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Yandex disk is a convenient and reliable tool for storing photos, videos, and documents. It has many standard features that keep your private data to use in the future. You can access your safe data at any time and on any device. It will save all your files and pictures in their original quality. You can store as many as you want, so you don’t want to choose, keep everything with unlimited space capacity.

You can also share files and folders with your friends and specific documents with your colleagues in your business field. Your data is secure, and no one can intercept it, as it provides a password to your file or folder. Moreover, it’s a complete build structure to maintain your data in a safe hand.


  • Storing capacity
  • Password Access
  • Reliable
  • Manage task

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Updated on: January 22, 2023

Smash is an online file transfer service that allows users to send large files quickly and securely. It is designed to be a simple and user-friendly tool for sharing files with others. With Smash, you can upload files of any size and share them with anyone, regardless of their location or the type of device they are using. The service uses encryption and other security measures to protect your files during transmission. Additionally, Smash does not require users to sign…

IDrive is a technology specializing in data backup, an online service available on Windows, Mac, Linex, and android users. It's the best multi-storage tool that uploads files quickly in no time. It is the highest level of data security with its required encryption method. It's a pure storage solution for your mobile photographs and videos, with an affordable unlimited option. IDrive is a checklist of everything people need to use in their daily purpose ideas. It is also used widely…

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