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18 Blueground Alternatives

Blueground is a global real estate company offering fully furnished and serviced apartments for short- and long-term stays. With a presence in over 12 cities, it offers the best location worldwide to stay and enjoy nature. Blueground provides a hassle-free and seamless experience for individuals and companies seeking flexible, comfortable, and convenient living solutions.

Its apartments have all the necessary amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and fully equipped kitchens, making it easy to settle in and feel at home. It helps its visitor to explore their adventure as it provides handpicked homes organized with eco-friendly materials. Moreover, it’s a perfect place for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.


  • real-estate
  • comfortable homes
  • rental services
  • fully equipped apartments
  • handpicked homes

BlueGround Alternatives



    1: Hipcamp


    Hipcamp is an online platform that offers campers and nature lovers unique and private campsites across the United States. It provides many camping options, RV parks, cabins, glamping experiences, tree houses, and yurts. The platform allows landowners to rent out their private land to campers, monetizing their property and engaging more people to get outside and enjoy nature. It's an online marketplace company offering comprehensive outdoor stay resources and providing the best rental service. Hipcamp offers a kind experience for…

    2: HomeToGo


    HomeToGo is a leading platform and vacation rental search engine that helps travelers find their perfect holiday rental. It's a trusted platform and has worked with 2000 companies and partners to serve the world. HomeToGo is a marketplace with the largest selection of rental vacation homes, apartments, condos, cabins, and more. The platform provides users various filters to customize their search, including location, price, amenities, and more. HomeToGo also offers a Best Price Guarantee, ensuring that users get the best…

    3: The Plum Guide

    The Plum Guide

    The Plum Guide is a collection of the world's best vacation rentals, handpicked holiday homes for short and long-term stays. Its headquarters are in London, UK, launched in 2016; it provides global service. The Plum Guide is a unique online booking platform that offers guests a stress-free and personalized experience. It organizes by eco-friendly materials, including quality, location, amenities, and design that enhance the beauty of homes to attract more people to stay and feel like a home. The Plum…

    4: Vacasa


    Vacasa is a vacation rental and property management company that offers a real estate service. It provides quality and exceptional experiences for guests and homeowners that engage them to stay for the long term and feel like a home. Vacasa offers top-notch services with over 25,000 properties in over 400 destinations worldwide. At Vacasa, guests can choose from various rental properties, including beach houses, cabins, villas, and condos. The company also offers 24/7 customer service to ensure guests have a…

    5: Homes and Villas by Marriott International

    Homes and Villas by Marriott International

    Homes and Villas by Marriott international is an International company and a well-known name in the hospitality industry, as it operates over 7,000 hotels and resorts in more than 130 countries. In 2019, the company launched Homes and Villas, a new way for travelers to experience home-sharing with the trusted service. It offers premium and luxury vacation homes and villas handpicked by Marriott for their exceptional quality, design, and amenities. It also offers tropical beach villas and cozy mountain cabins…

    6: is a popular online travel agency allowing users to book accommodations, flights, and rental cars. It offers travelers various options, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious resorts, apartments, homes, and villas. Its user-friendly interface supports multiple devices and smartphones, making it easy for travelers to search, compare, and book accommodations. The platform also provides detailed information about each property, including photos, reviews, and amenities, to help users to make decisions. It's the best web application that accesses worldwide and explores…

    7: Outdoorsy


    Outdoorsy is the perfect platform for those who love outdoor adventures and want to explore the world. The best website offers various camping options, RV rentals, cabins, treehouses, and outdoor activities. With the help of outdoorsy travelers can easily find and book RVs from local owners. It also offers a comprehensive insurance policy that covers both renters and owners. In addition to RV rentals, it offers various outdoor activities and experiences such as hiking, biking, camping, and more. It's a…

    8: Airbnb


    Airbnb is a popular online platform that allows people to rent out their homes, apartments or spare rooms to travelers. It is an American-based company that operates an online marketplace for short-term homestays. It Found in 2008 has quickly become a significant platform in the travel industry, with millions of countries worldwide. Airbnb offers unique and affordable traditional hotels, allowing travelers to experience a destination and feel at home. Hosts can make money by renting out their space, and Airbnb…

    9: TurnKey


    Turnkey is a real estate company that offers resident-focused property and management teams to build rental locations and resident portals. It's the best marketplace that offers living space throughout Fort Worth, Azle, and Weatherford country. It provides responsive customer service and builds your properties to be your homes with little to no effort. By purchasing a turnkey property, investors save time and effort in finding, renovating, and managing a rental property. Turnkey investment properties can be an excellent option for…

    10: 9flats


    9flats is an online platform that allows people to rent out their homes, apartments, and other properties to travelers looking for unique and affordable accommodations. The best marketplace offers various properties, from cozy apartments to luxurious villas worldwide. 9flats is a place to live like a local and experience the culture of the site you're visiting. 9flats often offers more space and amenities, such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and outdoor spaces. It also has strong safety and security…

    11: Flipkey


    FlipKey is an online marketplace connecting travelers with vacation rental services worldwide. It offers accommodations, beachfront villas, urban apartments, cabins, residential houses, and estates of more than 3lack properties. FlipKey provides easy methods for booking by communicating directly with the property owner or manager. It helps travelers get a better sense of the property before booking. FlipKey offers a secure payment system so that travelers can book with confidence. Overall, it is an excellent option for anyone looking for a…

    12: Sonder


    Sonder is a unique and innovative traveling platform that allows short travelers to stay in fully-furnished, spacious apartments and hotels in different cities. It found in Montreal, Canada, in 2014, manages over 9k units in ten other countries, and serves over 1 million guests. It's a user-friendly website support mobile app that helps to find the perfect home more accessible. Its apartments and houses are carefully designed and equipped with modern amenities, making them ideal for travelers, couples, families, and…

    13: Homestay


    Homestay is an online platform that connects travelers with local hosts who provide authentic and affordable homestay experiences. It's a trusted hospitality and lodging network offering many options for travelers seeking accommodation worldwide. Hosts provide a unique opportunity for travelers to stay short and long-term in local culture, cuisine, and customs homes. Additionally, Homestay delivers safety and security for hosts and travelers, ensuring that hosts are verified, and their homes are in high standards condition. Further, it provides travelers a…

    14: Vrbo


    Vrbo, abbreviated as Vacation Rental by Owner, is a popular online platform connecting property owners with travelers seeking unique and affordable accommodations. It Found in 1995 and has become a leading vacation rental platform with over two million properties listed in more than 190 countries. With Vrbo, travelers can search for vacation rentals that suit their needs, like cozy cabins, beachfront villas, luxury apartments, and private homes. The platform offers a range of options, from budget-friendly to high-end, fully equipped.…

    15: House Sitting

    House Sitting

    House-sitting is a great way to travel and experience new places without spending much on accommodations. It provides mutual benefits and arrangements where the house sitter stays in someone's home while the owner is away, taking care of the house and any pets or plants that may need attention. In return, the house sitter stays in a new location for free and may get paid for their services. House sitting is becoming more popular nowadays, connecting homeowners and house sitters…

    16: Third Home

    Third Home

    The third home is a luxury home exchange program that offers its members access to over 12,000 high-end properties and quality homes worldwide. Members can swap their vacation homes with other members' properties in desirable locations, allowing them to enjoy unique and luxurious residences without paying rental rates. Third home carefully screens its members and their properties to ensure that all participants meet the high standards set by the program. It's a trusted network and travel planning services that provide…

    17: Agoda Homes

    Agoda Homes

    Agoda Homes is an online travel agency that offers a wide range of vacation rentals, apartments, and private homes to travelers looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation. With over 2 million properties worldwide, Agoda Homes allows travelers to book units that suit their needs and preferences. It offers a variety of options for travelers, like cozy apartments in the city center and villas by the beach. Agoda Homes also allows guests to book entire homes on a budget-friendly. It will…

    18: Onefinestay


    Onefinestay is a British hospitality company and its headquarters in London. It has over 10,000 properties in top destinations worldwide, including London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Each handpicked property is exceptional, delivering luxury apartments and vacation rental service and ensuring guests have an unforgettable stay. Onefinestay provides personalized assistance to its guests and a powerful team available 24/7 to help with anything like arranging airport transfers, recommending the best restaurants, and other activities. Whether you're looking for…

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