting. Oplayer allows users to download videos and audio files directly into their devices.

It also supports audio formats like mp3, WMA, wav, dts, ac3, eac3, aac, FLAC, ape, cue, amr, ogg vorbis, and lossless music. OPlayer is run on both platforms, Apple OS and Android. That application is only available on paid service and doesn’t offer a free trial.


  • Support any format
  • Adjust playback speed
  • Background play
  • Multiple transfers ways
  • Simple dashboard
  • Easy to use
  • Privacy protect

OPlayer Alternatives

    1: Beamer


    Beamer is a most popular and flexible tool that helps to create good-looking presentations. This tool can do many multi-tasks, such as creating the page, adding a logo, highlighting important points, making a table of contents, adding effects to the slideshow, and more. It allows users to make many customizations such as changing color, font size & shape, background setting, and hundreds of themes. It is very easy and simple to use and valuable for initial-level users. After completion, the…

    2: AudioStreamer


    AudioStreamer is a free web-based audio steamer that allows users easy access to their music. AudioStreamer converts your computer into a streaming web server. So users can listen to and enjoy their favorite music from their workplace, and you can get easy access from anywhere, anytime, and at any place. AudioStreamer provides all its services for free without any annoying ads pop-up. It is very clean and has a very simple interface. That tool gives flexibility to their users to…

    3: Mkchromecast


    Mkchromecast is a program that allows users to cast audio and video file from macOS, Linux, or Windows to google cast devices or Sonos speakers. That tool is written in Python language. Mkchromecast can do streams through node.js, FFmpeg, or avconv. That platform allows users to play lossy or lossless audio formats without complications. Mkchromecast also supports multi-room group playback. That tool fully performs on high audio resolutions, such as 24 bits and 96 kHz. If you want to use…

    4: Jamcast


    Jamcast is an audio-based application used to play audio. Users can cast audio directly from their pc. Jamcast allows users to stream to millions of devices from Spotify, iTunes, web browsers, and more. It also supports SONOS, DLNA, UPnP, and Chromecast. It is very simple to use. Just click on the cast and enjoy it. Jamcast is very simple to install; download it from the official site and click on the install button; it starts installing and is ready to…

    5: AirPlayer


    AirPlayer is an application used to stream video, music, and photos from your device's many media servers like UPnP and DLNA. It supports all platforms like Apple OS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also has direct access to Apple TV without iTunes. Users can add servers manually. Also, AirPlayer allows users to watch videos outside of the house. Users can stream in any video format from their media server, like XVID, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4V, etc. AirPlay…

    6: Imagen


    Imagen is an AI-powered editing tool that helps to create the most attractive content. It works automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence, so it sets your photo’s white balance, exposure, color correction, and more in just a few seconds. Imagen is entirely in your control users can review the final results in Lightroom and tweak them. Imagen take care of your privacy, so the photos that user upload will only be used to create their personal AI profile or…

    7: Goodplayer


    Goodplayer is an application that allows users to play audio and videos of any format like GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, DAT, VOB, FLV, WMV, MKV, MP4, RM, RMVB, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, MMS, SFTP, SMB, MMSH, MMST, RTP, UPnP, and UDP, etc. Goodplayer is not a simple media player; it has an in-built search browser. Also, that application has built-in file manager users can save their favorite content and set passwords to secure the data. That application also gives…

    8: yxPlayer


    yxPlayer is the most powerful tool used for streaming audio and video. Users don’t have to convert the format. They can easily watch videos of any format without converting. That application is available on Android, Apple OS, Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. yxPlayer offers only paid version. That application supports all types of formats such as jpeg, mt2s, mts, ogg, at, vob, and wmv/asf files, 3gp, mpeg, avi, mov, mp4, dat, flv, mkv, webm, etc. And on video, it supports…

    9: Azul Media Playrer

    Azul Media Playrer

    Azul Media Player is a media player that allows users to play audio and video without conversion. That application has powerful streaming options like subtitle support, Airplay, and Chromecast. Gorgeous interface. Precise controls and silky-smooth playback. Azul Media Player allows users to sync with Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, and iTunes. Also, users can directly download through wifi sharing and live streaming from SMB and FTP. Azul Media Player supports every format, including MP4, M4V, and MOV - plus…

    10: BUZZ Player

    BUZZ Player

    BUZZ Player is a multimedia player that allows users to watch and listen to mp4 and mp3 of any format. That application can play everything like 3GP, AVI, ASF, MKV (Matroska), MOV (QuickTime), MP4, NUT, Ogg, OGM, Real Media, and more. That application also supports up to 4k resolution video with 24-bit colors without pixel glitches and bugging. BUZZ Player supports every type of subtitle, including srt, ass, ssa, msi, sub, and embedded subtitles. Also display many languages, such as…

    11: iTVPlay


    iTVPlay is an application used for live streaming. Users have to register first to use iTVPlay. That application gives free services without showing annoying ad pop-ups. iTVPlay has a very simple home screen with limited features. That application has gestures functionalities like swiping up, down, right and left. That application only works in Vietnamese, even though they allow users to change the language. iTVPlay gives users very little flexibility; you can’t change themes, colors, backgrounds, and font size & shape.…

    12: Air Video HD

    Air Video HD

    Air Video HD is an online video streaming platform for streaming quickly from a user's computer on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. It makes it easy for users who face difficulty transferring and converting files. It is one of the most reliable and accurate apps for streaming movies on IOS devices. It is available for both Windows and MAC, allowing users to easily share their folders and access any movie from their devices. Air Video HD contains all HD-resolution…

    13: Airflow


    Airflow is an online platform that helps users to organize and control their workflows. Users can create timetables, set reminders, and then oversee these workflows in the form of directed acyclic graphs (DAG); that graph tool represents daily tasks and their dependencies. Airflow is used in many fields, such as agriculture, Management, and human resources. But mostly used in data science and data engineering to automate various tasks, such as taking data, modifying, and loading it into databases. The basic…

    14: Gnomecast


    Gnomecast is a local Linux GUI used for casting files to Chromecast devices. Gnomecast can read for files audio and video files. It will do real-time transcoding only when needed. It shows subtitles by using embedded and external SRT files. Users can watch full HD resolution videos on    Gnomecast. Also, it supports up to 4K resolution. That tool gives you full support. If your video is not playing, click on the top right info button and then the "Report File…

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