10 Tips to Know When Buying Prefabricated Home from China

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10 Tips to Know When Buying Prefabricated Home from China

Advancement is the key to human development. With the progress of time, every aspect of human life is getting more and more technology-based. Nowadays, people appreciate those things that are efficient and profitable. Likewise, building houses is something that humans have been doing for time. The typical way is to build a house with much labor, time, and cost.

But the new housing scheme, prefabricated home, is something that we can truly call the future of house construction and development. Prefabricated is a modern technique in which the house is built in a separate construction area, and then the assembly happens once the parts get delivered to the destined location.

The following article deals with the things you should know when buying a prefabricated home from China, and also an immense exploration of a prefabricated home.

Prefabricated Home: A Brief Introduction 

The prefabricated home concept is not a new one; however, it has evolved to its fullest in recent times. People started to understand the vision behind this housing construction and began to appreciate its advantages.

A prefabricated home is a type of building or construction rather than a particular house style. Now, what exactly is a prefabricated home? A prefabricated home is the building structures manufactured off-site in a specific area and then transported to the desired location. The assembly happens once the prefabricated home components are in place. There are mainly three common types of prefabricated homes in modern usage. Mobile, manufactured, and modular homes are what people appreciate the most.

The concept is usually generated when constructors realize the importance of environment-friendly and developmental schemes in housing. Prefabricated homes are the evolutionary idea that altered the construction basis. As in traditional construction, homes are built on-site piece by piece, while in prefab homes, the components are made in a factory in less time and then transported to the destination for assembly.

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10 Things to Know When Buying the Prefabricated Home from China

10 Tips to Know When Buying Prefabricated Home from China

Chian has one of the most significant supply chains of prefabricated homes. They are the major exporter of this housing model. But being a consumer demand that you should know certain things when you are approaching to buy a prefabricated home from China.

Knowing these things will help you to make better and more efficient decisions. Also, you will be able to buy the prehab home that suits you and your requirements. Here are ten basic and essential things to know when purchasing a prefabricated house from China:

Choosing the Location

Before you buy the prefabricated house from China, you first have to choose the location for the installation. So, when the prefabricated model gets delivered, you have the clean and perfect place for the assembly.

Buying a larger property than a small one is always beneficial as it gives you more opportunity to expand the house, like adding a lawn or driveway. The type of soil is also an essential factor that can influence the construction of the prefabricated house. The location must have the availability of a water supply. Buy an area that has good surroundings and a friendly neighborhood.

Customization in Prehab Home

The prehab provider typically sells packages of the same design, fixed dimensions, and structural concept, just like a mirror reflection of each other. Customizations are not something the constructer will provide you with or ask about. However, you do have the option to make customization such as flooring or fixtures designs, templated floorplan, dimension measurements, and many others.

But understandably, customization will not be made without extra charges as the constructer has to add newer things and buy different materials. So, you have to pay additional charges to get your prefabricated home customized from China.

A Good Investment

Home is a considerable investment for every person. So, how would you know that buying a prefabricated home from China is a good investment? Here are a couple of factors that you consider:

  • In prefabricated houses, the construction cost is dramatically less, so it provides you with a complete idea of how much it will cost when the construction is over. So, if you want to have a return on investment, it largely depends upon the house’s condition when involved in the sale.
  • You can also get the prehab for renting it out on a monthly or yearly basis, and you can earn extra income from it and yield more financial benefits for yourself.
  • Lastly, prefabricated houses are energy efficient, which means that they will reduce your energy bills on longer terms which is an outstanding characteristic.

So, by considering these factors, it is pretty clear that prefabricated houses are a good investment for sure. It is suitable from a selling or renting point of view and living.

The Prefabricated Home Designs

Designing your prefabricated house is the most fun part of the entire process. It would be best to consider certain factors like how long you will stay in the place, what designs are a priority and what can wait for later, and lastly, the house’s square foot should meet your needs.

The features that you mainly can design include:

  • Interior designs such as colors, trim, texture, and flooring,
  • Room layout design
  • Strength of the house doors.
  • Storage space
  • Exterior design
  • Window and door styles
  • Bathroom and kitchen cabinets

You should all about these details when you buy a prefabricated house from China.

Types of Prefabricated Home

You should know about the three types of prefabricated houses before buying as it will help you choose the one that is perfect for your convenience. Here are the three types with descriptions:

  • Manufactured prefabricated house

These houses assemble in a separate setting and deliver to the desired location. They are available in different dimensions, and you can also modify or customize them however you like.

  • Modular prefabricated house

These houses involve making different home components indoors without any external construction. They usually are assembled on the leading destination. You can customize the other parts however you like.

  • Panelized prefabricated house

They have many similarities with the modular prefabricated house. The main difference is that they have panels in place of modules. You can easily transport it to any location, and the assembly happens at the site.

The Durability of Prehab Home

10 Tips to Know When Buying Prefabricated Home from China

The following is the same myth about prefabricated houses: they are not safe and durable like site0built houses. Indeed, it is just a very wrong perception due to several reasons:

  • Prefabricated home undergoes several on-site inspections at every step of construction to meet the required building code regulations. Prefabricated houses are much more reliable and stringent than traditionally built houses as they only undergo inspection once.
  • Prefabricated houses are built in a maintained environment using advanced and specially designed equipment to reinforce the home model for much longer and sturdy use. Traditional constructors and laborers do not have access to this specialized equipment.

The points mentioned earlier highlight those prefabricated houses are 100% safe and durable for the consumer without any damage.

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Delivering Policies

It is essential for the customer to know-how are the package is being delivered and what is precautious for the procedure. Delivery is a necessary aspect of buying a prefabricated house from China.

It is often customer concern because what if some damage occurs on the way or some misguidance. The manufacturer through which you are getting the prefabricated house should make sure about the delivery’s safety and make you aware of every little detail like time of departure, time of arriving, and traceability.


Warranty is the assurance that if some damage occurs with the prefabricated house at the time of delivery or in the future, the company will provide you with free repairing. This factor is essential to build trust in the customer.

It is a reliability exquisite that ensures the client that the manufacturer is thinking them out of the way and can provide them with any help. So, you need to know about warranty measures when you are buying a prefabricated home from China.

Building materials

When you are buying a prefabricated home from China, the first thing you should know about is the materials used in the manufacturing process. The materials set the foundation of the prehab house, and it determines how long the home will last in good condition. Most people think that prehab houses are built with gimmick materials, but it is not.

Prefabricated houses are made with essential materials for a traditional home. Steel, concrete, and wood are the most common constructors used. Now, the materials are not always the same as it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It depends on building specifications, efficiency rates, cost management, and other vital factors.

But it is confirmed that the sturdiness you get from a traditional home material will be the same in a prefabricated home.

Prerequisites of prefabricated house

Before your prefabricated house arrives, you have to do some preliminary steps, mainly the builder’s responsibility. These steps are essential as it prepares the land for the new building. The following steps you should follow before the house arrives:

  • Prepare the land property according to the building parameters.
  • Lay the entire foundation visual to understand where it will be fixed and how it will look.
  • Install the water system through a septic tank or the local sewer line system.
  • Do the proper procedures for gas lines, electrical grid, and other necessary utilities so that once the house arrives, you can connect it simply without any hassle.

These pre-assembly things should be in place otherwise you can run into major problems once the prefabricated house delivers.

Advantages of Prefabricated Homes 

Prefabricated homes deliver the consumer with various advantages such as:

  • Prehab homes are usually constructed in a climate-controlled environment, providing them with the sturdiness to withstand any weather condition. They are usually more reliable and durable than stick-built houses.
  • Prehab home construction occurs in an assembly-line fashion, and it is not like building one by one at a particular time. They cause way less waste than site-built homes.
  • Prehab homes are considerably cheaper than site-built ones as the facilities are available in areas where material and laboring cost is much lower than most places. The cost-saving percentage is 50% as compared to a typical site-building house.
  • Prefabricated homes are time-saving as they are efficient and built at a much higher speed than traditionally building a house.
  • Prefabricated homes are eco-friendly as there is no noise pollution or land pollution as every component is constructed in a safe and maintained surrounding.
  • Prehab houses are highly energy efficient. The builders tend to use greener products, solar panels, modern rainwater systems, tankless water heaters, and many others to make the model modern yet beneficial.
  • Prefabricated houses are easy and fast solutions. You can utilize them when you need to construct a house in a certain location on an urgent basis. You do not have to wait for 1 year as you can just place an order for a prefabricated house. And set up your house at the desired location.

The Final Takeaway 

Prefabricated homes are the next generation of traditional site-built houses for sure. They are like the evolutionary model that will start to excite things up. Prefabricated houses are not something you choose to be aesthetically pleased with or have an adventurous venture. But they are much more than that, as they contribute to practical usage more than designs or aesthetics.

Prefabricated houses are eco-friendling, time-saving, cheaper than traditional construction, highly energy-efficient, and have advanced technology. All these factors will make it an excellent experience for you. Now, China is one of the largest supply Chains for prehab houses. But you must know certain things when you are buying one from China.

The list of things will guide you to know what you want and what you prefer. You will only like the prefabricated house according to your imaginative vision. Prefabricated houses are the new way of living with advancement and technology.

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