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33 MiMedia Alternatives

MiMedia is an indexed Google work for more than ten years. It provides an easy way to share your data and files in no time. It enables all your personal media items, including photos, videos, music, and documents, to be accessible and safe on your devices. You can easily share your favorite data files with your friends without any problem. It is a well-organized tool available on your smartphones and computer devices.

It can instantly upload your most recent pictures and videos. It can quickly play and access your music playlist on the go. It provides its user with a beautiful display and a fast navigation process. It’s a basic need for everyone as it covers more than 500 GB of data to store and is safe. It’s a free tool and gives a premium version for better work.


  • Google drive app
  • Easy and reliable
  • Access large files
  • Fast navigate

Mimedia Alternatives



    1: SendGB


    Send GB is the best worldwide software to transfer or share files or data. It can transfer your files up to 5GB. It provides free and fast file-sharing software. You wanted to avoid requiring registration while uploading 200MB per single file. It also gives discount offers for its new visitors. It provides multiple threads and high bandwidth server that allows you to transfer files as fast as poosible.no sign-up hassle is involved in using send GB. Users can send large…

    2: Jumpshare


    Jump share is a visual communication platform that combines file sharing, screenshot captures, and screen recording in one app. It is available on Windows, macOS, and web apps. You can share your work and ideas also. It's a free sharing application with many features ahead, as it gives you a communication team and creative tools. You can share your pictures, files, or data with your loved one. It can allow you to share valuable documents important for your business queries.it…

    3: Yandex Disk

    Yandex Disk

    Yandex disk is a convenient and reliable tool for storing photos, videos, and documents. It has many standard features that keep your private data to use in the future. You can access your safe data at any time and on any device. It will save all your files and pictures in their original quality. You can store as many as you want, so you don't want to choose, keep everything with unlimited space capacity. You can also share files and…

    4: Quip


    Quip is software used in your mobiles and web browser too. It allows groups of people to create and edit documents and spreadsheets. It is widely used for business purposes to make your documents more attractive, like a presentation. It's a platform that transforms the way enterprises work together. All your documents and messages data sync to your hard drive. It helps sales teams to accelerate business in real-time. It provides the easiest way to account for planning, mutual plan,…

    5: Send Anywhere

    Send Anywhere

    Send anywhere is the file transfer tool that provides users with the easiest way to share files across all devices. It launched in 2012 and now became the world's most popular file transfer service. You can send or receive any size and file by using this tool. It's a free software version, so that you can send files as often as possible. You can also send photos, videos, or any other document in the original size with your friends. It…

    6: Tresorit


    Tresorit is a storage device with end-to-end encryption. It was founded in 2011 and became Europe's fifth fastest-growing company. It is a place where users can store and share files with an organization and with external partners .it provides the best service to run the business without any hesitation of losing data. It secures user data with organized software for business queries. You can also share files like pictures and videos with your friends. It can also give access to…

    7: NordLocker


      Nordlocker is software available on Windows and macOS. It's end-to-end encrypted cloud storage to store data and information. Nordlocker develops by Nord security, a company behind the VPN network in the UK. It relies on zero-knowledge architecture, which means they know nothing about what files may store or share. It accesses your files anywhere and drags and drops that file or folder to its desired place with zero time. It's a simple way to protect your files sensitively and…

    8: iCloud Drive

    iCloud Drive

    The ICloud drive is a fantastic server launched on October 12, 2011, as a successor to MobileMe. You needs to sign in to this software to get incredible access to your photos, video, contact, notes, and more. You can access your files through iPhone, iPad, and Android, so you can quickly get in touch. You can easily share and view all your files on the web too. It is essential to keep your device's information safe, up-to-date, and available wherever…

    9: Sync.com


    Sync.com is a file storage tool that gives a collaboration platform to its user. It helps to maintain all your work done in the best space. Sync connects your internal and external teams. It allows clients to share files and documents through mobile and computer devices. So that everyone is up to date and on the same page. It is widely used in business to make better connections and build client trust. It provides a free hand service so that…

    10: Smash


    Smash is an online file transfer service that allows users to send large files quickly and securely. It is designed to be a simple and user-friendly tool for sharing files with others. With Smash, you can upload files of any size and share them with anyone, regardless of their location or the type of device they are using. The service uses encryption and other security measures to protect your files during transmission. Additionally, Smash does not require users to sign…

    11: Binfer


    Binfer is a direct device-to-device transfer software that shares large files half the time. The file may be of any size, whether a file or folder or any information regarding specific material. It's a data transfer platform allowing users to exchange information worldwide. It's the best tool to send and receive a quantity of data without uploading it anywhere. You can use this on any other device, including mobiles and your computer. It refers to a chat room that shares…

    12: Surge Send

    Surge Send

    Surge send designed its feature to simplify and transfer files for you. It makes your work easier to transfer a large amount of data in GBS. For business purposes, it is the best tool to use. No matter where you are and the quality of the internet connection, it lets you send your designs, photographs, videos, or things without a problem. It's the easiest way to transfer files or keep storage. It provides secure software that makes your data safe.…

    13: Internxt


    Internxt is the most convenient cloud storage service needed to store vast amounts of data. It's a budget-friendly service for their clients. It provides reliable team support to its user. It designs and builds a great application worldwide that respects its customer's privacy. It has been working to create a more powerful tool to make data safer and more private. You need to connect to the internet while using the Internxt. It securely sends and shares files and photos and…

    14: Zoho Docs

    Zoho Docs

      Zoho docs is an Indian web-based online application. It contains word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, project management, and other applications. Users widely used in business may manage their projects and make notes and spreadsheets to make their work more attractive. It is the best application with everything you need to manage and access online documents. It's a platform designed to store files of any size without an internet connection. It works like a team, makes…

    15: Cloudup


    The Cloud up shares your stream videos, photos, music, and links. It can share instantly without waiting for the upload or download process by simply dragging and dropping the function. It gives access to transfer files and documents of daily use at no cost. It provides a reliable way to share things anywhere through any other device. It is for Android, iPhones, iPads, and your pc. It can stream large files up to 200 MB and can view instantly using…

    16: Amazon Drive

    Amazon Drive

    Amazon Drive is an American multinational technology company. It focuses on e-commerce, computing, online advertising, and digital streaming. It lets you free up space on your phones, tablets, and computers, giving backup access to all your documents. It's an online storage service with unique features. It can store various items like photos, videos, and files up to no limit and of any size. Its storage capacity is higher than others, as it holds 5GB of data. It gives its customer…

    17: Icedrive


    Ice drive is the best software to get a massive storage capacity. It makes your storage feel like a physical hard drive with its new drive mountain software. It access, manage and update your repository over time. Its platform gives a wide variety of storage apps, so you can see your cloud storage when you need it. It's perfect for everyone, whether you are not avid photographs or a busy professional, you will find the tool you need with ice…

    18: Box


    The box is a company based in Redwood City, California. It's a cloud-based software that manages content. It also allows you to collaborate in business purposes widely used in this field to manage valuable data items and present them like a spreadsheet. It engaged many people like a team and customers to partner, giving one place to work together. It's a tool that allows sharing any file, folder, picture, video, note, or document anywhere globally. It protects your sensitive files…

    19: Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft drive is an American multinational technology that produces software used by computers, electronics, personal computers, and other related services. It's software that can save your files and photos to one drive, easily accessed from any device, anywhere. It may store many data files, giving 5 GB of free storage space. It keeps your photos, videos, and file backup to you can get them when you need them without any defect. It's a well-organized software with many advantages given to…

    20: pCloud


    pCloud is the most secure software for cloud storage, where you can store your files. It gives access to share documents to those who need them. It provides 10GB of free storage space, which is too much for your files and documents to store easily. Your safe data can access through all devices, laptops, phones, or the web. It provides the best community collaboration for business purposes, as users can send and receive every file. A security feature offered by…

    21: Imgur


    Imgur is the best way to discover and enjoy the magic of the internet. Here you will find the funniest, most informative, and most inspiring images, memes, GIFs, and visual stories. It's just like a TikTok but more attractive as it provides all types of stuff, including memes material that rarely uses now a day. People love to troll some exciting news so that you can search for excellent content and laughter bundle. It serves you an endless stream of…

    22: Redbooth


    Red booth is a web-based work plate used to collaborate. It's a tool that manages your tasks faster and easier. It's a platform that will allow you to increase the performance of your teamwork. Widely used in running your business, it gives access to manage valuable documents. It does your essential project to present as you can add and sort your due dates and tags from the next level of task management. It arranges your tasks in boards, lists, and…

    23: Google Drive

    Google Drive

    Google Drive is an American multi-purpose technology used worldwide, a company that provides search engines, online advertising, cloud computing, and computer software. It works in e-commerce and artificial intelligence. It can store and access files and gives a wide range of storage capacity to make your documents in one place. You can find your documents through any device at any site when needed. It's a real-time team collaboration process that widely works on business fields and professional websites. It efficiently…

    24: MEGA


    Mega is a software that provides hosting services, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It's a well-established and organized app with lots of advantages ahead. It's the most trusted application with end to end encryption method. It provides a user-controlled storage space that quickly accesses web browsers and other mobile devices. It offers reliable storage that is simple and convenient to transfer your data in no time. It also provides secure communication to exchange messages, share files, and make…

    25: IDrive


    IDrive is a technology specializing in data backup, an online service available on Windows, Mac, Linex, and android users. It's the best multi-storage tool that uploads files quickly in no time. It is the highest level of data security with its required encryption method. It's a pure storage solution for your mobile photographs and videos, with an affordable unlimited option. IDrive is a checklist of everything people need to use in their daily purpose ideas. It is also used widely…

    26: NextCloud


    Next cloud is a client-server software for creating and using hosting services. It's similar to MS office and Google Drive, as it operates with the integrated office. It is the most popular on-premises content collaboration platform you can download—a safe home place for all your data files. You can also access and share your files, contacts, pictures, ideas, videos, and music files. It is a customized software tool with unique advantages and the most popular software for about a thousand…

    27: CloudMe


      Cloudme is a file storage service built by Cloudme AB; it offers cloud storage space, file sync, and client software. It provides a file server with shared space for its users, including employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. In short, it's widely used in professional work to run business projects. It's a secure tool that makes your life easier. Do not worry about your files or documents; they are always in your hand. A sharing method to give access to…

    28: MediaFire


      Media fire is a software that provides file hosting, sync files, and a cloud storage service in the United States. It was founded in June 2006 by Derek lesbian and Tom langridge. The company provides client software for MS Windows, macOS, Linex, and Android. Its simple free service lets you put all your photos, documents, and videos in a single place, so you can easily access them anywhere from any device. It uploads and manages all your files and…

    29: TransferXL


    Transfer XL is a file-sharing service platform without cloud storage. It provides the easiest, faster, and most beautiful way to share and receive files over the internet. It can send large files, over 100 above photos, multi-gigabyte videos, and up to 5GB of storage space. It's free to use, making your data in its original quality. It provides end-to-end encryption so you can chat with your friends and share messages with leakage of data, as it protects that data from…

    30: Dropbox


    The drop box is a cloud storage device used to transfer data. It shares a large amount of data, including photos, documents, notes, files, videos, and much more. Easy to use and reliable to transfer and store your favorite data in one place. You can easily access your data files on any device and mobile phone. It's a flexible way to manage your files and is used primarily in many professions; it is real-time software with many advantages. It gives…

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