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18 MoonSearch Alternatives

Moon Search provides its user with a free service to get a detailed view of their website. It gives access to analyze your competitor’s website. It offers complete information on websites’ external links and organic keywords and a detailed description of the number of daily and monthly visitors, IP address, location, providers, etc.

It helps you to maintain high traffic n your website and increase your ranking. It allows you to measure data updates daily in real time. It processes data and produces results at a significant speed.


  • Flow rating
  • Real-time advantage
  • Domain analysis
  • High-speed index

Moon search Alternatives

    1: Monitor Backlinks

    Monitor Backlinks

    Monitor backlink is a straightforward dashboard and the best monitoring tool for links and keywords. It checks the good and bad backlinks for you. It is the best tool for SEO, and marketing, to grow their business. It will help you to boost traffic by building excellent links on your website. It protects and updates new links on your site and allows you to create relationships with other high-authority sites. It fights against negative SEO spam links coming to your…

    2: Bing Links Explorer

    Bing Links Explorer

    Bing links explorer has been a part of webmaster tools since June 2012. It provides an easy way to search for links and keywords that are good for your website. Maintaining the ranking speed of your business helps a lot. Being an explorer, it performs a specific role to do its job better. It accesses through your window live ID. It provides URLs, including the number of clicks, impressions, and backlinks. It is a one-stop solution for checking spam backlinks…

    3: OpenLinkProfiler


    Open link profiler is a free tool to check backlinks to any site. It can bring your website SEO to the next level and helps to grow your online business to link with high traffic. It gives a guideline for using the backlink checker tool. This tool is a program designed that provide you with backlink reports, also used to analyze your competitor's website so you can make modifications to your site and improve its ranking. It delivers fast and…

    4: SEO SpyGlass

    SEO SpyGlass

    SEO spyglass is the best link research tool to grow an online business. More than five lack users worldwide choose this tool to grow better. It helps to clean your site's link profile from harmful links and determine your google ranking. It helps to analyze deep factors, domain reputation, text social signal, and more. It helps your competition rankings high in search engines. It can create transparently and customize backlink reports from backlink indexes on the web. It guards you…

    5: Searchmetrics Backlink Checker

    Searchmetrics Backlink Checker

    Search metrics is an SEO platform that does an outstanding job. It gives a customized dashboard and direct access to KPIs, gives an up-to-date information. It helps to run an online business smoothly. It supports increasing customer visibility and traffic and allows you to get better results from your clients. It helps you to detect spam links coming towards you. It helps to increase sales by interacting with audiences with what they want. Search metrics also provide training programs, courses,…

    6: Majestic


    Majestic is a top website with a site explorer tool used to track your favorite sites. It is one of the UK fastest growing technology ranked in 2014. It even has a search engine that collects data directly from the web. It gives a quick way to see any page based on backlink information. It helps to grow your business queries and can easily link your account extensions. It recently launched low trust flow into the chrome extension, which gives…

    7: Moz Pro

    Moz Pro

    Moz pro is an SEO software that helps to increase traffic, ranking, and visibility in search results. It's a more innovative way to build an SEO platform for every need. It allows you to run high-impact campaigns for your website. It removes SEO complexity and helps you target the right keywords to create custom reports. With Moz pro, you can find your competition and national searches too. Moz is the data source that gives us insights into link equity. In…

    8: WebMeUp


    Web Me Up is the web's fastest-growing backlink index and data for SEO to grow their business. It will be able to show more links than other backlink checkers. If your business depends on SEO and high ranking, this tool is for you. It helps to evaluate the link profile and see what links might be risky. It uses to download links of any competing site, which allows you to create a ranking high than others. It saves you time…

    9: Ahrefs


    Ahrefs is a webmaster tool used to run your website ranking high. It is the best tool that optimizes your website and analyzes your competitors. It gives access to explore keywords your customers are searching for and a backlink checker tool. It has a social media community and uses by marketers from all over the world's leading provides tools that will help to improve traffic on your website. It also provides resources like an SEO guide, academy sessions, and…

    10: Rank Signals

    Rank Signals

    Rank signals is an SEO tool that runs your online business with a highly effective eCommerce system. It provides you such keywords that rank your website. By using this tool, you can create blog content to drive traffic. It brings clients searching on google to buy your product. It checks your competitor's website to strengthen the structure of your website. It can remove duplicate content and other internal links and build high-quality backlinks. It is a free website that analyzes…

    11: Linkody Backlink Checker

    Linkody Backlink Checker

    Linkody backlink checker is a reliable monitoring tool. It helps encourage your business and gives opportunity to discover competitor backlinks. It provides an overview of the backlink profile of any website that allows it to compete higher. It avoids negative SEO attacks on your web that can cause harm or other crashes. It quickly identifies harmful backlinks and different keywords that are not suitable to write. It is used to generate links value and helps to access status indexed by…

    12: SEOJet


    SEO jet is the best backlink software to get your website to the right page. It tracks your SEO and helps to grow backlinks to provide better material keywords to run your web. It gives you the confidence to build backlinks and watch your ranking rise to the top of Google. It gives you valuable links and detects spam that may harm or create any glitches in content. It gives you a way to do practical researches that help to…

    13: Ubersuggest


    Uber suggests a chrome extension and a powerful SEO tool. It generates new keyword ideas to make the content valuable and better. It attracts people worldwide to come and check out the fantastic range. It provides graphs that navigate unwanted links and search the volume of particular keywords. This tool will help you efficiently run your business queries with a high ranking, and you will get a high amount of traffic. It detects all duplicate content and makes your writing…

    14: Open Site Explorer                 

    Open Site Explorer                 

    An open site explorer is an excellent tool for analyzing backlinks. It explores your competitor sites and helps to grow your online business. It provides an easier way to detect such links and keywords that will help you greatly in the future and increase your knowledge. It has excellent page authority as well as domain authority that works faster. Its free SEO tool sounds impressive to give a complete guide to SEO and commerce base, as it provides valuable keywords…

    15: BuzzSumo


    Buzz sumo is a popular content marketing tool. It provides a variety of content research to evaluate which data is best to write. It searches backlinks and specific keywords to rank high scores in online business. It's a social networking site to share your content and helps bring clients to your webpage. It also provides your competitor backlinks so you can make a better one to compete with good marks. Using buzz sumo data will analyze faster with its valuable…

    16: LINQPad


    LINQ Pad is networking software with a variety of queries that helps to boost your web. It provides rich output formatting, integral debugging, and an editor. The debugging process helps to manage your data in safe mode. Its editor feature also helps to remove useless points and give valuable writing words. It helps to block fake statements and links that harm your webpage. It's a fantastic tool that optimizes the engine and provides access to an SEO guide. It builds…

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