Senren Banka Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

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Senren Banka Guide - Best Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will highlight the tips and tricks of Senren*Banka, a Japanese-style visual novel created by Yuzusoft, a developer of romance visual novels. This game was the anniversary gift Yuzusoft offered to commemorate its tenth anniversary. The game, released in Japan the year after its release, won several awards for its art, music, and characters.

The art style of Senren Banka is uniquely beautiful and charming, which made it stand out from other Japanese visual novels. The art style is influenced by traditional Japanese paintings and prints from the Edo period (1603-1868) and modern Japanese professional artists.

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Beginner’s Guide

There are four versions of the Senren Banka game, the simplified Chinese version, the Traditional Chinese version, the English version, and the Japanese version (in addition to in-game switching). The STEAM version supports cloud storage, up to 26 achievements, and handles control functions. You can also change the settings menu’s text speed, window size, and display options. This guide is based on playing the game in English with the default settings.

You can select the name of your protagonist and the heroine, as well as their hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. You can also select which dialogue options you prefer to hear.

The game is divided into multiple chapters; each chapter has a series of dates with one or two heroine(s). The main story always progresses forward regardless of whether you’re dating anyone or not. The game ends when you have achieved all endings or failed to achieve any end.

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Tips and Tricks

Senren Banka Guide
  • The game has three save slots. Save at different slots to achieve different endings or avoid bad endings.
  • There is a walkthrough for the entire game that you can find here.
  • You can’t save manually; the game automatically saves when you reach certain points in the story.
  • You can, however, rewind to previously saved points by pressing the left arrow key while on a date. The game will load to the last point you kept at to go back and choose different dialogue options if you desire.
  • The trophy for achieving all endings is not retroactive (i.e., if you accomplish a finish after beating the main story, it won’t count).


In conclusion, Senren Banka is a fun otome game with great music and an interesting story. I like how there’s a good mix of romance and suspense in this game. If you enjoy otome games or want to try one out for the first time, You will like Senren Banka!

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