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12 Sites Like Barchart

Barchart is a financial chat providing financial information about the stock market coins and providing real-time data. That chart consists of particular numbers of bars, each representing a different category.

Barchart is a mobile application on Android and iOS that helps you track cash bids and negotiate in real time on your mobile device. Users can set personalized market alerts according to their choice for future contracts.

Place and manage your offers on mobile with Barchart. That platform provides all of its services without charging a single penny without showing annoying ads. Barchart is one of the top-rated financial charts.


  • Track cash bids
  • Real-time data
  • Stay up to date
  • Set personalized market alerts
  • Free service
  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy

Barchart Alternatives

    1: Trade Republic

    Trade Republic

    Trade Republic is a platform used for trading. It provides the easiest way to save in stocks, ETFs, bonds, derivatives, and crypto. It provides you with free saving plans. Trade Republic is trusted by millions of users and save billion of assets. It has access to more than seventeen European countries. That platform helps people build wealth that is the most accessible, fastest, and most secure. Trade Republic can access your mobile as the application supports Android and iOS. Users…

    2: GoCharting


    GoCharting is an advanced charting and trading platform. It helps in supporting multiple asset classes, including stocks, futures options, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies. That platform supports charting, including footprint, market flow, volume flow, depth of market, time and sales, and delta divergence and imbalance. That platform supports more than a hundred technical indicators and drawing tools. Users can trade like a professional by using GoCharting. It helps you to make decisions by providing technical analysis tools. The best thing about…

    3: StockCharts


    StockCharts is a financial platform that provides intelligent tools and resources to analyze the financial market, stock, and other investment instruments. StockCharts is used by investors, traders, brokers, and other financial bodies. That platform offers a wide range of charting tools that allow users to make customized charts for stocks, exchange-traded funds, indices, commodities, and more. Allow users to add technical indicators like updating you about ups and downs in prices, the stock market, and others. Users can scan data…

    4: SeekingAlpha


    SeekingAlpha is a financial website for finding investment-related content like articles, news, analysis, etc. It helps to collect data from the stock market and offers a wide range of information about stocks, bonds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), and other financial information. Through SeekingAlpha, users can make smarter decisions using given financial news, analysis, alerts, and real-time price data. It provides real-time data with high accuracy and concise information for rapid reading. It alerts you by giving updated news and analysis of…

    5: Protrader


    Protrader is an online platform used for cryptocurrency trade. Highly qualified teams of professional bodies run that platform. Protrader is one of the most famous trading platforms because it uses cutting-edge technologies. That platform serves many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Russia, Poland, South Africa, and Great Britain. Protrader provides you with effortless and comprehensive access due to its mobility, and it can run on desktop, mobile, and web applications. That platform consists…

    6: Tradelize


    Tradelize is an online platform that creates an ecosystem between retailers, brokers, prime brokers, exchanges, and proprietary trading firms. That platform provides many intelligent tools for trading, scaling, and monetizing their experience. Tradelize allows you to create your brand and transform it into a private trading company. That platform provides the fastest and most advanced customer service with quick responses. Tradelize uses modern SHA-256 encryption algorithms to provide you with the most protected environment. That platform offers experienced staff who…

    7: Tab-trader


    Tab-trader is an online platform used for trading. That platform is available as a mobile application that supports both Android, iOS, and the desktop version. That tool allows you to monitor more than twenty thousand trading instruments in real-time. It provides you with lightning-fast transactions on all significant changes. It enables users to turn on push notification services to keep them updated about changes in the market. It gives you very flexibility. You can use Tab-trader anywhere and anytime. Tab-trader…

    8: Metatrader


    Metatrader is a finance platform used to trade forex and analyze financial markets. It offers real-time forex and stock trading. That platform provides a complete set of trade orders, including pending orders. It provides you with a detailed online trading history. Users can get free financial news and dozens of financial data. It makes connections with hundreds of forex and stock traders. Metatrader is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, also known as a mobile application for all platforms: android,…

    9: Coinigy


    Coinigy is an online platform used for trading and analysis of cryptocurrency. It helps to manage your digital wallets during multiple exchanges, and you can trade anytime, anywhere, with Coinigy. You need only one account for all of the world’s top exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, HitBTC, Gemini, BitMEX, ByBit, Exmo, Vaultoro, Bithumb, Deribit, and more. It supports more than forty-five crypto exchanges to make it easy and comfortable for you to manage your crypto portfolio under…

    10: Quadency


    Quadency is a web application known as a trading platform that provides a package of useful all-in-one pro tools that help to analyze the updated market. Quadency is helpful for both beginners and professionals. AI powers that platform; it doesn’t matter what the condition in the market is; we have a bot for that. That platform allows users to build their bots by using AI. It provides features that assist traders in managing their cryptocurrency portfolios. That platform gives you…

    11: TradingView


    TradingView: Track All Markets is a finance app and tool developed by TradingView Inc. It is a social network designed for investors and traders to effectively track the stock market. On this app, you can connect with millions of expert traders from all around the world and get trading ideas from them. In addition to getting trading ideas, the app enables you to learn from the trading experiences of others. This app provides you with more than 10 charts for…

    12: Trendspider


    Trendspider is an online platform that helps in trading and navigating the market. It allows users to uncover strategies, pinpoint opportunities, analyze assets, and time trades like never before. That platform has a lot of tools that supercharge your performance and save you precious time and money. That platform provides real-time data about global prices and alternative data markets for over sixty-five thousand assets. Trendspider provides you with the best customer service, and you can get the fastest help in…

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