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7 Sites Like Piczel.tv

Piczel.tv gives users a single place to share and watch live multimedia content. Members can enter fun contests and vote for their favorite artists. If they want to share their video on Piczel.tv, they will need an RTMP encoder. You can link your Piczel.tv account to the open-source program OBS Studio and start streaming like a pro.

OBS Studio lets you record and stream movies and events online. It does this by taking data from your camera and microphone and turning it into a continuous stream of video and audio. The studio has presets for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch that make it easy to get the best resolution, bitrate, and frames per second for video playback on the user’s screen.


  • Stream the content
  • Create a picture gallery
  • Free-to-use
  • User’s screen in high-quality

Alternatives to Piczel.tv

    1: Fantia.jp


    Fantia is a platform that helps creative professionals from all walks of life—from illustrators and manga artists to cosplayers, video game developers, and VTubers—raise the money they need to realize their ideas and dreams. Becoming a member of a creator's fan club gives you access to exclusive content, discounts on limited-quantity goods (with additional features coming soon), and direct contact with the author. The chat and favorites features allow you to interact with other contributors to a specific project. To…

    2: u18chan


    U18chan is where furry fans get together every night to talk about business, swap stories, and have a good time. It has quickly become one of the most popular sites of its kind because it is so easy to use. This site is a paradise for anyone looking for obscure furry media because it is easy to use, and there are many ways to find and share such things. Here, you might find many things to help you make your…

    3: Skeb.jp


    Skeb is a Japanese website where you can order artwork from a pool of more than 45,000 Japanese artists at a low cost and without requiring human translation. The Japanese version of Skeb differs significantly from the commissions you'll find in the West. It is a middleman for hiring creatives to make visual or audio content (such as illustrations, voiceovers, animations, etc.). The main idea is those creators don't have to talk to each other and can sketch what they…

    4: Pawoo


    Pawoo is a Mastodon server managed by Russell. Beginning this past Tuesday, the 2nd of December, 2019, Russell has been the head honcho. Since it is a "place where you may enjoy imaginative pursuits and unrestrained discourse," its usage is open and accessible to anybody who wishes to partake. It was made so that Pixiv's creative community could better communicate and collaborate. Many Pawoo users are also artists who like showcasing their work on the site. Kazuharu Kina is one…

    5: Inkbunny


    Inkbunny, a virtual art gallery, you can find music, stories, comics, animations, and other creative works. Sign up for the site and do some research. The public will then give you feedback on your service for free. You can find interesting things to show off to your friends from the many galleries and sub-categories. People can get a lot of attention for their skills and talents through Inkbunny. You can also buy and sell goods and services and hire people…

    6: Picarto


    Picarto.tv is all about creative live streaming. The platform has many new and innovative features in this area, such as the ability to stream with friends simultaneously, private content display, and community engagement driven by revenue. Through the easy-to-use explore feature, viewers can find many streams of creative artists and join a great community. Members can enter fun contests and help their favorite creators get more attention by subscribing to their channels, watching their videos, and talking to them. On…