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13 Sites Like Easy Peasy AI

Easy Peasy.AI is an AI content tool that helps you write various tasks, and blog posts, create better resumes, job descriptions, and more. That tool saves your time and improves your writing skills. Easy-peasy.

Are you looking for a tool to help you in making art? Look no further, Easy peasy AI has access to making media content;  generates high-quality art, images, and videos in just a few seconds. Input the command, click, and that tool makes a video with great animations according to that command. Easy Peasy AI introduces MARKY as a chat assistant; you can talk to him and assign tasks.


  • Create content 10X faster
  • Make any art and image
  • Provide chat assistant
  • Offers audio transcription
  • Works well
  • Show accurate results
  • Cheaper in price

Easy-Peasy AI Alternative

    1: Marmof


    Marmof is an AI-powered writer tool. That tool can create original, plagiarism-free material for websites, emails, advertisements, and blog posts. That tool is very easy to use. Just choose your use case, add input, and click to generate. Marmof has been trained to write high-quality copies that users can upload and use without the risk of copyrights. Marmof can write Facebook ads, product name generators, cover letters, product descriptions, pros and cons, and more. That is perfect for enhancing your…

    2: ChatABC


    chatABC is an artificial intelligence tool with some extra features. Team collaboration is the most highlighted feature of that platform. Users can make their meeting rooms and personal libraries and work together with AI. The service of that platform never goes down like other artificial intelligence tools. Here users do not have to write the questions; they upload the whole document, and chatABC automatically scans and gives accurate answers. That tool provides cloud storage so users can organize their chats…

    3: Rytr


    Rytr is an artificial intelligence tool that works as a writing assistant that helps users to create high-quality content. Users can create content in less than a second due to its quick response. It is a very easy-to-use tool that saves precious time and brain energy. Rytr can write emails, letters, blogs, and ad copies according to the user's demand. The user has to input some context, and Rytr works in a few seconds. User can pick their work in…

    4: Bard


    Bard is a conversational artificial intelligence chatbot. Bard is used for professional writing, such as emails, letters, etc., that platform is familiar in the market, so it sometimes may give inaccurate or inappropriate responses. Users get easy access to tons of books, magazines, and music. Bard provides complete data privacy, which you save in cloud storage. Many customization options are available, applying different themes, different fonts are available, and changing the dashboard's colors. Users can do anything with and in…

    5: Jasper


    Jasper is an AI tool that brings the power of generative AI to your fingertips. Users can add a Chrome extension to use that tool on any platform. Jasper has a human-like conversation style, which gives you quick and easy answers, solve your problems, do quick research, and assists you in tasks. Jasper also has complete access to the art section; that tools generate art and images for your ads, making thumbnails and illustrations in just a few seconds. Users…

    6: HuggingChat


    The HuggingChat is a clone based on an assistant conversational AI model. That tool is quick and straightforward. HuggingChat is a powerful data privacy model; messages are automatically stored as a chat backup due to their high privacy and are not even shared for training and research purposes. That application facilitates its users by giving many customization options; users can change chat backgrounds, writing styles, language, and different themes. A key feature of that tool is smart self-learning. Users can…

    7: Ottar.ai


    Ottar.ai is a meeting assistant tool that records audio and writes notes automatically. That tool is mainly used on official platforms. Here users can collaborate with teammates in live sessions. Users also can add comments, highlight key points, and assign action items during the live transcript. Users can connect Otter to Google and Microsoft Calendar, and it automatically joins and record their meetings on Zoom and google meet. That tool builds a close and strong relationship between all team members…

    8: Bing AI

    Bing AI

    Bing AI is a web search engine also known as Bing Chat. Bing AI is a chat tool writing content from poetry to programs. Bing AI provides completely free services. That tool can communicate and understand in all major languages like French, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. Image creator is that tool's top best feature, which creates logos, artwork, and drawing according to the input data. Bing AI has unlimited data coverage. Bing uses chatGPT technology to understand and make…

    9: Replika


    Replika is an AI tool ready to chat as your empathetic friend whenever needed. That tool is always on your side, no matter what is up to you. Replika creates a scenario like the user is talking with their real friend. That tool chats about your day, fun activities, relaxation activities, etc., and facilitates their users by catching up on video calls and much more. That tool has access to all knowledge so that users can use that tool for…

    10: ChatGPT


    ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool introduced by openAI. The core function of chatGPT is to minimize the work of humans. Users can do whatever they want, like compose music, write programs, teleplay student's essays, etc. chatGPT has access to all languages, and Users can translate different languages. Like other AI tools, chatGPT remembers a limited number of answers in the same conversations. ChatGPT provides an authentic chat experience; it feels like you ask questions from a human. ChatGPT provides…

    11: Open Assistant.io

    Open Assistant.io

    An open assistant is a tool that creates content with just one click in a few seconds. That is a chat-based assistant that understands tasks and generates content without copyright. Help to make art and images in a new way. Users use their voices to ask questions quickly to save time. That tool saves your time and improves your writing skills by giving suggestions. Open assistant. oi is trained to chat with you about every topic. Users can ask questions,…

    12: DeepL Write

    DeepL Write

    DeepL Write is a tool that helps correct mistakes to enhance your content's quality. That tool allows you to set mistakes, re-phrase your sentences and improve your writing. Just enter the content, and it operates automatically to show results. Green lines highlight means there is a mistake; just one click and it corrects the mistake. Also, it gives you suggestions during writing. It fixes grammar and punctuation mistakes. You can choose your tone of voice.  it detects a lot of…

    13: ChatSonic


    ChatSonic is a trained tool to chat with you about real-time or past events and trending topics. That tool is beneficial in making image and videos contents for advertisements and blog posts. It uses as a personal assistant that you can customize and use to solve math problems, preparing for an interview. Add chatSonic Chrome extension to get suggestions from anywhere on the internet. Chatsonic understands voice commands and responds, so users can input data using voice commands. Chatsonic offers…

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