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12 Sites Like Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a question-and-answer platform operated by Yahoo. allow users to ask questions on various topics and get answers from other Yahoo community members. Yahoo Answers is free to use and doesn’t show annoying ads. Yahoo provides a platform for people to seek advice, share knowledge, and engage in discussion to enhance their knowledge and information.

Users can get answers on various topics such as science, technology, health, education, math, entertainment, and more and other users respond to these questions with their answers. You will notify when someone gives answers to your question. Also, Yahoo Answers allows users to vote for their favorite answers.


  • Voting system
  • Push notifications
  • Wide community
  • Privacy and security
  • Free service
  • Simple dashboard
  • Allow many customizations

Yahoo Answers Alternative

    1: JustAnswer


    JustAnswer is an online learning tool. Users can ask any question of any category at any time and anywhere. Experts are available on JustAnswer anytime; whenever users ask any question, it connects them with the relevant expert for your question. That web application allows users to communicate with experts via text or chat till they have your answer. Members can make conversations 24/7, so users are free to ask questions whatever the time is. JustAnswer collects twelve thousand experts from…

    2: Fluther


    Fluther is an online question-answer tool that helps users to solve their problems. That platform provides a place where people can ask questions, give answers and solve their problems by reading other opinions and answers. Users have to register to use Fluther; after registration, users post their quizzes and questions the other Fluther users can respond to their posts. Fluther provides a chat option to their users to generate better relations between people. That web application has access to topics…

    3: is a quiz web application. Users can ask any quiz and get quick answers in a few seconds. Users have to register themselves to use That web application has a grip on all subjects such as maths, science, history, Business, Support, Social science, and more. Users can create accounts and maintain their profiles. You can tag your important answer for revision. suggest you more questions depending on your search history. offers competitions where students can answer…

    4: ASKfm


    ASKfm is a question-answer web application. It is very entertaining to use. On that site, you can learn more than other people. ASKfm allows you to set a profile and add your friends to make your community. When any user posts their question, it will show on other friends' feeds so your friends can answer. Users can ask questions to their friends anonymously or not. Also, you can follow your friend to see all the questions they have answered. ASKfm…

    5: Blurtit


    Blurtit is a web application designed to help people. That tool provides people a platform to help each other, ask, grow, and learn. On Blurtit, people ask questions, and regular users give the answers according to their knowledge or opinions. That application allows users to rate the answer and also, users can review answers; users can add important answers to their favorites. Blurtit is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users can download and install the application for free but…

    6: is an online website that helps people to solve problems. That tool allows you to find what you are looking for in a very close time. provides incognito mode, so users can browse and search privately by using that mode. Users can create new tabs and switch easily from one tab to another. Users can download and can organize inside the application. gives you a search bar where you can quickly find any word or phrase from…

    7: Expert Exchange

    Expert Exchange

    Expert Exchange is a web application that offers a platform to solve problems. Users can ask questions, get answers, help professionals, and do more. It is easy to access; users can access it anywhere. Expert Exchange is also available on both Android and iOS as an application. Users can access many key features from mobile applications. Users can ask and answer different types of questions about different topics such as tech, politics, science, arts, and math. Expert Exchange has the…

    8: StackExchange


    StackExchange is an online platform that helps people to solve their problems. Users can ask questions and get solutions very quickly. Users must have to sign up for using StackExchange. That tool can access all data types, such as science, politics, history, medicine, social, business, economy, and more. Users can rate the answer, which feels very useful. StackExchange also suggests the most accurate solutions according to your search. You can ask questions anytime, from anywhere. There is no restriction about…

    9: Ask Me Help Desk

    Ask Me Help Desk

    Ask Me Help Desk is a web application that helps people to solve problems. It helps people grow and learn. Users can ask for quizzes, and other users give a solution to that quiz. Ask Me Help Desk has the most advanced customer service. Ask Me Help Desk is the fastest question-answer web application. People get answers in just a few seconds with a hundred percent accuracy. That tool has a lot of customization options. Ask Me Help Desk is…

    10: wikiHow


    wikiHow is a web application that serves billion people to learn how to solve problems on small or significant levels. That tool has credentialed experts, a group of trained researchers, etc. wikiHow has coverage on various subjects such as arts and entertainment, family life, finance and business, health, home and garden, pets and animals, etc. wikiHow relies on its trained editors to create; edit, and improve articles. Users can add media and graphics to the article to enhance the learning…

    11: The AnswerBank

    The AnswerBank

    The AnswerBank is a web application that helps people to solve problems. That tool offers people a platform to help each other. People are free to ask questions and learn more. People can ask questions about any subject, such as history, maths, science, support, Business, Social science, and more. There is no need to create an account to use it. That application allows users to tag or flag their favorite answers to reread. The AnswerBank provides 24/7 service; users can…

    12: Answerbag


    Answerbag is a web application designed to solve problems. That platform provides a comfortable environment for people to meet and solve problems together. Users can ask questions about different topics such as history, math, science, business, social science, and more. Answerbag allows users to flag important questions. That tool serves you the best services without showing annoying ads. Answerbag is only available as a web application. It helps billions of people to learn how to deal with problems. It provides…

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