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16 Apps Like  Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is an official web-based online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wiki, and other applications. It’s a web conferencing software that allows you to make conferences online by using an internet connection and building customer relationships to manage projects. It also gives access to invoicing applications for audio conversation for management purposes.

It’s a free remote support tool that allows you to support and screen-sharing sessions quickly. It helps to empower businesses across the globe as it’s a cloud-based app, and people trust to use this fantastic software access. It’s a user-friendly tool that quickly provides an on-demand connection with laptops, mobile devices, and servers.


  • Fast implementation
  • Web conferencing
  • User-friendly
  • Free remote access

Zoho assist Alternatives

    1: TeamViewer


    Team viewer is the world's most trusted remote access, control, and support software. It's a free application to download, and you get tremendous advantages through it, as it helps to improve your business skills. It gives full access to any device, including iPhones, Android, and pc, to work from anywhere and anytime. No VPN is required to open or run this software; it helps to solve all riddles and costs a free site to visit. It provides the most comprehensive…

    2: RescueAssist


    Rescue assist is a go-to assist remote support and trusted software used worldwide to simplify issues of any type. It helps to browse articles, video tutorials, user guides, and other resources to learn more. It provides easy access to view competitor websites to make changes to your webpage to improve. It's a web-based software that provides a smooth interface to run on Android, iPhones, and windows to work anywhere and anytime. It provides the best customer support and offers a…

    3: ManageEngine Remote Access

    ManageEngine Remote Access

    Manage engine remote access, as named, refers to a web browser engine that helps remote access and manages data automatically. It gives easy access through mobiles, iPhones, Linux, and windows to work anywhere without any fixed seat required. It's a free software application that access chat support, view solution, check event, highlights, and device management. It's an industrial-based software tool that provides step-by-step instructions to remove and troubleshoot network computers. It's a secure application that provides a protected environment to…

    4: Mikogo  


    Mikogo is a community networking software that provides easy and convenient access to its users. It offers remote control access to the desktop and a secure online meeting platform that ensures your privacy first. It's an ideal desktop-sharing tool for online sales, web presentations, or conferences. You can invite up to 25 participants to live sessions over the web as it’s online collaborating software that provides remote support and snaps view GmbH. It has a user interface that gives native…

    5: VNC Connect

    VNC Connect

    VNC Connect is a company that provides remote access software, a server, and client application for vital network computing. It gives access to control multiple computer screens remotely. It uses worldwide for personal and commercial users and provides the best server to control desktop screens. It's a free and secure application to download and manage all devices, including mac, Linux, windows, and Android, to use free-hand anywhere and anytime. It's the world's most powerful collaboration platform with high-quality video operator…

    6: LogMeIn


    LogMeIn is a secure remote access that works remotely with reliable sources and integrated tools. It allows you to control a computer from a different location using an internet connection, providing a smooth interface to your desktop and other apps; it seems like you are sitting in front of it. It's a networking community software that uses industry-standard algorithms for encryption and authentication and offers to protect the environment against external threats. It empowers your enterprise with everything it needs…

    7: ConnectWise Control

    ConnectWise Control

    Connect wise is an intelligent control, a self-hosted remote desktop and software application owned by Connect innovative and a software developer based in Tampa, Florida, and the United States. It allows you to control the desktop screen easily without any glitches, as it supports multiple devices, including windows, Linux, and mobile apps. It specially designs for individuals, remote workers, and IT teams to run their online business perfectly, remote endpoints, and boost your team's support capabilities. It's a trusted software…

    8: Splashtop


    Splash top is a family remote-desktop software that allows you to connect with multiple platforms to use easily. It's a support software solution to build an IT team and personal and financial business to access office computers and remote workers to empower them. It's a trusted software that gives high secure environment and protects with TLS encryption and device authentication. You can connect to your computer from any device with Splash top business access and from mobiles and windows. It's…

    9: ISLOnline


    ISL online is a reliable and simple remote desktop software that provides easy access methods to download. It gives remote control to multiple computer screens and live sessions to engage customers to vote and support your business queries to improve better. It provides technical support to your clients or works from home, from your mobile phones, laptop, and windows, and screen sharing technology enables you to work efficiently anywhere and anytime. It's an affordable application with fast and easy integration…

    10: Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome remote desktop is a Google Chrome extension webpage developed by Google, internally called Chroming. It allows a user to control another computer's desktop through the protocol remotely. It's a remote desktop software tool that provides access to your work from home and offices, views files, and manage database and other resources. You can access it while traveling or share your screen with friends and colleagues, as it provides an intuitive interface to run on your mobile devices, laptop, and…

    11: Dameware Remote Everywhere

    Dameware Remote Everywhere

    Dameware remote everywhere, as the name explains, provides complete access to multiple computer screens and user interface that gives access to run on Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop, windows, and Linux. It designs as an affordable, power ful cloud-based remote support and fast integration tool, including issue resolution, overview video, and administrator guide. It delivers on-demand support from anywhere as it uses worldwide; people mostly prefer to get remarkable advantages ahead. Professionals rarely use industrial scales, IT depart, and online businesses…

    12: Webex Remote                

    Webex Remote                

      Webex remote is an American company that develops and sells web conferencing and access to live sessions with friends, customers, and colleagues. It provides video conferencing also with good internet access to multiple screens. It's a contact service center founded as web EX in 1995, and its headquarters are in San Jose and California. It offers ultimate access to technical video support sessions with live chat. It's the world's best platform that uses millions of people worldwide to make…

    13: TightVNC


    Tight VNC is a free and open-source remote desktop software and the best server that provides easy access to control multi-screens. It's a software that offers client applications for Linux and Windows and interfaces for macOS and iOS. It works under the commercial source code and uses by professionals, and industry scales for business purposes uses worldwide. With Tight VNC, it allows you to see the desktop screen of a remote machine and control it with a local mouse and…

    14: UltraVNC


    Ultra VNC is an open-source remote access platform that provides administration and remote desktop software. It supports Microsoft Windows and Linux for its clients; the server only supports windows, an intuitive interface to engage with the audience and make conferencing. It uses VNC protocol to control and remotely access multiple screens and computers with a good network connection. It's a powerful and easy-to-use software that delivers free advantages worldwide, providing simple file transfer functions and a quick chat. It provides…

    15: DWService


      DW Service is a web-based application that use worldwide to promote high-scale industries, IT, and other sources to improve professional skills in the online field. It's a free and fast application that offers a service to allow remote access to computer desktops using a standard web browser, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry. It gives access to multiple screens remotely that seem like you're sitting in front of it. It uses all reasonable security measures to safeguard the information…

    16: AnyDesk


    Any desk is a remote desktop application, and GmbH software provides independent access to a personal computer and other devices. It offers remote control, file transfer, and VPN functionality and also gives a secure and intuitive interface that runs on Android, Mac, Chrome OS, and windows. It's the top-rated platform that provides many advantages to its users and helps professionals, industry-scale scopes, and other businesses to access workflow easily. You can access multiple screen sharing that seems like you are…

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