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29 Azimo Alternatives

Azimo is an online money-transferring institute. It is a licensed and registered platform through which people can transfer from one recipient to another. You can transit your money and get all analyzing reports. It is mainly used for business matters like paying customers and other bills. The other good thing is that it has a low cost of remittances around the globe.

If you want to send money to your partner and are unsure about security, this platform helps you. Transfer your money through the cash pick-up method, then select your provider; once the procedure is completed, an email is sent to you and your recipient. Roundabout 195 countries use Azimo to send money from person to person.


  • Free of cost
  • Move money anywhere
  • Easy payment solutions
  • Online service
  • Save and security

Similar to Azimo

    1: GOODPay


    GoodPay is an online wallet app that saves your information about sending and receiving money. It provides security to their users about the money they pay or receive. This app helps people through financial services and solves their problems in just one place. This card is used in many places, like boarding passes, tickets, etc. Moreover,  Students can get benefits through this card, like paying in the Caffey shop for snacks on campus, in the laundry works, and in the…

    2: Mobile Payment Solutions

    Mobile Payment Solutions

    Mobile payment solution is an online app that pays your bills online through your mobile devices. On the fastest and busiest days, people shop online from their mobile devices at home, office, workplace, riding, or anywhere. They shop on their mobiles, so various solutions for paying bills are available. is the most popular and valuable solution for paying the bill. A million customers use this solution for their ease. Stipe is another payment solution for credit cards, international currencies,…

    3: Fidesmo Pay

    Fidesmo Pay

     Fidesmo is an online payment card organized to pay bills online from mobile devices. It provides contactless opportunities in one platform. The wearable payment policy benefits you through a payment card or cash. Wearable things like rings, necklaces, and bangles have small NFC chip cards that can be connected to your payment card. Many other fashion brands' wearables can be paid for through Fidesmo. Public transport ticketing is easy with the help of this card. They work to complete their…

    4: Paysley


    Paysley is an online payment solution that makes your life easier. You don't need to download this app or register. It is simply easy to use with just one click. You can also scan the QR code and get all the information about your things. After reviewing, make the payment successful, and your work will be completed in just a few minutes. To access this service, you must create an account on Paysley, which will be paid monthly. It helps…

    5: Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

    Apple pay is an online mobile payment service organized to make possible payments from person to person. You can access it from devices like IOS, Apple watches, iPhones, and IPad. To avail of this service, an internet connection is required on your Iphone. You have to add your credit card or debit to your wallet and go on. The fee is deducted from the amount transferred; it is minimum or maximum, depending on your amount. If you are worried about…

    6: PayMaya


    PayMaya is an online payment transfer app organized for customers to secure online payments. You need to create an account on it and then send money for your purposes. This app contacts you with a simple interface and provides complete guidance. If you are doing your own business and are worried about online payments, your solution is here because this platform is designed for that purpose. You can manage more manageable payments and security. This app offers a flexible payment…

    7: Walmart Pay

    Walmart Pay

    Walmart is an online touch-free payment app designed to pay without credit or debit cards. You must download this app on your mobile, open it, and select your payment method. If you are shopping and do not bring your payment cards, there is nothing to worry about. You can pay through this app, scan the QR code, and receive the product information. A signal from the customer's scan is sent to the Walmart Pay server confirming that item you purchased.…

    8: PhonePe


    PhonePe is an online payment app organized to pay all your bills offline and online. If you want to recharge your mobile, you can use your credit or debit cards and BHIM UPI. Moreover, you can buy the insurance plan on PhonePay and make investments. You can trust it because it saves and secures your information and satisfies you with all your payments, investments, funds, and other banking works. If you are shopping and do not have your payment cards,…

    9: UnionPay


    UnionPay is an online mobile payment service designed for secure and easy payment. You can access its service by connecting banking resources and the methods of UnionPay method. This platform has a wide range of uses and procedures that you should follow to make transactions possible. The mission of this app is to make payments secure and accessible by your mobile using any bank account during its QR code, quick mobile pass, and transit QR code. You can download this…

    10: Strike


    Strike is an online mobile payment service that people follow to send money around the globe. You can send and receive your money in minutes quickly. If you want to build your own business or make investments and are unsure where is save, then use this site. It thoroughly guides you and secures your investment for your bright future. You can use this app to buy and sail bitcoin and small amounts of transactions. Furthermore, send money to friends. It…


    Coin. Ph is an online payment service. In the fastest world nowadays, people are too busy and manage their work on mobile through the internet. This platform helps you pay your bill and make payments from your mobile device. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies speedily. This app is safe and secure because it is registered and licensed legally. You can connect with this app because they need people to build the crypto and web3. You can log in or…

    12: Dash


    Dash is an online money transfer service organized for people to send money anywhere from one place to another. It is easy to send money to your friends near you at ATM. Million people around the world use this app freely financially. You can download a mobile Dash wallet quickly and start to solve your everyday payment problems. You can pay your bills on Dash and read the deadlines that are important to know you. You can save money and…

    13: Facebook Pay

    Facebook Pay

    Facebook Pay is an online free payment app designed to make payments easy, secure, and instantly. To make accessibility quickly, you should use Meta pay on your Facebook account. If you want to entertain yourself and don't understand what to do, open Meta Pay and buy your favorite games. You can also send feedback to the gamers. If your friends need funds for causes, use this app to donate to them satisfactorily. Your payments send to them directly as funds…

    14: Payconiq


    Payconiq is an online mobile app for bank payments, merchants, and other transactions. The other good part of this site is that it provides the solutions or costs that make the way easy. It is intelligent and proven technology that is helpful in outreach and payment processing. You can use the QR code to pay. You can scan the code through this app or other payment methods from your mobile device and receive the amount you pay. Payconiq app has…

    15: Samsung Pay

    Samsung Pay

    Samsung pay is an online payment service. It is better and accepts more places while others app not. You can download it easily and sign up with just one click. People can use this app in their department stores, favorite coffee shops, and other grocery shops where they want to purchase things. People can add credit and debit cards to Samsung Pay and buy from anywhere. You can also benefit from a Samsung wallet, receive all the features, and make…

    16: UbexPay


    Ubexpay is an online mobile payment service designed for people for better business. It provides you help who has started their eCommerce and made clients in foreign countries. If they are unsure about secured payments, this platform guides them thoroughly. You can download it quickly and create an account with just one click. It has a simple interface and is accessible to everyone who starts the work. You can manage your money according to international standards. It is multi currencies…

    17: GrabPay


    GrabPay is an online mobile payment app organized for people to go out cashless. It is a wallet provider app that allows you to pay online through your mobile device while shopping, paying bills, food delivery charges, or doing anything you do in your daily routine. Its grab-pay rewards policy attracts people to them because they get rewards at every transaction. If you are in a hurry and going somewhere, use this app to make your ride quickly and arrive…

    18: Zelle


    Zelle is an online money transfer service for people who want to send or receive money instantly. If you are working out of the country, far away from your family, or want to help them, there is nothing to worry about; this platform allows you to send your money to them securely and safely. Your receiver gets the cash from any bank, no matter if it differs from yours because Zelle works in many banking apps. You can access this…

    19: Lydia


    Lydia is an online mobile application designed for people who transfer money. Million people worldwide use this app with security and authenticated biometric system to move their money with trust. This app has a simple interface with an easy downloading app and quick sign-up. You can create an account on it, make your profile private, and share depending on you. You can update your profile anytime and making transferring so efficient. With this app, you can move your money foreign…

    20: DANA


    Dana is an online payment service. It allows its users to be cashless and cardless with the help of this app. With just one touch, you can pay money through barcode scans, bills, and e-commerce. It has a simple interface with the digital Dana wallet that is safe and secure with ease. It gives you the 24 hours security with high-level technology so that you can trust it completely. If you are away from your home and want to move…

    21: Airtm


    Airtm is an online payment solution. You can send or receive money anytime worldwide. The other fantastic thing is that you can move your money without any commission fee. You can withdraw your cash with any payment method, depending on you. This platform allows its users to use 400 methods of p[ayment, that's why millions of people around the globe use this app with satisfaction. Users can create an account with one click and access the service with a good…

    22: QFPay


    QFPay is an online payment solution service. You can download this app free on your mobile device and access the service with a simple interface. You can move your money anytime ain worldwide. QFPay is a partner of Alipay and WeChat and processes your payments with security and safety. Million people around the world use this app to move their money instantly. It provides you with the QR code scan and point of sail (POS) method. The fantastic thing about…

    23: Bakkt


    Bakkt is an online payment solution app. This app connects with food industries and hospitals and helps people financially to make payments quickly and fast; if you are starting your own business and want to attract people to you, then this app help guides you to make your customers happy. Through this app, you can pay with loyalty currencies and cryptocurrencies with ease. When the users follow these methods, they feel a seamless experience. There are many ways to pay;…

    24: Verse


    Verse is an online mobile payment service that is organized for people to move their money with a safe and easy method. You should send a text message to send money to your family and friends. When you want to pay bills with many friends and have trouble calculating, there is nothing to worry about. With the help of Verse, if you pay one, it pays back you a couple of clicks with correction. Another good thing about this app…

    25: Blockonomics


    Blokonomics is an online permissionless payment solution app. You can download this app free of cost, making payments service fast and easy. If you shop anywhere, pay through this app with your email address. There is no need for any KFC documentation. With this app, you can accept the bitcoin payment through your wallet. You can invoice anonymously and manage your setting like a bank. Another good thing about this site is no need to install it; you can directly…

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