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27 XPRESSO Alternatives

XPRESSO is a groundbreaking system that creates personalized avatars from a single image. It has developed by researchers at the University of Bath and Facebook Reality Labs, XPRESSO uses deep learning algorithms to create a realistic and expressive 3D avatar that closely resembles the person in the original image.

The technology has potential applications in virtual and augmented reality, gaming, and social media. With XPRESSO, users can easily create and use a digital version of themselves in various contexts, from online gaming to video conferencing. It also generates excitement and interest in the research and tech communities, and its potential uses are just beginning to explore.


  • Personal avatar
  • Learning algorithm
  • 3d avatar
  • Digital version

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Updated on: March 24, 2023

Myidol is a popular virtual application with a significant ranking among younger generations. The app allows users to create 3D virtual avatars that resemble themselves, which they can customize with various outfits, hairstyles, and accessories. It also equips multiple social features, allowing users to connect with other users and share their avatars on social platforms. In addition, Myidol provides a unique AI-powered chatbot that helps users to interact with their avatars naturally and conversationally. It is simply an entertaining app…

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