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16 Sites Like Metacafe

Metacafe is video sharing website. It is a Free video streaming website that uploads the newest and most popular videos daily, like movies, games, music, and sports. You can make your account on this site free of cost and download your desired videos anytime with some little process. A million people use this site and entertain their self.

You can download and share videos quickly and send feedback through comments. You can search your content rapidly and find the -updated and trending tabs. It is not just a site where you browse content but can also update your videos and share. Furthermore, you can create your channel and subscribe as well.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to connect
  • Upload, share, and save videos
  • Personalized own channel
  • Share your feedback with comments

Metacafe Alternatives

    1:  Uber Humor

     Uber Humor

    Uber Humor is a social website where you can watch funny items like photos, images, pictures, and quotes. On their official website, you can view comics, memes, and funny videos that make you entertained. Uber Humor is a free application that you can sign up for quickly, and if you want to watch funny ideas, then you prefer this platform. Million people worldwide visit this site and view comic content and hilarious pictures to make them laugh with no limit.…

    2: SomethingAwful


    SomethingAwful is a comedy website offering to watch daily internet news, digitally edit photos, and review scary movies. This site publishes various content just as feature articles, forums, and blogs, which you can read anytime. Moreover, this platform lets you view debates and discussions with one click. If you are searching for a platform that indicates the comedy goldmine, SomethingAwful is a suitable option. Millions of people around the globe visit their official site to get updates, which fascinates the…

    3: Upworthy


    Upworthy is a social website that spreads positivity. This site delivered stories to its users. Its purpose is to bring humanity daily. You can sign up quickly. The top stories are sent directly to your inbox, and you can read them easily. Many people share their articles about their journey, like their unique healthy habits, memories, and recipes. It tells rumors and real stories that relates to different peoples. Artists glad the viewers with their painting skills. If you want…

    4: Diply


    Diply is a social news website connecting the people they like the most. This site updates the news of celebrities, super cool DIYs, and another gossip. It is the second-largest entertainment platform that traverses many brands and other programs. This fastest-growing site entertains its viewers according to their desired videos. People can share their articles, videos, and memes. It is ranked in the top 100 most famous websites worldwide. You can sign up quickly and work as an employee for…

    5: 9gag


    9gag is an online social media website. You found and shared memes. It is the largest community where you upload your memes and increase your work of collections. People also see the latest, popular videos and news and enjoy the most. Million people visit the site daily and make new friends from their funny videos, and you can discover new funny gifs.  9gag gives breaking news to the viewers. You can sign up for free and visit the site anywhere.…

    6: Funny or Die

    Funny or Die

    Funny or Die is a comedy vedios website. It is a production company of film. Many house writer, director and producers enhance their work through this site. This site makes many comedy shows for their viewers. People can watch their favorite shows and movies online. It also plays shows about politics, awards, and controversies. Furthermore, live shows are also seen by users. Million people appreciate videos with voting. If the video is 80 percent or greater, it enters an immortal…

    7: The OatMeal

    The OatMeal

    The OatMeal is a comic and humor website. It designed games and original comics, and quizzes for its users. This site uploads a series of The OatMeal books where you can read about it. Books are found for grownup babies that they colored and learned, playing games that have fun for you. Furthermore, The OatMeal creates blogs, and this site's viewers can read blogs to entertain themselves. You can subscribe and follow, then get notifications in your inbox. People can…

    8: DropOut


    DropOut is an online video streaming platform. There is 8 number of episodes in a DropOut. It offers you a three-days trial during these days you would not pay any charge. You can download the app quickly, sign up, and receive all the new episodes from your favorite content. It has the features like downloading episodes and listens audio on the lock screen. It is independent and adds free site where you can watch new episodes in a weak. Dimension…

    9: InspireFirst


    InspireFirst is a website where you can teach about good Writing, art, and skills. From this site, you can become a high-yielding and worthwhile writer. You can learn about passive and non-passive income. This site provides you with some techniques to become a confident writer. Many bloggers get help from it to develop daily writing habits. You can get inspiration by reading stories here and preparing yourself to write motivational articles. The privacy policy secured your use of the site…

    10: Buzzfeed


    BuzzFeed is a social media news network that delivers all kinds of pieces of information. On their official site, you can view breaking news, various videos, celebrity news, delicious food recipes, and many more. Moreover, this platform lets you view quizzes and trendy transmissions with a single click. If you are searching for a platform that indicates all the latest news about the world, then Buzzfeed is a suitable option. People can often browse information according to the different categories…

    11: My Modern Met

    My Modern Met

    My Modern Met is an art and culture website where you can share your articles. This site's viewers enjoy the skills of painters, creative makers, traveling incidents, designer things, and many other kinds of art. This is one of the most popular sites from which users get an advantage. The customers give reviews about their purchasing that you upload and explain that they are satisfied. My Modern Met celebrates the day and announces the winner of people's choice photographer and…

    12: NotCot


    NotCot is an online magazine where everyone can upload their blogs. People can send articles about design, technical, jewelry, food, and drinks. If you want to publicity your skin care products, add pictures explaining the benefits of their applications, ingredients, etc. You can share about healthy foods and drinks which energetic for body growth. People can share things like a green farm that supplies vegetables. NotCot is online platform where you can advertise baby stuff like baby toys, clothes and…

    13: Viral Nova

    Viral Nova

    Viral Nova is an online publisher magazine where you can share your life stories and news worldwide. You show your cultural ideas and get feedback as well. People can share videos that entertain them. A million users connect with this site and explore themselves with others. You can read blogs about shocking incidents in your daily life. Videos about science can also be found here; you can search here for mind-blowing videos and photos easily. If you feel there is…

    14: This Blog Rules

    This Blog Rules

    This Blog Rules is an online magazine that publishes many kinds of articles, just as art, fashion designing, movies, music, and sports. Million people share their funny stories and videos and get their feedback. You can also upload your creative videos to users who like and appreciate them through comments. This website publishes many articles daily, and people then read and share. People share their graphic design art, Pop culture and report about technology. The passion for photography also enhances…

    15: Amusing Planet

    Amusing Planet

    Amusing Planet is a magazine that publishes art, design, incredible photos, adventuring, and hidden places worldwide. It publishes strange and exciting stories about history. This site explores the peculiar stories people can read here according to their interests. You can read about the landmark places. Amusing Planet shows the cultures of people that vary all around the world. If you have a habit of art, you will find many things about it. The site’s users can read different kinds of…

    16: Bored Panda

    Bored Panda

    Bored Panda is a publisher site all around the world. It opens out the excellent news and culmination of the artist's goals. This app works as an art designer for photography and enjoyable information. It is a better way rather than to waste your precious time on the internet. Million times, BoredPanda viewed on the internet self-funds it, rapidly heightens, and plays a significant role as a publisher. This app's primary purpose is to make people happier and feel joy.…

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