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21 Funny Dance Alternatives

Funny Dance is a mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms. It is used for making funny pictures and videos. It automatically crops your photo and adds your face to the animated character, and then it will start making funny dance videos.

Funny Dance is effortless to use. You can make funny videos by following a few steps. Users can choose funny animations like Dance, jumping, funny walk, and more.

Funny Dance allows users to do a lot of customization, like color adjustment, stretching, and cropping and can change filters, effects, backgrounds, etc. Funny Dance provides all of these features for free.


  • Easy access
  • Strong privacy
  • Light version application
  • A lot of customization


  • Free service
  • Ads-free version
  • Easy to use


  • Slow application
  • Add watermark
  • Limited content

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Updated on: September 26, 2023

ElfYourself is an entertaining application designed for kids. It is the most popular application for kids, especially during their holidays. Users can make dozens of personalized fun dancing videos using their faces. ElfYourself is straightforward to operate that users only have to add their faces and choose the Dance move, and the algorithm automatically creates your videos. You can add five faces at a time. It allows you to share your Dance on social media. ElfYourself is an open-source application…

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