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18 Sites Like Heyphoto

heyphoto is an AI-powered tool that helps with editing purposes. Here users can tune their selfies with the help of Artificial intelligence; here, you can change gaze, nose, shape, skin tone, age, hairstyle, and other facial features, etc. That tool recognizes faces using artificial intelligence and changes depending on the selected tools.

Heyphoto allows you to store images you upload as backup, which you can easily use whenever you want. Also, you are free to delete them at any time. That tool returns the image of the same size and quality as the original. Heyphoto is entirely free to use but leaves a watermark for promotion.


  • Tweak emotions
  • Adjust skin tone
  • Make new nose
  • Add makeup
  • Save time
  • Quick response
  • Provide free service

Heyphoto Alternative

    1: Upscayl


    Upscayl is an AI tool that helps to transform blurry, damaged, and low-pixel pictures into high-resolution results. Upscayl is one of the fastest AI tools in the market. By using Upscayl, you can restore your old data to high-quality results. Upscayl uses Artificial Intelligence to generate high-quality results just in seconds. That tool is only available on Mac OS and Windows. Upscayl offers all services for free. There are no restrictions so that users can take screenshots from web applications.…

    2: Gigapixel AI

    Gigapixel AI

    Gigapixel AI is an AI tool that helps to restore old, damaged, and low-pixel data. It increases image quality in a natural way, which feels like it is captured from a high-quality DSLR. Gigapixel AI is the most powerful tool and gives the most accurate results after learning from millions of pictures. That tool quickly enhances the quality of portraits, wildlife, landscape, architecture, etc. Gigapixel AI gives you magical results with the help of Artificial intelligence. That tool increases your…

    3: Photozoom pro

    Photozoom pro

    Photozoom Pro is an AI tool that creates larger images than any other tool. It generates high-quality images and results very quickly. That tool is extremely easy to use and also comes with pre-defined settings. Users can define those settings manually. Here you can set many photos in just one click with the help of multi-processor support and an advanced GPU system. Photozoom Pro works as a standard alone application but is also a plug-in with many other applications such…

    4: Let's Enhance

    Let's Enhance

    Let's Enhance is an AI graphic tool. That tool helps to resize and re-pixel the image. It generates full HD pictures, which can be used for any website and printing. That tool saves precious time by performing tasks in a few seconds with the power of Artificial intelligence. You can upscale anything, such as portraits, landscapes, logos, etc. That tool improves colors, sharpness, and clarity, which gives perfect print. Let's Enhance also use to enhance the resolution up to 4K…

    5: Bigjpg


    Bigjpg is an AI tool that enhances the quality of old or blurry images. The user must have to create an account to use Bigjpg. That tool gives magical results with more accuracy than others. Bigjpg uses neural networks with a unique algorithm to perform best, making pictures much higher quality. There is no fuzzy looks, blurry result, and noise in Bigjpg s result images. For use, Bigjpg also supports offline service only then if you have an account here.…

    6: Upscalepics


    Upscalepics is an AI-powered tool used to enhance picture quality. There is no need to be professional everyone can use that tool because it automatically improves the picture quality with the help of Artificial intelligence. That tool uses state-of-the-art to enhance the picture quality. Due to the neural power, it gives very sharp, clear, and upscale results without losing any details and colors. Upscalepics take care of your privacy and don’t have direct access to your data. That tool is…

    7: Anime4K


    Anime4K is an open-source, high-quality, and real-time upscaling application maintained by bloc97. That application can be used in many different languages, such as Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and more. Anime4K allows users to enlarge anime to HD quality with the help of the most powered Artificial intelligence. It can’t damage the original quality. Users have to manage high space before using that tool because any error about low memory damages the original one, which is impossible to recover. That tool works…

    8: AI Image Enlarger

    AI Image Enlarger

    AI Image Enlarger is an AI-powered tool that helps to enhance image quality. It is a very easy and fast way to enhance the quality of images online. That tool can convert blurry, small, and low-pixel images into sharp, highly detailed HD pictures. It sets light issues and makes colors vibrant, and also sets the brightness and contrast without any professional knowledge in just one click. AI Image Enlarger upscales any content into 2K, 4K, and 8K in just a…

    9: SuperImage


    SuperImage is an AI-powered tool that helps to enhance the images. It provides features that enhance blurry, damaged, and pixelated pictures into full HD results. SuperImage is one of the fastest and most famous editors in the world. That tool uses Artificial intelligence to generate pixels to make high-definition results. SuperImage is available in many languages, such as Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and more. That tool is free, so paying for a subscription to use all features is unnecessary. That tool…

    10: chaiNNer


    chaiNNer is an AI-Powered tool that helps to enhance low, blurry, and poor-quality images into high-quality images by using the power of Artificial intelligence. chaiNNer can run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. That is a minor slow due but gives accurate results due to its neural network system. That tool is easy to use; first, you have to install the one neural network framework; when all processing is done, click on the green button and run your chaiNNer. That…

    11: QualityScaler


    QualityScaler is a tool that helps to enhance the quality of images and videos by using Artificial intelligence. That tool provides you with the most accurate with the help of Artificial intelligence. QualityScaler can set color tones, shadows, temperature, and sharpness. It is very simple to use, so there is no need for professional knowledge and skills to use it. QualityScaler is a windows Application completely written in Python language. It supports any type of image, such as png, jpeg,…

    12: Cupscale


    Cupscale is an online web application that helps in upscaling images. The meaning of upscale is to increase the value of any existing product. That tool gives you sharp and clear results. Cupscale uses a neural network system, that's why it gives you more accuracy. If you struggle with blurry, fainted, and low-pixel images, try this tool. It will improve all the picture details in a few minutes of artificial intelligence. Cupscale also can enhance the images' colors, brightness, temperature,…

    13: Upscale.media


    Upscale.media is an image enhancer tool powered by artificial intelligence. That tool uses state-of-the-art AI to enhance the image without losing any details, making them ready for business and personal use. It is very simple to use users can improve images with only a few clicks. Upscale.media improve pixels and resolution up to 4x with the help of advanced computer vision algorithms. That tool maintains the texture during enhancement to give realistic results after upscaling. Automatically enhance low-quality images by…

    14: Waifu2x


    Waifu2x is an open-source software application used for enhancing images of low quality. Usually, it uses for upscale anime and manga images. That tool uses a deep learning algorithm to enhance the picture full of details without losing sharpness and details. Waifu2x is famous for reducing noise and artefacts. Waifu2x is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Waifu2x is entirely free so that users can use all features without annoying ads, and no type of watermark is placed on the…

    15: Waifu2x-Caffee


    Waifu2x-Caffee is a software built to rewrite the conversion function of the image conversion software Waifu2x by using Caffee. Waifu2x-caffee can be converted with the help of a CPU, but if you use CUDA, it performs faster than the CPU. Waifu2x-caffee supports many languages, such as English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, and Simplified Chinese. Waifu2x-caffe is not guaranteed, so users have to use it carefully. Also, that tool is very weak in privacy and security. Users can…

    16: Scapix


    Scapix is a language bridge. It binds automatically direct from C++ headers during building, and there is no need to manually maintain separate IDL definitions or manual bindings. Scapix shares app codes on all platforms by using standard complaints across platforms. That application creates a native interface for each platform with specific languages like Java, Swift, JavaScript, C#, C++, etc. Scapix generates a wrapper between UI code and C++ shared code. Scapix aims to simplify the process of generating languages…

    17: SupaRes


    SupaRes is the fastest engine for automatic artificial intelligence image enhancers. SupaRes can restore, de-noise, fix, and optimize your image. That tool is helpful for all the departments, such as real estate, marketing, web design or publishing, etc. It automatically enhances the image you upload and gives you a professional-looking result. That tool converts even lower-quality photos into high-resolution maw full of details with the help of a neural network system. SupaRes also have a face restoration tool that detects…

    18: Remini


    Remini is an AI tool that helps to enhance your blurry, damaged, and pixelated pictures into high-quality photos. Remini is one of the most famous and beloved editors in the world. You can restore old photos in very great detail with just one touch. Here users can generate high-quality avatars of themselves with the power of a photo enhancer. Remini uses artificial intelligence to un-blur, restore and enhance your desired image. Remini is also available as an application on Android…

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