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10 Apps Like Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free, cloud-hosted programme that lets users create interactive dashboards and professionally formatted reports. The solution includes built-in and partner connectivity to most data sources to help guide business choices. Data Studio reports can pull from multiple sources. Possible data sets include Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Google Cloud Storage, Google Search Console, Google Attribution 360, and YouTube. Google Drive stores generated reports for sharing. Connectors include BigQuery, SQL databases, Campaign Manager, and Excel CSV upload.

Data Studio’s web-based reporting tools can be used to create interactive, real-time reports or dashboards. The drag-and-drop report builder features line charts, bar charts, pie charts, geo maps, area/bubble graphs, paginated data tables, and pivot tables. Interactive reports can be built from conventional reports using the data control tool’s viewer filters and date range controls. Reports can be rebranded or annotated with custom text, graphics, links, styles, and colour schemes. Google Drive centralises saved reports and data sources for sharing and collaboration; reports can be integrated in websites. Users can work in real time on the same file when they share a report or data source with other editors.


  • Ability to combine
  • great customization
  • Visualize the data


  • Complicated your queries
  • Integrate with many other projects
  • Additional charges for data connecters

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10 Alternatives Listed
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Updated on: May 26, 2022

Jetpack Certification and Assessment Management is the only turnkey system that can be 100% tailored to any accreditation procedure. Jetpack's product architecture is based on the fact that no two accrediting agencies or processes are alike. Jetpack's architecture doesn't require an accrediting agency to adjust its certification process, unlike other software. A company won't sacrifice procedure or data to reach its goal. Jetpack streamlines and simplifies the accreditation process using a centralized framework that automates accreditors' most essential functions: direct…

Microsoft Power BI is a set of analytics tools for evaluating company data and delivering insights. Customizable and pre-built dashboards provide real-time analytics on every device. Power BI Desktop for Windows provides local data mashup and report writing features. The web-based Power BI service uses Power BI gateways to connect to and unify organizational data. Live dashboards provide a 360-degree view of business health by clicking to 59 apps and services, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Azure, Facebook, Github, QuickBooks Online,…

3: LinceBI


Get started right away with the top open-source analytics and big data solution!Included are installation, configuration, and training as well as support.Available for usage on-site or in the cloud, with no additional costs for licences and no limits on the number of users.Open Source codeAvailable in AWS, Azure, GCP, Dade2 and your choice cloudsDocker and Kubernetes deploy. The most comprehensive and open-source business intelligence platform available, featuring a BI Portal, Reports, OLAP Analysis, Dashboards, and Scorecards. It is completely modifiable,…

4: Metabase


Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that helps firms of all sizes by allowing employees to examine data and ask questions using a uniform interface. This helps businesses improve productivity and competitiveness. Administrators are given the ability to schedule reports and configure alerts for the intended audience through the use of the white-label platform. Modifying Key Performance Indicators, Tracking Bugs, Monitoring Pre-Set Goals, Managing Databases, Responding to Queries, Enhancing Data Literacy Across Team Members, and More Can All Be…

5: RAWGraphs


RAWGraphs creates custom vector-based visualizations using the d3.js package. It was created by DensityDesign Research Lab, Calibro, and INMAGIK.RAWGraphs is a tool for designers and viz nerds that tries to bridge spreadsheet and vector graphics editors (e.g., Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator).RAWGraphs works with tabular data (e.g., spreadsheets and CSVs) and copied-and-pasted texts. Visualizations can be altered with vector graphics applications or incorporated into websites based on SVG.RAWGraphs processes injected data only in the web browser; no server-side activities or storage are…

6: Talend


Talend is a leader in cloud data integration and data integrity. It helps companies change by delivering trusted data at the speed of business. Talend Data Fabric has a single set of apps that solve some of the most complicated parts of the data value chain. This makes it faster to get trusted data. Users can collect data from different systems, manage it to make sure it's used correctly, change it into new formats to improve its quality, and share…

7: Tableau


Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven. The Tableau platform serves even the most significant worldwide organizations in a seamless, integrated experience. Tableau adapts to your environment with unprecedented flexibility and choice, satisfying the toughest governance and security needs. Tableau is powerful and straightforward, allowing users of all skill levels to explore and understand data using visualizations and plain language. Tableau is the standard language of analytics for modern business users. It dominates the market with the most enthusiastic…

8: QlikView


Qlik View is a third-generation analytics tool that enables data-driven decision-making. Unmatched analytical capability with associative exploration and search, AI-powered insight ideas, AI-accelerated creation and data prep, advanced analytics integration, and natural-language, conversational engagement. With interactive and secure online and offline mobility, they can effortlessly share and convey insights and obtain responses everywhere they work. The enterprise gets a true platform with open and standard APIs for customization and extension, powerful data integration and connectivity, centralised management and governance, and…

Apache Superset explores and visualizes data online.Superset An intuitive interface to browse and visualize datasets and create interactive dashboards.  Beautiful data visualizations. Code-free user flows to slice and dice dashboard data. Dashboards and charts launch deeper analysisA state-of-the-art SQL editor/IDE with a rich metadata browser and easy visualization workflow. An extendable, high-granularity security paradigm that allows complicated access rules. Database, OpenID, LDAP, OAuth, REMOTE USER, etc. A lightweight semantic layer defines dimensions and metrics to govern user access to data sources.Deep integration…

10: Pentaho


Pentaho helps enterprises across sectors capture the value of all their data, including big data and IoT, to find new revenue streams, run more efficiently, give great service, and avoid risk. Pentaho delivers data solutions to healthcare, retail, financial services, and government companies. It lets business users access, manage, and combine data from numerous sources, and decision makers delve down with interactive visual analysis. Pentaho's business analytics tools help make data-driven decisions. Pentaho provides big data, data integration, embedded analytics,…

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