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10 Software Like Fooducate

Fooducate is an app that brings you to a healthier life by losing weight. It tells you about food with nutritional values and the intake of water for the body’s hydration. Coaches leads you to diet tips. There are lots of recipes that reduce your weight. Fooducate is a free app that helps you to approach your goals.

The Barcode scanner allows you to search for items and tells you their nutritional values. It tells you about the calories and proteins that u should intake in a day. Fooducate has grading system that tells you about list of ten grade from a to D.


  • Free of cost
  • Barcode scanner
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Calorie counter
  • Recipes list

Fooducate Alternatives

    1: Fatsecret


    Fatsecret is an application through which you can lose weight and burn calories efficiently. Make a diary and eat food according to nutrition value daily. Track the calories to promote a healthy lifestyle. This app informs about the calories which you burn daily with exercise. Its barcode scanner also helps you choose your favorite food with nutrition information. People can see the calories which burn and consumed. Its barcode scanner also guides you in selecting your diet in a better…

    2: Lifesum


    Lifesum is the plan of action that helps millions of people to live a healthier life by an act following the nutritional values of food. It gives knowledge about food calories and nutrition. All the procedure in this app helps people make better decisions according to their physical condition, exercise routine, and diet meal. Its vegetarian and piscivore diet plan mitigates type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it allows you to try seasonal recipes like some snug and cheerful food. There is…

    3: Calory


    Calory is an app that tracks your calories and food intake. Your whole day's food calories track and tell about your food. It gives you knowledge about the food calories and nutrient level you consumed. It helps you to choose a better way of a healthy lifestyle. Calory also guides you through macronutrients like carbohydrates, Fat, and proteins. People can see their progress by chart system weekly, monthly and yearly. It has become easy to check your history of calories…

    4: Noom


    Noom is an app that tracks the food a person consumes and exercises. This app loses weight with the psychology method. Noom’s application has a daily informative pattern for losing weight and eating habits. It is different from others in psychological behavior. You can plan your daily food routine. It has technology that changes your thinking about what you eat. Noom transforms the ideas of food through psychology and behavioral method. In Noom’s diet, there is no prohibited food. It…

    5: Lose It!

    Lose It!

    Lose It! is an application in which you follow the diet plan and burn calories daily. People can make a weight loss plan according to their physical condition. You can check your progress level after tracking the exercise in the goal section. Lose It! app is a simple way to achieve your weight loss goal by following a daily exercise routine. It has a barcode scanner for tracking the meal daily. People can also share their successful journey of weight loss.…

    6: Foodvisor


    Foodvisor is an application that leads you to a healthier lifestyle. Many users are happy and achieve their goals by using this app. Log your food with a single picture in a revolutionary way. The Foodvisor app can recognize the food on a single plate and tell about its nutritional value in just a few seconds. Dietitians guide you in a better way with several recipes. People can search their food programs according to their mood wings. There are 15…

    7: MyNetDiary


    MyNetDiary is an application that helps you to lose weight. It is a scientifically proven way. You can search your diet plan, which leads you to control your weight with low-calorie food like low carbohydrates, fat, and vegetarians. Select your week in which you target your food of low calories like cabs and proteins. The Barcode scanner guides you about nutrition. MyNetDiary track the food that you can follow easily. This app informs your daily progress and weight loss and…

    8: Yazio


    Yazio is a calorie counter application that motivates you to lose weight and eat healthily. Its fasting plan also builds your muscles. It is a swift app that can download easily. According to your personal preference, there are more than 1000 recipes. Automatic tracker track your activities and exercise. It also reminds you of water intake. It also syncs with your apple watch. People also share their stories and inspire others, whether they are addicts or drugs. Azio is an…

    9: Cronometer


    Cronometer app supports you in selecting the wholesome meal for your healthier life. It helps you to count your calories. It tells you the correct nutrition values for a meal, whatever you want to eat. Millions of people get inspiration from their users. Its tracks the macro and micronutrients of your feed by the log-in option. Also, a diabetic patient can manage their food with it. You can trust its strong privacy term. Cronometer gives you accurate nutritional information about…

    10: MyFitnessPal


    MyFitnessPal is an application that offers you to maintain your health brilliantly. This app’s primary purpose is to motivate you to lose weight. It provides you with many schedules and tips to lose weight quickly. Furthermore, people can track calories, log activities, and so more. If you want recipes and healthy meals, you can get them quickly from this website. MyFitnessPal allows you to create your diary so that it will become your habit to maintain your health daily. Millions…

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