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25 Sites Like Scribl

Scribl is a unique publishing platform that allows authors to reach their audience while retaining creative control. Unlike traditional publishing houses, Scribl will enable authors to publish their work on their terms, with complete control over pricing and distribution. In addition to ebooks, Scribl offers audiobooks and serialized fiction, making it a one-stop shop for authors and readers alike.

The platform also provides innovative tools like the “CrowdPricing” feature, which allows readers to influence the price of a book based on demand. With Scribl, authors have the power to create, publish, and market their work on their terms, while readers have access to a diverse and exciting range of content.


  • Unique publishing platform
  • Control on overpricing
  • Creative content
  • On-demand content
  • Easy to access

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Updated on: April 25, 2023
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