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13 Games Like Samsara Room

Rusty Lake’s samsara Room is a single-player casual adventure game for smartphones. In the game, the main character goes into a strange place with a phone, a mirror, a clock, and other things that don’t belong there. The player must figure out what’s happening and find a way out of this strange room.

This new take on the classic point-and-click adventure style has a lot of challenging puzzles and a moody soundtrack. The player doesn’t know how to interact at first, but as the game continues, he learns tips and tricks to help him reach his goals. The game can be played without an internet connection, which makes it great for when you’re on the go. The further the player goes, the more things they can look into and learn.


  • Hidden Mysteries
  • Environmental Interaction
  • Multiple Objects
  • Point-and-Click Adventure

Alternatives to Samsara Room

    1: Cube Escape: Paradox

    Cube Escape: Paradox

    Cube Escape: Paradox is a video game designed by Rusty Lake. It has the Adventure, Puzzle, and Single-Player genres. The player takes on the role of the main character, Dale Vandermeer, who wakes up in a dangerous hallway with no memory of what happened before. After thinking about it, the player realizes he is part of a crazy game set up by an enemy he hasn't seen in a long time. To get Dale's memory back, the player must guide…

    2: Rusty Lake Paradise

    Rusty Lake Paradise

    Rusty Lake Paradise is a scary single-player video game with puzzles, exploration, point-and-click, and a creepy atmosphere. After his mother dies, the main character, Jakob Eilander, the eldest son of the Eilander family, returns to Paradise Island. After that strange death, it looks like the island is cursed with the ten plagues. To stop the epidemic from spreading, the main character has to take part in some strange family rituals and look into her mother's secret memories. The game has…

    3: Cube Escape: The Lake

    Cube Escape: The Lake

    Rusty Lake's Cube Escape: The Lake is a puzzle adventure game with hidden objects and a single-player mode for Android and iOS. The player enters a 3D world and ends up in an empty cottage on a remote island. You can find fishing gear, a crowbar, and a knife inside the cabin. Get out into the world and go fishing if you want to change your fate. Point-and-click controls let players look around the place and move through the game.…

    4: Rusty Lake: Roots

    Rusty Lake: Roots

    Rusty Lake, a company that develops and publishes video games, has released a new game called Rusty Lake: Roots for several platforms. This game is an adventure with puzzles, psychological horror, and a lot of atmosphere for a single player. After planting a mysterious seed in the lush garden of his long-time home, the main character of the book changes. The point of the game is to add pictures to the player's family tree to make it bigger. The player…

    5: Rusty Lake Hotel

    Rusty Lake Hotel

    The studio created the adventure, point-and-click, psychological horror, and puzzle game Rusty Lake Hotel. It has a fun Point-and-Click game in the creepy Rusty Lake Hotel. It's easy to start playing but hard to stop, and there are a lot of challenging problems to solve. The hotel has a total of six rooms, and each one has its own set of challenging puzzles. There are five meals, each with an exciting host and guests. To move forward in the story,…

    6: The White Door

    The White Door

    The White Door by Rusty Lake is a puzzle/adventure/detective/ single-player game that can be played on different platforms. The player plays Robert Hill, the main character who is locked up in a Mental Health facility and has a lot of trouble remembering things for the whole course. The player's job is to help the main character sort through his dreams and remember things from his past. The game makes the player think it's easy but keeps throwing new problems at…

    7: Cube Escape: Birthday

    Cube Escape: Birthday

    Rusty Lake's Cube Escape: Birthday is an adventure, puzzle, and single-player video game for Android and iOS. The player must solve the mystery of the main character's birthday celebration. Also, the user may be able to interact with the world in a meaningful way to find hidden information and solve logical puzzles. There will be many characters to talk to, including the main character's parents and grandfather. Almost everything in the scene is there for a reason, so the player…

    8: Haunted Laia

    Haunted Laia

    Haunted Laia is an adventure and puzzle video game for a single player that Dark Dome created. In this game, the goal is to find a lost family by looking around a beautiful mansion. The plot is complicated, and there are a lot of puzzles to solve. Laia is the main character, and she is a woman. She hasn't heard from her family in three years and wants to know what happened to them. She has to figure out a…

    9: The Girl in the Window

    The Girl in the Window

    Dark Dome's first interactive story, The Girl in the Window, is told with a point-and-click interface. Twenty years ago, one of the homes in Hidden Town was the scene of a murder. Since then, the House has been left to fall apart. People in the town see a girl looking out the window. Strange things often happen in the area around this House. You discover more about the strange things that happened before the girl showed up in the empty…

    10: Unwanted Experiment

    Unwanted Experiment

    Dark Dome's Unwanted Experiment is a single-player puzzle and hidden object game for mobile devices. The game is fun to play, and you must figure out a strange puzzle before winning. The story is about a place called Hidden Town, where a scientist discovers the truth about some peculiar experiments that have been going around for a long time. People in the area say they have seen a strange animal near the scientist's research facility. All you have to do…

    11: Nowhere House

    Nowhere House

    The video game Nowhere House is a puzzle game with hidden object gameplay and a single-player mode that takes you to an exciting place where your ability to solve puzzles is of the utmost importance. This game takes place in Hidden Town, the home of an old witch. It was also the setting for the Unwanted Experiment game. She used spells that would kill the villagers and make them suffer so she could find out what they knew. One day,…

    12: Ghost Case

    Ghost Case

    Ghost Case, created by Dark Dome for mobile platforms like Android and iOS, is an Adventure and Single-Player Puzzle game. About 20 years ago, a murder occurred in a town called Hidden, and the person who did it was never caught. The main person in this story is a detective named Ren Larsen. He just got a mysterious message from beyond the grave. The message tells the investigator that the soul victim has not yet found peace. In short, the…

    13: The Past Within

    The Past Within

    The Past Within is a point-and-click adventure game designed by Rusty Lake. In this free-to-play game, you have to solve a mystery for a character who has died. But you won't be able to figure out what's going on unless you talk to someone from the past. You and a friend can play a game where you switch from the past to the future. Work together to solve the problems and help Rose carry out her father's plan. It is…

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