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17 MEE6 Alternatives

Mee6 is a functional tool to create commands, great users, play music of your choice, and integrate social applications. The application includes YouTube and Twitch as it provides access to increase the growth rate of your channel, and people may give you valuable feedback and suggestions.

It builds the best discord bot and helps to create the community and servers of your dream. It provides a moderation tool that automatically detects spam accounts and offers secure access. It’s a complete and easy-to-use bot that levels your ranking. It offers advanced features to manage your bot. It’s a user-friendly application with full control to create your favorite discords on your Android, macOS, and windows.


  • Auto-moderation
  • User interface
  • Discord server
  • Management server

Mee6 Alternatives

    1: Arcane


    Arcane is a discord bot that helps to level up the server's activity; it's a multipurpose platform with many functions to increase the ranking and grow your online activities. It provides all servers free and unlimited role rewards, including XP and block list roles. It also configures links to increase the leaderboard and enables voice leveling with powerful filters to make it clear. It allows users to set up their YouTube channel notifications to be sent directly to their audience…

    2: taiga Bot

    taiga Bot

    Taiga bot is a leading platform that provides the best discord bot with a cross-server system. It's a multifunctional tool that plays a vital role in doing a specific task and offers a control system to catch, track, and record raiders. Also, it allows you to manage them by its user management system properly, providing various information about unwanted users. It's a customized tool that handles your activities and controls your channel to build a suggestion system that allows your…

    3: Suicide Prevention Bot

    Suicide Prevention Bot

    A suicide prevention bot is a discord bot that works to set up and runs your documentation process. It allows for building keywords and phrases according to users' needs. It's an open-source program that may run on Android, iOS, and other devices, as it's easy to install. It's a built-in platform with various advantages that automatically run your work in just one click. It's the easiest way to take preventive actions against suicide. It supports 5+ languages that help to…

    4: Discord Bot Studio

    Discord Bot Studio

    Discord bot studio is a multipurpose tool that allows you to make your bot without coding, commands, buttons, and dropdown selection. It's the easiest way to build discord bots and set up your server by drag and drop editor. It's a powerful tool that gives multipurpose advantages to your need without writing a single code. It's a pre-installed application that may also run on your phones and PC. It provides customized methods to run your daily basis activities automatically. The best software…

    5: Tatsu


    Tatsu is a built-in software that allows users to build fun facts and a discord bot community. It may level up your bot by giving it the perfect place to be. It will enable you to take part in games and play on discord. You can buy profile cards, budgets, pets, and more with the credits you earn from there. It also provides trading options and a store that is accessible to keep your record safe. It also provides leaderboards…

    6: Scratch For Discord

    Scratch For Discord

    Scratch discord bot allows users to build it using advanced discord blocks without coding. It makes your valuable bot in less than 2 minutes, which means it's a flexible tool that works faster than you think. It guides you through setting up your discard bit by drag and drop process and gives the bot token and advance forks. It's a user interface that supports Android, macOS, Windows, and Linex apps. It makes the online process easier and exports it to…

    7: YAGPDB


    YAGPDB is an advanced discord bot. It, abbreviated as (Yet Another General-Purpose Discord Bot), provides helpful features to help you to create your bot. It's a multifunctional modular with custom commands, automatic moderators, public keys, and self-assign roles. It provides the facility to manage a server, and configurable bots, where you see feedback and suggestion for your channel response. It also provides a moderator that auto-detects the violations to mute or ban them in no time. It also provides an…

    8: SlayBot


    Botghost is free discord bot maker that allows you to set up your text, embed, and random commands. It gives you server information, news, custom tag, and badges. It helps to level up your social channels by providing information to compete with other users. It's a new active developer software that maintains your bot within 2 minutes with easy steps. It's a customized tool that requires no coding and adds multi-triggers and actions quickly. It's a cheaper bot with various…

    9: Bastion: Discord Bot

    Bastion: Discord Bot

    Bastion is a multipurpose tool that helps you to build, set up and run documentation according to your need. It's an all-in-one discord bot that can do everything. It provides the best server work and software designs for various activities, including live streaming, music, notifications, badges, and auto-moderation. It also allows users to invite and track to set multiple role rewards. It helps you build your channels in the social media community and automatically make better changes to them. It…

    10: Blargbot


    Blargbot is a multipurpose tool that builds discard bots and provides software to give better services to run your web pages and social media channel through its customized markers. It provides a large variety of built-in commands and restricts spam links. It has a massive suite of moderation features that mute, ban and detect spam content, and all moderations with the support of BBTag. It offers two types of prefixes, named guild and personal prefixes, so you can use them…

    11: Dyno Bot

    Dyno Bot

    Dyno is a discord bot that gives access to the web dashboard, moderation, reaction roles, starboard, and more. It's a fully customized tool that provides a built-in server bot with unique features. It offers a robust community bot, a place on your server, and easy and free access. It gives knowledgeable information about the ranking of users to compete. It includes auto-moderation that helps to detect harmful content with its excellent servers. It's a leading platform that uses over 7.9…

    12: iTool.DiscordBot


    I tool is an automated system that allows you to create a discord bot; It assigns your bots to different users on the server. It provides an easy way to open a support system, provide valuable suggestions and get help from admins. It offers moderation methods that automatically detect spam alerts coming toward your webpage, including a setup tool to customize your data. It supports configuration and may help to maintain the bot while keeping it online. You can create…

    13: Carl-bot


    Carl-bot is a fully optimized discord that provides custom commands, reaction role assignment, twitch, starboard, poll, level, and more. It's a dashboard that gives many advantages to setting up a discord bot. It automatically moderates the commands coming towards it and detects harmful spam, wrong links, bad words, and attachments. It manages user information like the join date, creation date, and history and makes it private. It lets users suggest things, have everyone vote and give access to send messages…

    14: Nightbot


    Nightbot is a chatbot that allows users to do live streaming chat, gaming, and social media community, including Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo. It automatically moderates your upcoming messages and suggestions and provides valuable feedback to your webpage. It detects spam alerts, attachment links, and bad words, manages custom commands, and allows you to spend more time entertaining your viewers. It's a build platform that gives you a dashboard to find top orders and chatters. It provides customized ways and a…

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