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14 Sites Like Ipogo

Ipogo provides your entire set of tools to you the best. It is a simple, powerful, and intuitive application that allows you to skip animations, auto-catch, and more. Your life is much easier with the tools of Ipogo, such as Auto catch/spin; with this, you can catch and spin without being near the device.

Another one is Block Non-Shining; this feature will block you from clicking on random Pokemon which is not shiny. Third is Spawn Booster, which helps you to find more Pokemon on screen. Also, by using click Bag, Cleaner, you can clean all bags in just one click despite selecting one by one.


  • It helps to find dedicated teams
  • Release on catch
  • One-click bag cleaner
  • Auto catch
  • Makes game easy
  • Time saver during playing
  • Powerful and intuitive

Ipogo Alternative

    1: Redsn0w


    Redsn0w is the best tool for jailbreaking the iPhone. Redsn0w is a freeware application designed for iOS. Its real name is QuickPWN, the most famous and used tool in jailbreaking. That tool also works on Mac OS and Windows. It is considered the most reliable tool for jailbreaks worldwide. Redsn0w is available with a license with no restriction for usage. It provides very easy access; Users must download and install it. That tool is entirely free to use. 0.9.15b3 is…

    2: TouchCopy


    Transfer all your data and content to Mac and Pc with TouchCopy. Export your messages, WhatsApp data, and iMessage into Mac and Pc with TouchCopy. Also can save your text messages as HTML and PDF. TouchCopy can transfer music, videos, and photos to your Mac hard drive. TouchCopy can create a backup of contacts without losing any data; transfer, share, and save as VS file or V card as a backup. TouchCopy has access to your file manager, so users…

    3: PhoneView


    PhoneView is used for data syncing and transferring the data. PhoneView is the Mac companion for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It accesses voicemails, videos, pictures, iMessages, SMS/MMS, call logs, calendar events, notes, and files with just one click. It is elementary to use. Just connect with a USB wire or wirelessly. And then allow access on your iPhone; PhoneView makes backup files automatically. You have to transfer from one device to another and also can save it as an…

    4: TinyUmbrella


    TinyUmbrella is a mobile tool that helps iOS users to restore jailbroken iPhones. That procedure is impossible to perform, but TinyUmbrella made this possible. That tool is convenient and easy to install on all Pcs. TinyUmbrella is very quick and safe to use on any device. There is no risk of malware during the use of TinyUmbrella. Just plug in your phone. It starts making backup data, collects all the information, and performs in the background. After collecting all the…

    5: MobileTrans


    Whenever you want to switch your iDevice without losing any data, MobileTrans helps you to transfer all data, including chats, SMS, iMessage, photos, videos, files, and contacts, without losing a single detail. Freely share all your data wirelessly and quickly with just some clicks. It also helps transfer Whatsapp business chats, WhatsApp chats, and other platforms like Line chats. Users can transfer 18 kinds of data on their computers, including files, apps, and more. MobileTrans has coverage on more than…

    6: Syncios Manager

    Syncios Manager

    Syncios Manager is a program that helps to migrate data to a new device. It allows retrieving deleted data from iDevice with just one click. It also uses to create a backup and recover iCloud data for iPhones. Syncios Manager helps manage iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Andriod devices. Syncios Manager is the ultimate solution to migrate data from one device to another without losing data. It transfers messages, contacts, call logs, photos, music, and videos on Android and iPhones. It…

    7: TunesGo


    TunesGo is used to transfer data from one iPhone to another. TunesGo is the best phone manager application; you can share and backup contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more here. There is no need for iOS-related applications such as iTunes. It is fully compatible with the latest updates of iOS. Just plug in new and old devices by wire, and TunesGo automatically starts creating a backup file that the user can transfer into the new device with just one click.…

    8: AnyTrans


    AnyTrans is an iOS transfer tool that transfers data from one device to another. No matter what, you want to send photos, transfer videos, copy contacts, send music, share files, or create a backup, it is all done in just one click smoothly. AnyTrans works wirelessly and instantly. Users can share data anywhere with anyone. AnyTrans use a hotspot connection to transfer data quickly. Users can make VC files of their contacts to share quickly and fast. That tool has…

    9: iExplorer


    iExplorer is the ultimate iPhone manager. It's used for transferring data, music, messages, photos, files, calendar events, call history, voice mails, folders, appointments, and other things from one iPhone, iPad, and iPod to another. iExplorer is also used for creating backups for Macs or PCs. It is unnecessary to use in a powerful device because It is a very lightweight application. Installation is speedy and provides a free trial for new users. iExplorer is 70% faster than any other tool.…

    10: iSHSHit


    iSHSHit is a tool that use to create backups in iPhones. iSHSHit allows you to make the backup files directly on your iPhone, and the user has to transfer that file to another phone and import all the data. That tools allow users to send backup files by email to save them permanently. It automatically uses Cydia on file service in the background, which is an excellent way to ensure your backup is stored. Users can quickly transfer all their…

    11: unc0ver


    unc0ver is software only used for jailbreaking. Regular jailbreak will crash when the phone is hard reset, but unc0ver jailbreak will never crash after hard data reset. There are two ways to install unc0ver: number one is AIstore is a sideloading tool that allows users to install or uninstall unc0ver tool on iPhones and Pc and the secondary is directly install, using Safari and visiting the unc0ver website just clicking and open on AIstore and enter apple ID, but in…

    12: checkra1n


    checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak application. It is very simple to use; connect your iPhone or iPad Touch. The primary functions of checkra1n are migrating the data, creating backups, transferring messages, installing and uninstalling apps, and managing data. checkra1n is mostly used for jailbreaking the iPhone. It is beneficial in breaking the passcode of locked iPhones. Sometimes it creates many issues, such as biometrics, push notifications in watches, touch showing no response, charging issues, etc. checkra1n is illegal to use,…

    13: iMazing


    iMazing is the world’s most trusted software for iPhone, Mac, and IPad. iMazing transfers data and saves messages, music, files, and data. iMazing is only available on Mac and Windows. Additional features of iMazing are gaining powerful backup, data extraction, media, and file transfer capabilities, and much more impressive. iMazing is fully legal software with a specialized license for lawful purposes and access to the IT help desk, repair shops, supervising, and provisioning devices. Keep your data safe with iMazing…

    14: 3uTools


    3uTools is a tool that helps to operate jailbreaking Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It provides three ways: easy mode, professional mode, and multiple flash-to-flash. It allows users to access multiple features such as transferring data, creating backups, installing and uninstalling apps, jailbreaking, and flashing firmware. 3uTools offers advanced useful features for their users, such as checking the device condition, battery health, jailbreaking, activation, and detailed iOS & iDevice information in just one click. 3uTools offers a user-friendly dashboard…

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