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Rapid Fire Art is a website that provides free online drawing tutorials and resources for artists of all levels. The site was founded by Darlene Nguyen, a self-taught artist who wanted to share her knowledge and experience with others.The tutorials on Rapid Fire Art cover a wide range of topics, from basic drawing techniques to more advanced concepts like perspective, figure drawing, and shading.

Each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and tips to help artists improve their skills. In addition to the tutorials, Rapid Fire Art also offers resources such as reviews of art supplies, a blog with articles on various art-related topics, and a community section where artists can share their work and receive feedback.


  • Drawing ideas
  • Latest techniques
  • Improve skills
  • Tutorial

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Updated on: March 29, 2023

Josiah Alan Brooks, named Jazza, is an Australian YouTuber, artist, animator, and presenter. He is best known for his entertaining and educational art tutorials, which showcase his unique and quirky style. Jazza has a large following on YouTube and other platforms, where he shares his artwork and offers advice and guidance to aspiring artists to enhance their skills. In addition to his art tutorials, Jazza also creates animations, digital art, and traditional art using a variety of mediums. He is…

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