How Does Similarweb Get its Data?

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How Does Similarweb Get its Data?

SimilarWeb is a website that collects data on the websites and apps of its users. The company gathers this data by scraping websites and tracking user interactions with those sites, such as clicking on links or loading pages. SimilarWeb also tracks app usage, including how often an app is opened and how long it is used.

In its privacy policy, SimilarWeb says that it uses this data to help users find websites and apps they may want to visit. Unlike many other website trackers, SimilarWeb doesn’t make any money from the information it collects.

What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is a web analytics company that provides website traffic and marketing intelligence information. The company’s products include SimilarWeb PRO, an online service that provides detailed information on global website audiences, traffic sources, and engagement, and SimilarWeb for Publishers. This application helps online publishers understand their audience and grow their business.

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How does SimilarWeb get its data?


The internet is a prominent, vast place. And as a business, it’s essential to know how to navigate it in order to find your target audience and grow. That’s where SimilarWeb comes in.

SimilarWeb is a website that helps businesses measure their website traffic and understand their online market. But SimilarWeb doesn’t just rely on intuition and guesswork – the company has a team of data scientists who are constantly studying the internet to get their hands on the most accurate data possible.

So how does SimilarWeb collect its data? The company uses various techniques, including web crawlers, public APIs, and partnerships with data providers. By scraping the internet for information and working with other companies with access to valuable data, SimilarWeb can create an incredibly comprehensive picture of what’s happening online.

Methods of Data Collection of SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a web-based application that enables users to collect, visualize, and analyze data. SimilarWeb has several data collection methods, including a survey builder, form builder, and import tool. The survey builder allows users to create surveys with multiple questions and answer types. The form builder will enable users to create forms with input fields and submit buttons. The import tool allows users to import data from a CSV file or Google Sheets spreadsheet. Data sources can be imported from either a web server or Google Sheets.

SimilarWeb has several data collection methods, including a survey builder, form builder, and import tool. The survey builder allows users to create surveys with multiple questions and answer types.

Limitations of SimilarWeb’s data

SimilarWeb is a web analytics company that provides website popularity and traffic data. However, the company’s data has several limitations. First, SimilarWeb only collects data from websites that have installed its tracking code. This means that the data is not representative of the entire internet. Second, the information is not always accurate.

For example, in 2016, SimilarWeb reported that Facebook was the second most popular website globally. However, later that year, Facebook announced that it had reached 2 billion active users, which was not reflected in SimilarWeb’s data. Finally, SimilarWeb’s data is not always up-to-date. For example, as of January 2017, YouTube was still listed as the third most popular website in the world even though it had been surpassed by Facebook in terms of traffic a year earlier.

How SimilarWeb gathers data and how it is used.


Similarweb is a website that gathers data about websites. It collects information about how many people visit a website, where its visitors are, and what websites people see after they leave the first website.

This information is useful for organizations because it helps them understand how popular their websites are and how they can improve their website’s design or content to keep people visiting.

5 Methods of how Similarweb Gets Its Data:

SimilarWeb is a leading website analysis and insights company that gathers data from millions of websites worldwide. They use various methods to collect website data, including crawling, scraping, and data extraction. SimilarWeb then uses its proprietary algorithms to analyze this data to generate insights about the websites that matter most.


1. Crawlers

In the world of web development, there are two main types of crawlers: the bots that search engines use to index websites and the bots that hackers use to scan websites for vulnerabilities. While their purposes are different, both types of crawlers share some common characteristics. They are both automated programs that run continuously, and they can both be customized to fit the user’s specific needs.

Similarweb uses crawlers to gather data from websites. The most common type of crawler is a spider. These spiders crawl websites by following links from one page to another. The spider works because it visits all the pages on a website and records the content for later analysis.

2. APIs

In computing, an application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and procedures that allow software components to communicate with each other. APIs can be used to provide access to internal data or functionality or extend an application’s reach into new areas.

Many popular online services and applications rely on APIs to function.APIs can be a powerful tool for businesses and developers alike. By providing access to internal data or functionality, they can enable third-party developers to create innovative new applications that benefit both the developer and the service provider. Similarweb also gathers data through APIs.

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3. User Contributions

Websites like Wikipedia and Google Maps rely on user contributions to gather data. For example, Wikipedia relies on users to write articles and add information. Google Maps relies on users to submit location data. The websites use algorithms to determine which contributions are most valuable and reliable in both cases. Users can contribute data to Similarweb through its website.

4. Partnerships

Similarweb has a long history of partnering with third-party developers. For example, Similarweb is currently partnered with New Relic to measure the application performance of mobile applications. Similarweb also has partnerships with companies like Google and Twitter to gather data on their websites. It has partnerships with other companies that help it collect data.

5. Other Methods

Similarweb collects data through a variety of other methods. Similarweb uses direct application integration to collect data from mobile apps, similar to how Google and Facebook gather data on their websites. It also contains information by offering services like the mobile app store and the SDK. It uses many other methods to gather data as well.

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