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13 Sites Like Learn Zillion

Learn Zillion is a digital classroom. It brings students and teachers into close relationships. That cloud software helps teachers with tasks like researched resources, custom curricula, digital tests, print workbooks, notes, handouts, and more on a unified interface. Learn Zillion is only available as a web application.

That platform also gives online storage so users can save their data, like worksheets, tests, and other analytics. That platform also offers LMS and SIS integration with third-party applications such as Schoology, Canvas, IMS Global, Clever, Google Workspace, and Microsoft AD. That platform provides subscription service on an annual basis with auto payment service.


  • Could storage
  • Worksheet
  • Fast exporting
  • Support third-party application
  • Quick response
  • Fast service
  • Unlimited quizzes

Learn Zillion Alternatives

    1: Hooda Math

    Hooda Math

    Hooda Math is an education-based platform. That platform is designed explicitly for math. It helps students get a strong grip on math. It gives unlimited math quizzes with a check feature. Students can enhance their math skills by using Hooda Math. That platform allows users to take math movies to grab students' attention. That platform covers math for grades three to six. Recorded lectures by professional bodies are available in full HD quality. That platform helps students to learn math…

    2: Multiplication.com


    Multiplication.com is a study-related platform. That platform has the most updated memory-building strategies. That platform offers many games for all subjects, such as science, math, social studies, chemistry, physics, etc. That platform provides thousands of quizzes with a score system so students can practice to make their knowledge stronger. Students can create worksheets on Multiplication.com and export them into formats like PDF, JPG, etc. Even students can share their worksheets with their parents and teachers. To use all the features,…

    3: Math Blaster

    Math Blaster

    Math Blaster is the most-rated platform used for solving math problems. That platform is designed to solve queries of all levels, from playgroup to bachelor level. Math Blaster is available as a mobile application. It’s also available on both platforms, Android and iPhone. That platform offers thousands of math games with ranking and award systems.  That platform provides two versions: paid as a Math Blaster Plus and free. Math Blaster is completely free to download. That platform gives users the…

    4: Fun Brain

    Fun Brain

    Fun Brain is an educational website designed for kids. That platform is very helpful for teachers in teaching. That platform covers all subjects and topics like math, science, social studies, psychology, chemistry, physics, and more. That platform also offers study games; students enhance their knowledge by playing them. Fun Brain has a collection of more than twenty-five math-related games, such as Ball Hogs, Mummy Hunt, and Bumble Numbers. etc., students can choose games according to their knowledge and mentality level.…

    5: Manga High

    Manga High

    Manga High is a study helper platform. It engages students and teachers in a professional environment. That platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It generates multiple quizzes so students can practice more and more to strengthen their grip on math. Also, it gives an auto-check feature so that students can get feedback on their work in just a few minutes. Manga High also offers thousands of innovative games to grab students' attention. That platform arranges the competitions. That platform gives…

    6: Math Game Time

    Math Game Time

    Math Game Time is an education platform. That platform has thousands of math games. Users can set the difficulty level according to their mentality. That platform also has video recorder lectures in HD graphics. Math Game Time is specifically designed for kids. It covers data from first grade to sixth grade. That platform can access multiple topics, including Algebra, Division, geography, logic, equations, counting, addition, fractions, percentages, decimals, and measurements. Math Game Time is a mobile application on Android and…

    7: CryptoKids


    CryptoKids is an educational site. That platform is designed to build a strong relationship between students, teachers, and parents. That platform has access to more than twenty subjects, including physics, chemistry, math, language, social studies, law, cost, accounts, coding, software, programming, and more. CryptoKids provides multiple study-related math games, so students can get a strong grip on math by playing those games. That platform has a variety of different academic skills. CryptoKids is only available as a web application. That…

    8: BBC KS2 Bitesize

    BBC KS2 Bitesize

    BBC KS2 Bitesize is a high-rated website that has multiple features. That platform is only available as a web application. BBC KS2 Bitesize is full of knowledge and covers data from first grade to bachelor level. That platform is not only for educational services. It also covers other data like sports, news, blogs, work life, etc. That web application has recorded lectures on all the subjects in full HD quality. Professional bodies record all classes, so there is no worry…

    9: Cool Math Games

    Cool Math Games

    Cool Math Games is a platform where fun and education are both available. That platform is the home of thousands of amazing games. It offers all games for free; choose, download, and enjoy. That platform is available as a mobile application on android and iPhone platforms. All games are full of knowledge, logic, and fun. Games enhance the thinking level of children. Even players can set the difficulty level according to their understanding. That platform provides the most accurate filters,…

    10: Mathattax


    Mathattax is a platform that covers math. That platform aims to enhance the attraction of students to math. Users can practice their abilities about addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication with Mathattax. Users can play as a single player with AI or in a two-player mode against the other partner. That platform is available on Android and iPhone to make your access easier. Mathattax introduces five great game modes: number drop, symbol strike, mix it up, true or false, and multiple…

    11: Abcya


    Abcya is an online platform used for both fun and educational purposes. That platform provides more than three hundred fun and educational games. That platform covers data from first grade to master level. All games are categorized by grading and subject system, which covers all the topics such as Algebra, Division, geography, logic, equations, counting, addition, fractions, percentages, decimals, measurements, and more. Abcya also has games completely designed for fun to grab children's attention. That platform also provides stories, novels,…

    12: SplashLearn


    SplashLearn is an online platform that helps students in their studies. Students will fall in love with math after using SplashLearn. That platform is only accessible to teachers. SplashLearn is supported by three main schools in the USA. That platform helps students fast learning and increase their knowledge by up to eighty percent in less than four weeks. Users can have unlimited fun with multiple study games. So, students do complete learning by playing study games specifically designed for learning…

    13: Math Playground

    Math Playground

    Math Playground is a website providing multiple games and mathematical art for children to make them more intelligent than before. It offers a wide range of fun for all users to do brain workouts. It contains math games like addition, multiplication, fraction, geometry, pre-algebra, math models, etc. It offers many games to make children more intelligent, like find pathways, puzzles, brainy, bright arcades, perfect timing, and many more. It contains many multiplayer games which allow users to play games with…

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