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17 Sites Like iStar Karaoke


iStar karaoke is software that professional host shows; it has worked for almost ten years in Google extension and gives valuable facilities for its users. It’s a good karaoke program for anyone looking for a simple solution. You do not need to carry heavy karaoke machines; download its software as it gives free access to play your favorite music at home and parties. It allows you to mix, rip and play mp3 music and customize your theme with its excellent managing tool.

It’s a free version for your windows, mac, and Android, giving an intuitive interface to its users. It provides a dual-screen display and records the voice of the music to sing and edit your songs. You can get audio and video format access, and it also includes background effects.


  • Playback music
  • Passable karaoke program
  • Manageable tool
  • Voice effects

iStar karaoke Alternatives


    1: Siglos Karaoke Professional

    Siglos Karaoke Professional

    Siglos karaoke Professional is a software that gives access to host shows and lets to play karaoke playlist songs. It allows users to control your presentations and make them better and more accessible to run. It's an application dedicated to those who love to sing their favorite tunes and allows them to create their own. It gives a smooth interface to run your karaoke playlist on your pc and mobile and store your files also. It provides a two-screen display…

    2: Selectatrack Burner

    Selectatrack Burner

    Select A track burner is a show hosting software that allows the creation of data, music, video, and bootable discs. It also customized DVD menus and rip and mix audio and video format. It's a free and easy way to burn CDG Discs at home and keep digital files for storage and playback on your pc. It provides a smooth interface that may run on your Android, macOS, and Windows. Its built-in software lets you quickly search, preview, purchase, and…

    3: Karaoke Player

    Karaoke Player

    Karaoke player is free software that gives 52k high-quality songs recorded in a professional studio. It provides access to your device and instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine. It's the most popular application that people worldwide gives prefer to download. It provides a smooth interface to run on your mobiles, windows 8, Linux, and pads to enjoy music and relax. It gives a dual-screen display and an additional window to move to your external monitor or video projector. It allows…

    4: KJams


    K jam is a professional software that allows you to host shows, rip, mix, and play CD+G discs. It helps to create a playlist of your songs by sorting names, artists, and albums as it's a pro programming software allowing users to export songs in any QuickTime format. It has excellent limitations regarding the audio and video format supported at the input. It's free and safe to download its latest version, given multiple facilities, and millions of people prefer this…

    5: Just karaoke 2.0

    Just karaoke 2.0

    Just karaoke 2.0 is a professional software works for almost ten years to serve worldwide. It's a built-in platform that helps users design, create and manage their karaoke shows. It provides a fully customized library to mix rap, audio, and video format. It also offers easy options to make short track of karaoke to search, preview, purchase, and download MP3 files. It provides a smooth interface to run on windows, Linux, and Android to access easily anywhere without glitches. It…

    6: ARIA Karaoke

    ARIA Karaoke

    ARIA karaoke is a new free karaoke player that allows you to play your karaoke music. It gives access to play audio and video songs from your favorite playlist. You can manage and store your playlist data in one place. Its software designed to host professional shows. You do not need to carry extensive heavy machine systems to your gigs and house parties; it offers a smooth interface to run on your pc, Android, and windows. It also allows you to…

    7: Kanto Karaoke

    Kanto Karaoke

    Kanto karaoke is original software that gives access to play karaoke music in audio and video formats. It supports multiple formats, including MP3, zipper MP3 G, Mid, and WAV G. it's a professional and innovative software with various facilities that engage people worldwide to use this application. It provides a smooth interface, so you do not need to carry heavy karaoke machines to play your track on your mobiles and windows. It's the best musical tool that allows you to…

    8: KaraFun Player

    KaraFun Player

    Kara fun player is similar to karaoke player and gives the same features to its users. It provides high-quality songs in a professional studio and regular updates. It's the original webpage on Google index as it gives access to create a demo, mix, rip, and play audio video formats. Its multimedia player can play MP3, MID, OGG, WAV, ACC, and other karaoke files. You do not need heavy machines to play, and host shows give easy access from Android, macOS,…


    Karaoke is the best karaoke machine that gives access to ultimate reviews and a guide to find out top-rated karaoke machines for homes, parties, and other events. The device is a simple music player that gives microphone input, an amplifier, and speakers for audio information. You can sing on the microphone, and the system plays background music. Having a karaoke machine at home gives more benefits to celebrate occasions and fun parties organized and get together; you do not…

    10: UltraStar Deluxe

    UltraStar Deluxe

    Ultra star deluxe is a free, open-source platform that offers karaoke games for your pc. It allows six players to sing along with music using a microphone to get scores. It gives a karaoke album to sing, download and store your favorite song. It allows to play songs in audio and video format; the file format includes MP3, DivX, XviD, and WMV. It provides an updated and new attractive games mode with smooth interface support and runs on your mobile…

    11: QMIDI


    QMidi is the ultimate multimedia karaoke player, where you can organize your album by creating a music playlist. It allows playing many media files, including movies and formats like MP3, DVD, and other audio plays. It’s real-time pitch shifting, time stretching, and the ability to display a karaoke playlist of your choice. You can sing your songs and play them sequentially. It has an intuitive interface that can use immediately from your android, Linux, iPhone, and windows. Also, it gives…

    12: Walaoke


    Walaoke is a karaoke player that gives access to play your favorite songs from a karaoke playlist. You can organize your pieces by video and audio voice using a live camera; it provides soft background music to create more reliably. It’s a built-in software, and millions of people worldwide use this application to enjoy at home and makes a party environment with the need for heavy karaoke machines. It’s a free download app in the Google app store and allows…

    13: Smule


    Smule is an American mobile application developer with its headquarters in san Francisco. The company specializes in developing social music and gives access to make your music playlist. It provides an easy user interface to collaborate from IOS, Android, and the web so that you can play your favorite karaoke music anywhere and anytime. It offers 10 million songs with lyrics and customizes audio and video formats, including MP3, FX Pro, and many others. Also, you can sing, create and…

    14: karaoke5


    Karaoke5 is the best community network application that provides audio file format, including K5, KAR, MP3, WMA, MP3+G, and video player, including MP4, FLV, etc. it’s the best karaoke program for professionals and beginners, allows for singing, customized their songs and make your playlist album. It gives user interface download for windows and macOS to listen to your favorite karaoke music easily anywhere and anytime. You do not need a heavy karaoke machine for events, parties, and home occasions. It’s…

    15: PC DJ Karaoki

    PC DJ Karaoki

    Karaoke software allows karaoke hosts to play karaoke files and display lyrics. LYRX is the newest karaoke-specific software that works on Mac and widows. Modern and snappy karaoke hosting software that sets a new standard system. Karaoke is an entertainment solution for today. It is managed signer rotation, singer song history, and automated filler music player: party time karaoke subscription support, essential control, multiple supports, and more. Since 2002, has been a leading innovator and provider of professional karaoke software.…

    16: TunePrompter


    Tune prompter is a web-based program that allows you to make your karaoke videos, music, and audio in a more accessible way. It will enable you to play your favorite songs from your karaoke playlist. Its playlist includes thousands of top karaoke music. It’s a free application software to download; you do not need heavy machines to carry. It has a user interface that supports your mobiles, mac, and windows to play your track anywhere and anytime and create a…

    17: OkeOke


    Okeke is free karaoke software. It can also use as a media management program. The application was developed based on Microsoft. It also provides robust remote control and can select songs and playlists remotely using a Smartphone web browser. The application uses Player to play media files. The application can easily select the audio track channel or adjust the audio pitch etc. It makes the application easier to move around on an external hard disk. It can easily use, and…

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