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14 Sites Like LeechNinja.com

LeechNinja is a web application used to generate links online. Jdownloader supports it. LeechNinja is entirely free to use. Users can download unlimited data from LeechNinja without any account registration. It is very simple to use; users paste the link, click the download button, and File will download in just a few steps.

It uses multi-hosting features to enhance the downloading speed. There are no restrictions on using VPN. Users can change their IP address without any disturbance. LeechNinja can access thousands of file hosts so that users can download anything from anywhere without restrictions.


  • No restrictions
  • Allows VPN
  • Debrid service
  • Multi-host function
  • Free to use
  • Simple dashboard
  • Unlimited data

LeechNinja.com Alternative

    1: Real-Debrid


    Real-Debrid is a fantastic downloader that lets you download files at high speed. You can stream movies or audio from any platform on our web player. It provides you with very smooth streaming without any annoying loading. Real-Debrid offers a wide range of hosts which helps to download files without any restriction, no matter what they are. Real-Debrid provides a significantly lower price than the other file hosters. Real-Debrid guarantees its users an incredibly fast download speed. You can add…

    2: Boxbit.app


    Boxbit is a web app that downloads content from different hosts using one account. One account for the multiple hosts. Boxbit has access to mega, Alfafile, Uptobox, 4shared, 1fitcher, DepositFiles, FileFactory, Google Drive, ASDocs, UsersDrive, Ddownload, Hitfile, and more. Boxbit gives a free trial with limited data. That platform offers a very comfortable package to its users. Boxbit has 24/7 customer service; users will get a quick response in case of any problem. It is very simple to use us…

    3: Premium.to


    Premium.to is a downloader web app that allows you to download faster than any other. Premium.to service is supported by JDownloader and pyLoader, which provides you with the best download experience. Premium.to offer the most favorable price. Premium.to support many host services such as 1fichier.com, alfafile.com, rapidgator.com, filer.net, and many more. Premium.to has the nature of multi-hosting, which helps increase the downloading speed. Premium.to might continue working temporarily or permanently due to the nature of multi-hosting.  Premium. Allows users to…

    4: Deepbrid.com


    You can do unlimited instant downloads with Deepbrid. Users get their files instantly through our easy-to-easy interface. You can upload and download anything from anywhere with our premium account. Deepbrid operates with the best network provider. We process your files with our highest speed of 1Gbps. Users can download unlimited data without risk of IP address leakage; your IP address is never revealed to the file host. Also, users can delete accounts anytime. Deepbrid’s team is always ready to provide…

    5: prembox.com


    prembox is a multi-premium service that allows users to download from hundreds of file storage services with one account. Any new customer gets free service for testing. Prembox offers packages on annual payments at very comfortable prices to eliminate the annoying monthly system. Prembox is very simple to use; paste the link, and the download starts without waiting. Our website has plugins for popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Cent browser. Also integrated with software such as Jdownloader and related…

    6: DailyLeech


    DailyLeech is a downloader web app used to download anything from anywhere without restrictions. You don’t need to sign-up or register. Just open and paste the link to start downloading. Say goodbye to the annoying ads that pop up during downloading. Download your favorite material from here, like movies, songs, files, PDFs, audio, and multiple apps. DailyLeech boosts downloading speed by accessing thousands of hosts. You can download without any waiting, solving annoying captcha. DailyLeech provides smooth and fastest downloading…

    7: LinkSnappy


    LinkSnappy is a superior link generator debrid service that allows you to download files from popular hosts at superior speed. It is very simple to use. Just create an account and open the download tab, paste all the links of your favorite content in the link generator text box, click the generate button, and download the generated links individually. LinkSnappy offers a wide range of packages for their customers. That web app allows hundreds of payment methods. If your credit…

    8: Premiumize.me


    Premiumize.me is the more secure, faster, and better quality downloader. That tool provides you with cloud storage directly in your browser. You can stream and download unlimited content like your favorite movies, songs, files, books, and more. It can do hands-free fetching and store any kind of data in your cloud. Premiumize.me has access to over a dozen servers; it automatically assigns you the best server and allows users to pick their favorite server. It automatically optimizes your media files…

    9: MyDebrid.com


    MyDebrid.com is a platform where you can download unlimited data without any restrictions. Download whatever you want. Download movies, music, games, applications, and all you need in just one click without any limit. MyDebrid.com supports many popular hosting websites and collects data from all these websites in just seconds to give you high downloading speed. You can download like a premium user with a MyDebrid.com premium account. MyDebrid.com supported icerbox.com, 1fichier.com, alfafile.net, bitster.cz, clicknupload.org, datafile.com, datator.cz, datoid.cz, depfile.com, and many…

    10: AnyDebrid


    AnyDebrid is a web app for downloading unlimited data from different hosts. It is very simple to use; users paste or write the link in the search bar, then click on the download button, and AnyDebrid generates premium links automatically to enhance downloading speed. With AnyDebrid, you will see the magic of downloading your favorite content, such as videos, pictures, images, games, files, and more. AnyDebrid provides a free one hundred percent unlimited link generator. We never restrict the download…

    11: DownloadPremium


    DownloadPremium is a site providing you with the best downloading experience. It is the best multi-premium link generator and premium downloader service worldwide. Here you experience the fastest downloading through our advanced downloading servers. Now there is No need to pay all file hosts to download a few files; we provide all one service for our customers. You can download unlimited files at high speed without any interruption. A dedicated team is available 24/7 for your service and gives quick…

    12: Alldebrid


    Say hello to the high-speed downloader Alldebrid. Boost your downloads with Alldebrid. Alldebrid is the best tool that helps you download effortlessly without waiting and watching annoying ads. It has high-capacity bandwidth servers that simultaneously collect data from different websites to enhance downloading speed. it gives only paid services. Alldebrid has an auto-renew subscription service, so users don’t have to worry about billing every month. Also, Alldebrid introduced new prices which are so pocket friendly. There is an FAQ available…

    13: Put.io


    Put.io is an application that downloads torrents to your account. It is not for backup, like Google or Dropbox, where users can upload and save their contents and data. It is also unlike any cyber-locker, where you can upload data and make it publicly available. Put.io is more like the remote version of the downloads directory of computers. You can download movies, songs, files, and more from here. Put.io has a wide range of access, like Apple TV, Ios, AirPlay,…

    14: Cocoleech


    Cocoleech is a downloader tool which used to download anything from anywhere. First, you have to log in or register to use the features of Cocoleech. Say goodbye to the annoying downloader extension that shows multiple ads and does nothing properly. You can download all your favorite material, like movies, files, videos, and books, without any problem. It boosts your downloading speed by accessing over 40 files host with a single account. There is no waiting time, no captcha, and…

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