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16 Wise Game Booster Alternatives

Wise Game Booster is a free software utility designed to optimize your Windows PC for gaming by shutting down unnecessary system processes and services, freeing up system resources and RAM, and improving the overall performance of your computer. The software offers a simple interface with several options, including a one-click boost feature that can automatically optimize your system for gaming. You can also manually select which processes and services to shut down and which to keep running.

Wise Game Booster also includes a feature to defragment game files, which can help improve loading times and reduce game stuttering. Additionally, the software allows you to create an allowlist of programs that will not be affected by the optimization process.


  • Optimization
  • Wishlist
  • Simple interface
  • Free

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    2: MSI Afterburner

    MSI Afterburner

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    3: JetBoost


    JetBoost is a software tool designed to help improve the performance and stability of Windows computers. It is developed by Blue Sprig, a software company specializing in system optimization tools.JetBoost allows users to quickly and easily optimize their computer's performance by temporarily disabling unnecessary system services and background processes. It can help free up system resources and improve system speed and responsiveness.JetBoost also includes several other features, such as a game mode that optimizes system performance for gaming, a power…

    4: Smoothping


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    5: Razer Cortex

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    6: GeForce Experience

    GeForce Experience

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    7: Kill Ping

    Kill Ping

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    8: Battleping


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    9: Pingzapper


    Pingzapper is a VPN service that offers an optimized gaming network to reduce ping times and lag and improve the overall gaming experience. It was created in 2014 by a team of gamers who wanted to solve the common problem of high latency and packet loss in online gaming. Pingzapper is designed to reroute game traffic through a dedicated server network to reduce the distance and number of hops between the user's computer and the game server. It helps to…

    10: Haste


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    11: Mudfish


    Mudfish is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service designed specifically for online gaming. It was developed by a Korean company called Mudfish Networks and offered a unique approach to VPN services. Instead of providing a general VPN connection, Mudfish offers a "pay-per-traffic" model where users only pay for the data they use. It uses a technology called "Multi-Path Routing" to optimize the internet connection for online games. This technology routes the user's traffic through the most efficient path available, reducing…

    12: NoPing Tunnel

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