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33 Stores Like Reformation

There are a lot of ladies out there who would want to be able to appreciate their feminine physique, but they just don’t have the clothing to accomplish so. The clothing boutique known as Reformation intends to establish a niche for itself by focusing on the creation of “effortless silhouettes that appreciate the feminine shape.”

So, no matter what body type you have, you will be able to locate the appropriate clothes that suit your form better than any other clothes.

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Updated on: May 2, 2024

1: Pacsun


Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC, which is situated in California, is a firm that sells garments under the memorable brand name PacSun. Are you taken aback by the inclusion of "Sunwear" in the name of the company? PacSun was once just a little surf shop in Seal Beach, California, offering products from well-known surf brands when it first opened its doors. As a result of the company's growing popularity, it quickly broadened its product offerings to include brands of skate…

2: Lazy Oaf


Lazy Oaf is a brand that beats UNIF to the core when the conversation is about plain essentials that are easy to match up for any occasion. As a result, mixing and matching your wardrobe has just become a less intimidating process, thanks to Lazy Oaf. They have a range of clothes in vivid and eye-catching hues, which warps a wide sense of individualism and comedy. These colors may be appropriate for wearing in a casual setting, but they are…

American Apparel is most known for its production of simple T-shirts in a single color, but the company has branched out into other product categories in recent years, including leggings, tank tops, vintage clothing, nail polish, denim, dresses, and accessories. It serves not just ladies but also men, children, and even canines, in addition to children and youngsters. Every item that is sold at American Apparel embodies a seductive vibe that can only be found in the city of Los…

Dolls Kill is one of the few online stores that sell its own merchandise, which contributes to its quick expansion and makes it one of the fastest-growing online retailers in the World. It is a retail outlet that is edgy just for the purpose of being edgy, frequently venturing further than the majority of people who are interested in fashion will dare to go. Fans of the shop may also be aware that it is the only store that uses…



UNIF Clothing is an online shopping business for those women who desire to acquire attractive garments. It is comparable to Doll Kills but provides tonnes of fresh fashion trends that make it better than others. All its trendy garments, accessories, and shoes are specially designed by a professional staff who regularly refreshes this site to provide something new and fascinating. One of the most intriguing things about this online store is that it features a coming soon area to know…

6: Windsor


The array of colors, designs, and patterns that are seen on Instagram fashion accounts are dazzling. This is something that Windsor, a firm that focuses on producing fashionable clothing, is extremely aware of. This online shop caters solely to female customers and infuses each piece in its inventory with a healthy helping of sensuality, complete with a dash of romance, a sprinkling of insta-baddie, and a heaping tablespoonful. Customers typically come to Windsor for the range of lingerie and formal…

7: Tillys


Tillys is a nationwide apparel retailer with over 200 locatins and a user-friendly website for those who want to do their shopping online. Its headquarters are located in Irvine, California. The website's interface is straightforward, much like that of the majority of other online clothes retailers. When you spend more than $49, you'll get free delivery on your order. In the clearance area that is only accessible online, you may find additional special deals, such as discounts ranging from 30…

Forever 21 is a well-known retailer in the fashion industry that carries its own label of apparel. The first retail location of the firm opened in 1984, and it initially focused on providing apparel for ladies. Today, Forever 21 sells women's clothes, men's clothing, children's clothing, plus-size clothing, and accessories for lifestyles. In the past, they had problems with the way workers were treated and with some of the designs that were made available. Despite this, the firm has now…

To tell you the truth, we would suggest Nordstrom to any kind of customer because it offers such a diverse assortment of apparel, accessories, and home products available for purchase. However, the store also offers certain products from Urban Outfitters, such as a large number of BDG pieces, in addition to graphic shirts, attractive tanks, easy denim, and a plethora of loungewear, all of which have the same UO spirit and are priced similarly to the UO merchandise. Nordstrom Alternatives

27: Shopbop


Everything in Shopbop is quite on-trend and ahead of the fashion curve, despite the fact that there is a lot of product to sort through there, ranging from high-end designer duds to more cheap fashions. Although the prices of the bulk of Shopbop's assortment are far greater than those at UO, the retailer nevertheless offers a large number of selections that are not overly costly. Be sure to spend some time browsing the site's large handbag, shoe, and jewelry categories,…

28: Target


We went there to get somebody to wash, but we ended up leaving with a completely new workstation set-up, four new throw pillows, and a full-length mirror instead. But there is a reason we're constantly so tempted to browse the home aisle at Target: it contains really exciting and gorgeous products that appear much more luxurious than their low price tags would indicate. Fans of urban design are likely to adore the Opalhouse and Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collections…

Although Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are both owned by the same parent company, Anthropologie's apparel has a much more mature vibe to it and carries a higher price tag than Urban Outfitters' merchandise does. Its good home assortment, on the other hand, has the same bohemian, vintage flavor as UO's, but the quality is clearly superior, which means that the items will last you for years and are definitely worth the extra money. Anthropologie Alternatives

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