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11 Apps Like Krita

On-premise vector graphic software Krita enables businesses to manage resources, render animations, create design layers, and edit text. It includes a library of digital brushes that may be customized for form, color smudging, and particle needs. Design layers can be flattened and combined in Krita using vectors, groups, and filters. The drawing assistant tool lets artists draw shapes, ellipses, perspective grids, and fisheye visuals.

Administrators can add resource tags and schedule data backups. It also has a built-in vector library for shapes, components, and text bubbles. Krita’s API lets organizations combine it with third-party widgets and apps. The mirror tool automatically copies, mimics, and traces brush strokes along pre-defined axes.


  • Completely free
  • Great choice for digital artists
  • Easy to use

Krita Alternatives

Apps Like Krita Information

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Updated on: May 2, 2024

1: Procreate


Procreate is graphic design software for creating digital sketches, paintings, and illustrations. Customize textures, compression, and effects by creating new brushes or using the built-in library. Procreate's color drop feature lets designers drag and drop colors onto the canvas. Professionals can import fonts, add typographies to artworks, adjust paint filters, and add effects like realistic blur, gradient map, and chromatic aberrations. It also allows users to ‘freeform' rotate and distort images. Procreate's Animation Assist tool lets artists time-lapse each stroke.…

Pixelmator Pro for macOS allows businesses to edit pictures using presets, retouching and vector tools, pre-designed shapes, spacing guides, and more. Creative experts can mix, rearrange, apply, or delete effects including 'Blur,' 'Distortion,' 'Halftone,' 'Stylize,' 'Sharpen,' and 'Tile.' Pixelmator Pro lets managers set font colour, size, alignment, superscript and subscript text, and topography characteristics. Selecting things from one image to another is made easier using Quick, Magnetic, and Color selection tools. The software also uses machine learning to automatically enhance…

3: Rebelle


This is the award-winning hyper-realistic painting software that has incredible oils, watercolors, and other wet and dry media. Color blending, wet diffusion and drying are all done in the same way as they would be in a real painting. The Rebelle app is for anyone who wishes to use digital technology to hone their artistic abilities. Its cutting-edge technologies will persuade even the most skeptics about digital art to reconsider. As part of an ongoing series of experimental drawings, artist…

Corel's photo-editing software, PaintShop Pro, is a great alternative to Adobe's Photoshop, and many of its customers prefer it because it's free. Unlike Adobe's Creative Cloud programs, PaintShop Pro allows you to edit both raster and vector image types. There are a few complex features you won't be able to use, though, such as 3D modeling and face liquefy from Adobe's premier picture editor. PaintShop Pro's performance has improved, although it still trails behind Photoshop in some photo-editing tasks. Although…

5: Photopea


A web-based picture and graphics editor known as Photopea (/fotpi/ FOH-t-PEE) is capable of working with both raster and vector graphics formats. Editing images, creating graphics, designing websites, and converting between various image formats are all possible with its assistance. Photopea is a piece of software that is supported by advertisements. It works with all of the most recent versions of the major web browsers, such as Opera, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. The application is compatible with the PSD file…

Ambient Design Ltd. designed ArtRage, a bitmap graphics editor for digital painting. It presently supports Windows, Mac OS X, and mobile Apple and Android devices, as well as numerous languages, and is currently in its sixth edition. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned artist, this is the place for you. ArtRage 5 was first teased back in January of this year and was made available to the public in February of that year. However, it can also be…

Adobe Photoshop is a photo-editing and graphic-designing software that helps businesses create digital paintings and animations. Designers can invite external stakeholders to edit documents and share projects via live streaming. Photoshop features project management, collaboration, configurable workflows, offline access, data storage management, and analytics. It synchronizes shapes, brushes, styles, swatches, patterns, and gradients across desktop devices. A custom shape tool helps administrators remove objects from photos, view previous versions of documents, and create photo collages. Adobe Photoshop lets employees adjust…

Pixlr offers web, iOS, and Android picture editing apps. It includes stock photographs and templates for modifying images for use in posters, cards, and other graphic design projects. The Pixlr X toolbar is on the left. Time of day and user preferences determine whether the working background is light or dark. The user dashboard can display current or favorite projects for convenient access. The dashboard also includes Google and Facebook images. App features photo retouching, backdrop modifications, object removal, and…

Photography and creative professionals can use Affinity Photo to edit images on a single platform. Supervisors can merge HDR images, overlap and stitch panoramic shots, and focus stack multiple images. Affinity Photo enables real-time image rendering, PSD file editing, and studio preset for UI layouts. Magical inpainting brushes and patch removal tools can correct color casts and remove blemishes. It lets users apply filters to single or multiple layers, add live liquify layers, and view full-resolution image previews. Affinity Photo…

GIMP allows businesses, graphic designers, scientists, illustrators, and photographers to edit and retouch photos, design icons, create free-hand artworks, and convert files. C++, Python, Scheme, and Perl are used to alter programmed pictures.GIMP lets businesses choose widget themes, icon sizes, and toolsets based on artwork or design, preserve animations, and enhance photos using the corrective mode and channel mixer. Its third-party plugins let photographers add file formats and image filters. Illustrators can use brush, pencil, clone, airbrush, and blend to…

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