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17 Suicide Prevention Bot Alternatives

A suicide prevention bot is a discord bot that works to set up and runs your documentation process. It allows for building keywords and phrases according to users’ needs. It’s an open-source program that may run on Android, iOS, and other devices, as it’s easy to install. It’s a built-in platform with various advantages that automatically run your work in just one click.

It’s the easiest way to take preventive actions against suicide. It supports 5+ languages that help to understand better. It provides accessible sources to prevent harm and respects your privacy to create space. It moderates and manages the activities and helps to customize your channel, so you receive valuable feedback and suggestions. It provides the support server with great staff to help you give guidelines.


  • Related discord server
  • Open source
  • Multilingual
  • Supportive

Suicide prevention bot Alternatives


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Updated on: January 18, 2023
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