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14 Sites Like Katalon Recorder

Katalon Recorder is an open-source tool for automating websites, mobile applications, and web services. It offers extra features of recording, playback, and a manual mode which feels effective for non-programmers to create automation tests effectively. Katalon Recorder is a free tool with open-source technology.

That tool is integrated with Git, Jenkins, qTest, and Jira. Katalon has in-built templates for maintaining the object repository, test cases, and custom-made keywords. That tool supports only two languages, Java and Groovy. Katalon is very simple to run; download it and, after installing, activate it according to your credentials. Katalon allows us to take screenshots of failure in any case.


  • Limited language
  • No support for distributed testing
  • Strict about privacy
  • Automating
  • Easy to install
  • Free available
  • Time saver

Katalon Recorder Alternative

    1: Userscripts


    Userscripts are usually known as user scripts, a miniature version of Java. Users can install and run in web browsers for free. It is used to modify the behavior and experience of the web pages. Users can customize their web pages according to their preferences, such as changing colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual elements. Userscripts are used in many workings, such as enhancing the website functionality, automating repetitive tasks, and more. Users can hide and remove annoying pop-ups, advertisements,…

    2: Firebug


    Firebug is an open-source web extension specifically designed for Mozilla Firefox. It allows users to edit and monitor any website’s HTML, CSS, DOM, XHR, and Java scripts. Firebug works very fast and makes changes immediately. That tool allows users to watch the downloading time of any individual file. Firebug has a feature to separate the different types of subjects, such as Javascript files and images, and also point out the files loaded from the browser’s cache. Firebug is free for…

    3: Site Connector

    Site Connector

    Site Connector is a web extension that allows unscripted support to users. Site Connector has multi-purpose features. It updates itself according to the new data. Site Connector enables users to export and import zip files. That tool syncs itself with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV, etc. Site Connector allows you to create two recipes simultaneously with two scripts, source and target. The source script extracts data from one site, and the target script pastes the data to another page. Also,…

    4: Greasemonkey


    Greasemonkey is a browser extension that helps users to customize web pages. This extension can add to browsers like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It allows users to install scripts written in Java and make some changes on a web page. It is the most powerful tool for enhancing the browser experience, automating tasks, and adding new features to the web page. It is very simple to use. Just download it and, after installing it, add it to the…

    5: Firemonkey


    Firemonkey is a robust framework to develop, design, integrate, test, and deploy applications faster. Firemonkey provides a straightforward platform to read and write codes, Allows third-party component support, fast UI development, and more. Users can build responsive layouts for phones, desktops, and tablets. Firemonkey has visual design tools that help rapidly design, prototype, and finalize the application. That tool has access to hundred plus different visual components and thousands of third-party components. Applications built by Firemonkey are compatible with all…

    6: FreeStyler.WS


    FreeStyler.WS is a tool that helps in web customization. That tool has many ready-made skins; users must download and apply on the website. Users can add an extension of FreeStyler.WS in multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and more. It is very simple to use, download and, after installation, add in the browser extension; there are just a few steps to apply the style. Open the Freestyler menu; Click on the “create a style for this…

    7: iMacros


    iMacros is designed to use most repetitious tasks on the web. If you have to do any activity repeatedly, then record it in iMacros. Next time you want to do it, the entire iMacros will run with just one click. iMacros helps you fill out web forms quickly and easily, remember passwords, create a webmail notifier, and more. Usually, iMacros is used by web developers for web regression testing, performance checking, and web transaction monitoring. Users can combine iMacros with…

    8: Violentmonkey


    Violentmonkey is a web extension that provides unscripted support. It updates automatically according to the Metadata. Violentmonkey allows users to import and export zip files. That tool also syncs with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV, etc. Violentmonkey supports the GM function due to its open-source working. It automatically executes the scripts in order as shown in lists. It is available for free; Users can easily download and use it. Violentmonkey can access many languages, such as Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, English,…

    9: Stylish


    Stylish is a tool that helps to change the styles of web pages. That tool has more than five hundred thousand custom themes. Also, you can make custom faces according to your preferences. Stylish is the most extensive gallery of free themes for websites like Roblox, Youtube, Facebook, Google, and more. Users can customize their favorite website background, themes, skins, social media pages, and fonts and add animations. It does actions quickly; users can easily turn off, enable, edit, or…

    10: ProKeys


    ProKeys is an extension used to save long sentences and words. Users can save their necessary time by using Prokeys. That tool is very user-friendly, so you can have very quickly and easily significant text expansions and associate them with short abbreviations. Prokeys can sync browser storage, clipboard macros, dynamic value fields, date and time macros, dynamic math, Omnibox support, and more. That tool will enhance your word-per-minute performance. You can set short keys for some sentences, for example, “TY…

    11: Chromium Browser Automation

    Chromium Browser Automation

    Chromium Browser Automation is an extension used for automating the Chromium browser. Users can create, edit automation, record, manage, and play projects. Chromium Browser Automation allows users to install step-by-step code from the extensions. Users can import, export, and share tasks with other collaborators. You can add Chromium Browser Automation as an extension in your browser to achieve all features on any website. That tool can record users’ interactions, such as filling forms, clicking buttons, hyperlinks, and smart algorithms for…

    12: Bookmarklets


    Bookmarklets are a one-click tool that adds functionality to your browser, such as surf and search capabilities of Mozilla Firefox and Explorer web browsers. Bookmarklets offer all its services for free. That tool helps you to extract data from another web page, search rapidly, and do more. Bookmarklets work on all platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Microsoft. Users don’t have to download and install software to use it. Users can modify the appearance of a web page…

    13: Wildfire.AI


    Wildfire is an extension that allows users to record the actions of the visited pages and replay those actions by using a simulator. After recording and stimulating, it produces a log that can be reviewed. Wildfire stores your recorded data on your computer and allows you to export to other devices or share it. Wildfire especially takes care of your privacy; recorded data will never be uploaded without your permission. Wildfire has a unique feature of the “Question & Answers…

    14: Tampermonkey


    Tampermonkey deals with a widely-used browser extension as a userscript manager, allowing users to modify and enhance web pages via small JavaScript programs. The platform is available for various browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox, with millions of clients. Customers can easily create, manage, and execute userscripts on any visited website, adding new functions or altering existing ones. Tampermonkey also offers easy access to a vast library of userscripts from other users, simplifying the customization process. Its…

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