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10 Sites Like ArtistShare

Artist sharing is different. Crowdfunding has existed for as long as I can remember, but ArtistShare has gone the extra mile by focusing on a deep relationship between creators and their backers. This site allows artists to share exclusive content like behind-the-scenes video clips and studio diaries with their audience, which will create excitement and compassion.

How is it different from other crowdfunding platforms? With Artist Share, the artist retains full rights to his/her work. Unlike other platforms, which just raise money so that artists can create a product, here they allow supporters to be part of the whole creative process through its completion. Now this is something unique! It takes fans even closer to their favorite artist than ever before by “truly feeling invested in an artist’s success,” if you permit me.

This is just one instance that makes artistry so exceptional across the board; it’s just the tip of an iceberg. Artists can do more than sing with their fans by setting out subscription tiers on ArtistShare. Maybe they could have a small concert in your living room or create digital photo books for you. And if we push things up some notches, some lucky fans might even get a chance to talk to their favorite musician! On one hand, these trends make any fan feel like he or she belongs to an exclusive club, while on the other hand, doing this also provides critical financial support for our beloved content producers.

There is no doubt about it: ArtistShare is the future of artistry. By merging crowdfunding and innovative membership models, Artistshare has completely transformed how artists interact with their followers while still allowing creators total autonomy over their creations. So what could all this possibly mean? It means that music production alone does not entirely define art anymore but also includes creating connections and establishing communities through which creativity thrives.


  • Artists can communicate directly with their fans through this platform.
  • They have greater control over the creative process as well as project funding compared to other platforms.
  • The artists retain ownership of their piece as well as its artistic authenticity.
  • The site offers a way for the followers to access unique stuff and experiences from artists they love.
  • For instance, via crowd funding, fans are now capable of directly paying musicians.

ArtistShare Alternatives

1: GiveSendGo


It is worth noting that the emerging crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo differs greatly by being faith-based when compared with other operations in this area. With GoFundMe and Kickstarter now household names, GiveSendGo has found its own niche in the market. The platform’s religious orientation helps users find like-minded people while looking for funding for their initiatives. GiveSendGo appears to be the only crowdfunding site that has embraced religious content, while others shy away from it. It is therefore possible for those…

2: Honeyfund


Are you dreaming of a perfect honeymoon with your love? Look no further than Honeyfund! This web-based platform enables couples to devise their own honeymoon lists, through which friends and family can make financial contributions to the couple's dream honeymoon. However, do you know that there are other websites like Honeyfund that provide similar services? One such website is Zola, which not only caters for a wedding getaway register but also offers an array of wedding planning tools. But in…

3: Donorbox


When you want a hassle-free online fundraising platform, you go with Donorbox. Donorbox boasts an attractive look and a user-friendly interface, making it one of the top choices for individuals’ non-profit organizations’ political campaigns, etcetera. No GoFundMe or Kickstarter will match Donorbox’s seamless integration into popular website builders such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, among others. This implies that adding your donation form directly to your site takes no effort on your part. But there is more! Donorbox also supports…

4: Fundrazr


This is a crowdfunding platform known as FundRazr, which enables people and organizations involved in various causes, projects, or even personal needs to get funded. This has been one of the most popular ones due to its user-friendly interface and wide range of features it provides. However, just like in any other industry, FundRazr is not the only crowdfunding platform; here are some similar sites you should be aware of. Firstly, there is GoFundMe, with an option for personal campaigns…

5: Kickstarter


How creative ideas become part of the world through Kickstarter has changed. It remains an influential and effective platform. Nevertheless, there is hope for all of you entrepreneurs and artists who are aspiring.  One such platform is Indiegogo, which uses similar methods to Kickstarter but with a twist. They have a worldwide support system that helps bring to life a range of projects, from new gadgets to films and albums, among others. Another option is Patreon, which focuses more on…

6: Classy


Classiness equals Classy, sophistication, and refinement; nice extras; luxury items do not matter; way of thinking, action, etc.; however, classy should not just be associated with expensive brands or high-end lifestyles because there’s more behind it than just that. A sign that someone carries themselves with class is found in how they interact with others around them. Humility and respect are attributes that can always identify one as being classy, since these virtues form part of their daily lives. Good…

7: Indiegogo


Indiegogo is a well-known crowdfunding site that revolutionized how people and organizations raise money for their ideas and projects. Alternatively, while there are other sites similar to Indiegogo, the difference between this one and others is its global impact on raising funds worldwide with different funding options. One significant thing about Indiegogo that makes it stand out from the rest is its global presence. Furthermore, unlike other platforms that cater only to certain countries or regions, this one enables creators…

8: Double the Donation

Double the Donation

Yes, it is true that Double the Donation is one of many corporate giving tools out there, but it happens to be among the best ones so far made for non-profit organizations. If you cannot access Double the Donation, don’t fret because there are a few others that offer similar services, so they could be your alternatives as well. Take 360MatchPro, for instance; they track and manage your matching gifts program but also do a few things none of their…

9: Fundly


Fundly is a pioneering website where funds can be raised for almost anything that you can think of. Fundly operates on social media as a tool and leverage instead of the traditional way of raising funds. In this way, they are able to generate donations from a large base of supporters scattered all over the internet. The user-friendly interface and extensive fundraising tools are only some of its features that make it different from other similar sites. Fundly is unique…

10: GoFundMe


Among the different online platforms that help with fundraising, GoFundMe stands out. You can make campaigns instantly on any topic you can even think of. This could range from funding medical expenses, tuition fees for a school or charity event, or just simply an idea. It’s so user-friendly, as well as having an extensive reach. However, if you are not into this platform, do not worry about it because there are alternatives such as Patreon and Kickstarter, which also serve…

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