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8 Cartography Alternatives

Cartography is the art and science of generating maps, charts, and other geospatial representations of the world around us. A well-designed cartographic layout makes it easier for users to understand and interpret the information on a map. Cartography has many subfields, including thematic mapping, which focuses on representing specific themes or data sets on a map, such as population density or topography, and cartographic design, which is concerned with maps’ visual design and how they communicate information effectively.

Cartography is essential for navigation, exploration, and understanding our planet’s geography. Geographers use it wisely to create accurate and detailed maps that convey critical information about terrain, geography, and culture. Further, Cartography also helps to share maps with people worldwide.


  • Creating maps
  • Cartographic layout
  • Overall balance
  • Detailed information
  • Sharing access

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