Microsft Sleeves up to acquire Activision for $69 Billion

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Microsft Sleeves up to acquire Activision for $69 Billion

Microsoft is not only acquiring Activision, a deal valued at $69 billion announced Tuesday, but is also laying the groundwork for the building of a virtual economy, analysts say, where users produce, buy, and sell items and services within a self-contained digital economy.

Several popular gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush will empower the metaverse, including software and hardware. Microsoft will now sell Xbox titles such as Minecraft and Doom.

“World of Warcraft” lets players access the most elaborate, long-running metaverse of all time, says Jeremy Bailenson, CEO of Strive, a VR training platform. World of Warcraft pioneered virtual goods, he says.

In addition to offering a range of digital-first strategies for CIOs and other corporate leaders, the metaverse allows them to conduct remote job interviews in virtual settings, perform internal training simulations, showcase products through video game-like avatars, and promote products and services through digital malls and events.

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Moreover, the Founder and chief analyst of Constellation Research Inc., Ray Wang, called the acquisition a forerunner to the enterprise metaverse. Using a mixture of augmented and virtual reality to reach customers via avatars, bots, and other digital surrogates, Constellation estimates the metaverse economy will be worth $21.7 trillion by 2030.

Silicon Valley venture-capital investor Tim Draper, who invested in Skype and Elon Musk’s spaceX among other tech companies, believes enterprises will be drawn to the metaverse to communicate, advertise or conduct business with people.

Mr. Draper said innovations in the gaming industry have always been far-reaching. He said that a virtual currency created by gaming companies gave rise to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“The metaverse is real, and its effect on our economy is on the rise,” said Mr. Draper.

Microsft Sleeves up to acquire Activision for $ Billion Information

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Updated on: July 19, 2022

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