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10 Sites Like HereMe

HearMe is an app that makes you feel happy. If you feel lonely and depressed and want to talk to anyone, here is the solution to your problems. A well-trained person will speak with you and gives you emotional support. HearMe has some session periods.

You can talk about more listeners. In the first session, you can connect quickly and start chatting with listeners for a long time as you want. If there is nobody to listen to you  do not feel bad; there are more people who listen to you carefully. Million people used this app, rated it high, and want to talk with them again.


  • Free of cost
  • Mental wellness
  • Emotional support
  • Privacy policy
  • Create a lifeline for hope

HereMe Alternatives

    1: Confidist


    Confident is an app in which you can explore your conservations that is private. Create your profile, fill in the data, and select the hobbies you like and the language you can speak. Both people that connect can see their common conservations. When you choose a topic after this, your conservations will start. You can also join an existing issue hosted by others. It is a place where million people describe their problems with one another. You can find the…

    2: MellowTalk


    Mellow Talk is a program where people can talk and chat privately with strangers. You can share your emotions anytime. They bring you out of sadness and make you feel better. You can talk with them deeply about your chat being secure, so there is no worry about it. People use this platform and want safe privacy for themselves, and  Mellow Talk is doing its best work at any cost. MellowTalk helps the mental issues of their users who are…

    3: NowandMe


    Now&Me is a platform where you can share your feeling anonymously. A million people liked and supported it. You can share your problems like breakups, mental health anxiety, and family issues. You feel better when you open up. It is to join and become a member of it. You can create an account and express your feelings. You can select your tags according to your desire. In this app, you are anonymous no one knows who you are. In our…

    4: BetterHelp


    BetterHelp is a mental wellness app,. It helps people through the therapist. It guides you in the face of individual couples and teenage. BetterHelp app's purpose is to make treatment successful, so any person who faces problems can get help from them when people are struggling and spending their life with mental illness. They want to talk with special someone who -listens to their emotions, but when there is nobody who helps them, it becomes harrowing. BetterHelp is your leader…

    5: Head Habitat

    Head Habitat

    Head Habitat is a traditional online mental healthcare support that provides mental wellness topics at nominal prices. It is affordable for all people who want to become happy. Value-based treatment search for the most common healthcare cures. Treatment depends on the questioning that asks by the patient. We collect information from smartphones and resources that help understand patients' mental illnesses. Then the sessions beings, and we receive the progress feedback about mental health changes. The method of Algorithm helps you…

    6: BlahTherapy Chat Hub

    BlahTherapy Chat Hub

    BlahTherapy Chat Hub is about to release stress where you can talk anonymously. No one knows who you are. This app work as a listener and venter. You can share your problems and post your related questions to get responses from anyone. Communicate with your therapists according to your needs. Strangers are always free. You can chat online with them anywhere, at any place. They guide you and reduce depression, mental issues, and much more. There is always avail a…

    7: CarePaths


    CarePaths is a social, behavioral health EHR app that people can use for the practice of social workers, Psychologists, and psychiatrists. You can start your journey after a free trial. Million people communicate with chat and video calling. Notifications of Appointments and accounts are reminded to users. CarePaths is a secure and certified platform. Patient records, treatment results, and diagnoses are appropriately saved. Furthermore, this app prescribes on your smartphone. You can check the free trial video if you want…

    8: Therapy Mantra Counseling

    Therapy Mantra Counseling

    Therapy Mantra Counseling is free of cost app that helps people with online therapy. If you are depressed, it help you to come out of it. The platform reduce your stress and make bonding among relationships. Therapists help you through video calling. If you feel too much pressure and anxiety, the Therapy Mantra makes you feel better and relaxed. It secured your data and did not discuss it with a third person. Therapy Mantra Counseling also collect your personal and…

    9: InnerHour


    InnerHour is known as Amaha. Its purpose is to make you feel better and give you mental healthcare support and help you professionally. The site provide you with all kinds of needs that you deserve. The platform have trained psychologists and psychiatrists that bring you a happy way. Therapists guide you with online chatting and video calling and give you medication management according to your mental care. You can follow the guidelines and feel so relaxed. These therapies are based…

    10: 7 Cups

    7 Cups

    7 Cups is the emotional support that connects people to the caring listener. It helps you to feel happy by following the tips and guidelines. Nowadays in the world, no one has to talk to you, but we have to need it. Otherwise, we feel lonely. 7 Cups was born for listening to people and their emotions. Many volunteer listeners participate. No matter who you are and what to do and become a friend has yet not met you before.…

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